About DramaMLKY

DramaMLKY is CDrama blog dedicated to recapping Chinese dramas episode by episode with commentaries and thoughts.

Unraveling the hidden meanings of Chinese Culture that may not seem so obvious.


Hello! MLKY_Coconut here! Or you can call me Coco ^^

I’m the author and creator of this website!

I am an American born Chinese (aka “ABC“).

And I am proud of my Chinese heritage.

My grandfather got me into C-Dramas when I was around eight years old.

It was his favorite pastime and I was always curious why he liked watching them so much. But I originally wanted an excuse to stay up late (like kids always do!).

So the very first one I watched was called “Justice Bao”.

I think that’s the right name?

Anyway, it was about a magistrate judge in some rural Chinese countryside. With some spiritual sense mixed in.

And that’s what started my love for Chinese Dramas!

So then I started watching more, mostly ones centered around the Wuxia genre.

Meaning a society of martial artists.

You may have seen some Chinese movies where the fighters walk on walls and fly through the air?

Something like “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”? Sound familiar?

Yep, that’s wuxia.

Anyways, my passion for Chinese drama never changed!

I created DramaMLKY so I can share my love for Chinese culture while unraveling it one episode at a time.

Because even though I may live in America, I love Chinese culture.

And I love how some dramas depict it so well.

From the costume sets, the majestic landscapes and the acting.

She’s wearing what is known as “Hanfu”

You’ll notice that I do have some favorite actors and actresses. =)

As an added bonus, this website will track each one of the dramas I have watched over the years.

Or help me realize how much of my time is dedicated towards watching shows. Haha.

But hey, without these shows, this website wouldn’t have existed. Right?

So without further adieu, check out my very first drama recap!

It’s based off of a popular web novel and the main female lead is awesome!

Plus, the actress is very well-known for how well she acts in her roles.

But, if historical drama is not your cup of tea, try the modern ones! Like this romantic fluffiness!

And if you’re wondering what I’m working on, go here.

So explore around the site and see what DramaMLKY has to offer!


If you have suggestions on what CDramas to recap, or want to reach out to a fellow CDrama lover, you can contact me using the methods below!

Cheers and Happy Drama watching!

P.S. I’m also looking for volunteers to help recap/review/share insights, so if you love to watch CDramas AND write, send me a message!

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