Ancient Detective

When I first read the synopsis of Ancient Detective, it seemed interesting.

Because it appears to be a mix of mystery and martial arts.

Which is interesting because I see very few items of this genre. Mystery in C-Dramas is quite rare already. So mystery and wuxia?

Very interesting. So I’m curious to see if this drama is as interesting as the trailers.

Image from myDramaList


The story follows the amnesiac detective, Jian Buzhi, who starts on a quest to finding the truth and unmasking his father’s killer.

Along the way, he finds a love interest and a good friend who work hand in hand with him to solve mysterious cases.

Such a short and simple synopsis, hahaha.

It seems more apparent to me that the actors and actresses I grew up watching are getting so old! And now there are so many new ones popping up.

But I’m curious to see if this cast can meet my expectations. After all, no one starts off polished right?

They need time and practice to get better. Check out the trailer below from Viki!

Is it intriguing enough for you to watch Ancient Detective?

Share your thoughts below!

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Shisa ninae
1 year ago

Its a very good suspense thriller that even gives you lots of thought about what second season would be like.

Watch side story of fox volant

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