And the Winner is Love

Looks like we have more wuxia Cdramas coming back for 2020! And the Winner is love is another one. Yay!

While it looks pretty good, the premise is quite common.

There’s a secret martial arts technique that is powerful so many clans want to obtain it.

And during this time two individuals from different sides get involved and fall in love.

Can’t they be a little more original?

Here’s the actual synopsis.

and the winner is love movie poster
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A story between Chong Xuezhi and Shangguan Tou in the backdrop of the martial arts world.

The former is a young mistress of the Fire palace. While the latter is the master of the Moon Valley.

One sets out on a journey to find herself and ends up attracting the other.

During this time, the two get involved in the struggle of obtaining the Lotus God Nine Stance Technique.

A technique so powerful that its rumored one can rule the world if mastered.

But someone has supposedly mastered the technique and committed multiple murders.

So Chong Xuezhi and Shangguan Tou decide to join hands to uncover the truth and bring peace back to the lands.

What will they uncover in their journey? Can their love survive in this turbulent martial arts world?

Watch and find out! (I had to rewrite the synopsis because like usual, the Chinese translated synopsis had too many spoilers T_T)

If you’re interested in the show, check out And the Winner is Love trailer below!

The show is 48 episodes, which is pretty usual for martial arts. I just hope the plot doesn’t drag on too much. Sometimes it happens during the build up of the climax.

I guess we shall see if this one is as good as it looks!

What are your thoughts on And Winner is Love cdrama? Are you interested in checking it out?

Leave a comment below! If this isn’t your cup of tea, check the other shows, DramaMLKY is interested in.

**Update: Show started airing on 5/28/20 so raws are already available. And some Eng subtitles are floating around.

And the Winner is Love Recaps:

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