Ashes of Love

Ashes of Love is another drama that features actress Yang Zi! Who has so much versatility in her acting roles.

I loved her in Go Go Squid and would be interested in watching this one as well!

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This is a story of romance between the flower deity and the fire deity across many lifetimes.

Four thousand years ago when Jin Mi was born into the world, her fate was already determined. To be forever be imprisoned within Shui Jing (remote area of flowers and trees) for her safety.

Her birth mother Zi Fen, the flower deity, abandons her for the afterlife. But before her death, she feeds the unfeeling pill to her infant daughter and orders her subordinates never to reveal her identity to Jin Mi.

Four thousand years later, the fire deity (who is also the second son of the Heavenly King) stumbles into Shui Jing due to a trap laid out by his enemies. Jin Mi saves him and slowly, the two fated souls find comfort in each other after having spent a hundred years together.

Meanwhile, the fire deity and the night deity have always been at odds. When the night deity discovers Jin Mi who may be the fire deity’s weakness, he devises a plan to use her. Yet. he ends up falling for her as well.

This show is also based off of a web novel! It’s been pretty common lately.

Joy of Life, The Story of Minglan and even this one, Ashes of Love are based on Chinese web novels.

I received requests to write recaps for this series so this is a placeholder for it.

But I’m not sure when I’ll get to it. It’s 63 episodes T_T (Somehow I have a knack for picking series that are long.)

Have you watched this series yet? If so, what did you like about it?

Leave a comment below!

Ashes of Love Episode Recaps

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