Ancient Love Poetry (Qian Gu Jue Chen)

I normally don’t watch that many Xianxia CDrama (aka ones about fantasy China inspired by China’s mythology). But this one popped up on my radar.… View Post

Who Rules the World (Qie Shi Tian Xia)

Very anticipated wuxia cdrama starring Yang Yang and Zhao Lu Si! Called Who Rules the World. Or otherwise known as Who Gets the World. Yang… View Post

You Are My Glory (Ni Shi Wo De Rong Yao)

When I saw the trailer for You Are My Glory it reminded me of a slow burn romance. Starting when you had the crush in… View Post

Word of Honor (Shan He Ling)

Ever since The Untamed, it seems like more and more BL adaptations have come up to the surface in cdrama land. Including this one called… View Post

My Heroic Husband

Transmigration has been such a popular theme lately. Who wouldn’t want to experience a different world/timeline/lifestyle? This new cdrama, My Heroic Husband highlights how a… View Post

The Golden Hairpin

The Golden Hairpin isn an upcoming cdrama featuring Yang Zi! Who was super adorable in Go Go Squid! If you haven’t watched Go Go Squid!… View Post