My Heroic Husband

Transmigration has been such a popular theme lately. Who wouldn’t want to experience a different world/timeline/lifestyle? This new cdrama, My Heroic Husband highlights how a… View Post

The Golden Hairpin

The Golden Hairpin isn an upcoming cdrama featuring Yang Zi! Who was super adorable in Go Go Squid! If you haven’t watched Go Go Squid!… View Post

The Rebel Princess (Monarch Industry)

Apparently, the Rebel Princess was a cdrama that was originally called the Monarch Industry. This cdrama highlights the budding romance of a spoiled princess and… View Post

Trace (Hen Ji) CDrama

Anyone a BIG fan of crime scene investigation shows? Well maybe you should check out Trace (Hen Ji)! Crime scene investigation cdramas are rare but… View Post

Dating In The Kitchen

Looking for a cute, sweet romance between two people with an age gap? Check out Dating In the Kitchen! Interested? Read the synopsis below! Synopsis… View Post

Falling Into Your Smile

Here’s another interesting cdrama that is coming soon! (**Update it aired June 23rd, 2021**) Called Falling Into Your Smile. And just by reading the synopsis,… View Post