Legend of Fei

Another C-Drama featuring Zanilla Zhao! Legend of Fei! This upcoming drama looks like wuxia (martial arts genre) and I can’t wait to see Zanilla Zhao… View Post

Ancient Detective

When I first read the synopsis of Ancient Detective, it seemed interesting. Because it appears to be a mix of mystery and martial arts. Which… View Post

Imperial Age

Another historical c-drama with William Feng (aka Feng Shao Feng). Imperial Age! If you don’t know William Feng, he was amazing in The Story of… View Post

The Romance of Tiger and Rose

At first glance, it looks like another reincarnation genre. The Romance of Tiger and Rose involves comedy, some time traveling and romance. The cast looks… View Post

Closer to You

I was looking for another drama that had fluffy romance and bumped into this series called Closer to You. Last summer I watched Go Go… View Post

Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Put Your Head On My Shoulder is a fluffy romance that reminds me of Go Go Squid! Without the gaming aspect. It takes place during… View Post