Chinese Drama Streamed Through Viki Platform

Wondering who is a reliable source of Chinese Drama Streaming?

Hey Chinese Drama Fans and Followers!

You have Netflix when it comes to most television shows so where do you go when it comes to Chinese dramas?

There’s actually a couple of options depending how comfortable you are with the Chinese language.

(And if you aren’t, take a look at some of these resources to learn Chinese!)

Viki is one of them.

They have a large community of volunteers who help translate shows in various languages.

Including Chinese.

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So there’s a large selection of Chinese Dramas that can be streamed through the platform.

Go Go Squid! is one of them. (And you can check out the recaps of this fluffy romance here).

There’s also The Untamed, Princess Agents, and more.

And the best part is Viki possesses licenses to stream these shows. So please support them!

Getting Started

Signing up is pretty straightforward. You use an email account and password to login.

Then browse through the website for something to watch.

If you want to get rid of the ads, you can sign up for a special pass (and it won’t break the bank!)

Because if you watch as much drama as I do, it’s worth saving the time and getting rid of the annoying ads.

Another nice feature of Viki’s platform is requesting future shows through their own request form.

They can’t guarantee that they will get the license but the team will be aware of the need!

Other Competitors?

I mentioned that Viki is just ONE of the available platforms.

So who are the others?

Netflix for starters. The selection is currently limited but it looks like they will be expanding in the next year.

They must have realized that there’s a growing audience interested in Chinese Dramas.

So they don’t want to miss out on this market. However, I noticed that the English translations are not the greatest.

Some even miss the inherent meanings in some of the translations. Which is a shame because the video qualities are great in Netflix.

Another platform is Youtube.

Again, same issue with Netflix. If you’re looking for English translations, you’re better off with Viki.

The translations are much better than the other two platforms because of their fan base.

Now, if you can understand Chinese, you have an advantage.

You can choose from any of the platforms that offer high quality videos. Instead of worrying about the subtitles.

What are you currently using to view Chinese Dramas? Leave a comment below!

P.S. Here’s a special pass for those who hate ads on Viki.

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