Closer to You

I was looking for another drama that had fluffy romance and bumped into this series called Closer to You.

Last summer I watched Go Go Squid and absolutely LOVED it. So I was looking for something similar.

But lately, there’s been a huge spike in the reincarnation trope. Especially in the web novel space.

Everyone wants a second chance at life. Who wouldn’t?

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A handsome surgeon tries to make up for his biggest regret.

When he earns the chance to go back in time to his senior year of high school, he strives to overcome his cowardice.

To help his classmate Han Fei and prevent an impending tragedy.

While helping Han Fei at school, Wu Jinghao starts to notice the little details about her. Like how she gets distracted in class and how she has her guard up all the time.

Just like a hedgehog.

Wu Jinghao eventually learns that Han Fei once took her friend to eat barbecue, yet an accident resulted in her friend being burned and falling into a coma.

Han Fei has lived in guilt since then.

Wu Haojing patiently stays by as he encourages her to step out from the shadows.

It’s just 24 episodes long! Much shorter than most of the series I recap on this site.

Based on the plot, I’m interested enough to give this a shot!

It’s currently airing now in the Spring which is when romance usually starts (as cliche as that sounds).

Are you going to give Closer to You a try? If you already started watching it, what are your thoughts?

Leave a comment below!

Closer to You Episode Recaps:

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