Dating In the Kitchen Character Page

Wondering who is who in Dating In the Kitchen? Check out this Dating In the Kitchen Character page.

It’s a work-in-progress until the show is fully recapped.

But a handy reference for those of you who can easily get confused.


Gu Sheng NanHappy, Sprite-like, Mischievous, Chef, early 20s
Lu Jin/President JinCold, serious, professional, foodie, mid 30s
Meng Xin Jie, “The Driver”Lu Jin’s assistant and childhood friend, kind of a playboy
Xu ZhaodiOne of Gu Sheng Nan’s best friends, also good friends with Gao Quan An
Gao Quan AnOne of Gu Sheng Nan’s best friends. Her mother’s cousin. Also good friends with Xu Zhaodi.
Da La Ba, “Big Trumpet”Gu Sheng Nan’s friend and co-worker
Head ChefGu Sheng Nan’s co-worker
Chef WangGu Sheng Nan’s co-worker
Manager ShenGu Sheng Nan’s co-worker, Food and Beverage Manager at Bauhinia Hotel
Madam Jin, Lu Jin’s MotherOwns a big company. Lives in Switzerland most of the time.
Gu Bao Guo, Grandpa GuPaternal grandpa of Gu Sheng Nan. Raised Gu Sheng Nan.
Wang YaruMember of the Yard Fry Diner Community. Has a crush on Grandpa 😉
Li ManA waitress at Bauhinia Hotel


Location Description
Bauhinia HotelGu Sheng Nan’s workplace
Yard Fry DinerGrandpa Gu’s restaurant, where Gu Sheng Nan spent most of her childhood
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