Dating In the Kitchen Episode 10 Recap

This upcoming interaction between Gu Sheng Nan and Lu Jin is one of my favorites so far. I can’t wait to tell you about it.

Dating In the Kitchen Episode 10 Recap Highlights:

  • Gu Sheng Nan confronts Lu Jin.
  • There will be a competition to determine the head chef at the hotel.
  • Lu Jin and Chen Ziqian are love rivals.


Lu Jin and Meng Xin Jie have been spying on Gu Sheng Nan and Chen Ziqian all day. Gu Sheng Nan is confronting Lu Jin about it.

Gu Sheng Nan wants to know why Lu Jin is spying on her.

dating in the kitchen episode 10 recap confrontation

Lu Jin wants to know why Gu Sheng Nan is going on dates with a guy, when she is supposed to be at a conference.

Gu Sheng Nan questions Lu Jin’s right to ask about and control what she is doing.

Once again, Lu Jin finds it difficult to answer this question. What is he to her?

Gu Sheng Nan and Lu Jin have a staring contest while Gu Sheng Nan waits for Lu Jin to formulate an answer to her question.

In the end Lu jin changes the subject.

Gu Sheng Nan doesn’t want to bother with him anymore and decides to leave. Lu Jin runs after her.

He shouts down the hall, “Would you please not date other men?” Then he quietly follows up with, “I’ll accompany you.”

That part gave me all the butterflies.

Gu Sheng Nan turns around. She is touched and starts to tear up. She asks Lu Jin, “Do you like me?”

Lu Jin answers yes.

Then a group of employees from the hotel start bombarding Lu Jin with questions about how to improve their hotel. Lu Jin is an expert in the industry and they are flattered that he is staying there..

Gu Sheng Nan signals that she is going in her room, but before she enters, she shows Lu Jin finger hearts. Now Lu Jin is touched.

Lu Jin excuses himself from the hotel employees who are pestering him for advice.

dating in the kitchen episode 10 recap snapping fingers

Back to Reality

Lu Jin Softly talks to Gu Sheng Nan through the door of her apartment. He tells her it’s time to wake up and he is leaving her breakfast at the door.

Gu Sheng Nan is lying in bed. She is giddy with Lu Jin’s act of affection.

At work, however, she immediately gets reprimanded by the head chef. Gu Sheng Nan is criticized for being late and not knowing how to delvin shrimp correctly.

When Gu Sheng Nan starts to shout with Chef Yu, she is interrupted by Manager Cheng Ziqian. Cheng Ziqian announces a contest between all the chefs at the hotel.

Whoever can impress Lu Jin’s mother the most, will be the new head chef. Lu Jin’s mom is the new owner of the hotel, so her opinion is very important.

Gu Sheng Nan becomes absorbed in creating a menu that will get her the head chef position. Even when Lu Jin calls, she hardly speaks to him.

Time passes and Lu Jin is waiting in the apartment for Gu Sheng Nan to get home so they can have dinner together. Finally, Gu Sheng Nan texts him to go to the hotel and try what she has made.

After Lu Jin tries Gu Sheng Nan’s first dish, Gu Sheng Nan asks what Lu Jin’s mom would think of her dish.

Gu Sheng Nan serves Lu Jin more, but Lu Jin asks her, “Isn’t it cheating if I tell you how the food is?”

Gu Sheng Nan uses her charm to convince Lu Jin to help her anyway. Lu Jin’s comment is that Gu Sheng Nan’s food is too perfect.

Lu Jin begins to explain to Gu Sheng Nan why perfection isn’t always the best. He uses his mom’s backstory as an example.

In the shadows Chef Yu overhears the conversation.

Lu Jin concludes by explaining that if a meal can’t evoke emotions from the consumer, the meal is actually meaningless, even if it is perfect.

In the Neighborhood

Lu Jin walks down the street towards Gu Sheng Nan and his apartment building. Meng Xin Jie is with him. Meng Xin Jie reminds Lu Jin that he won’t be able to live there long, especially since his mom is coming for a visit.

Lu Jin asserts that he will live there as long as he can. Meng Xin Jie takes his leave.

When Lu Jin arrives at the apartment building Cheng Ziqian is there holding a bouquet of roses.

Lu Jin becomes jealous and makes up a story about Gu Sheng Nan being gone. Lu Jin doesn’t expect she will be back soon.

Gu Sheng Nan comes down the stairs; she corrects Lu Jin’s story and calls him childish.

Both men are ushered up to Gu Sheng Nan’s apartment for a meal.

Gu Sheng Nan uses one of the roses Cheng Ziqian brought to dust a dessert. Lu Jin and Cheng Ziqian have a silent battle between themselves over who will win Gu Sheng Nan.

The episode ends with Cheng Ziqian and Lu Jin stuffing their mouths full of cake while they are simultaneously full of contempt for one another.


I wonder how long Cheng Ziqian will try to fight for Gu Sheng Nan? When will Lu Jin and Gu Sheng Nan become an official couple? What is going to happen when Lu Jin’s mom comes? Let me know your thoughts?

I love this whole episode. Especially the first 5 min. I really feel this drama is well written. I have watched these episodes numerous times in order to recap them and I haven’t gotten tired of them yet.

I am eager to watch the next episode! Are you?

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