Dating In The Kitchen Episode 11 Recap

And Yushi is back with another recap for Dating In the Kitchen episode 11!

Dating In the Kitchen Episode 11 Recap Highlights:

  • Lu Jin’s mom meets Gu Sheng Nan.
  • There is a celebration at Yard Fry Diner


This episode opens with images of Switzerland. Lu Jin’s Mom is in a big room doing calligraphy.

Li Man enters the room and gives Chairwoman Zheng an update on Lu Jin and why he is staying in Suhai.

Chairwoman Zheng decided to fly to Suhai to see what is going on for herself.

Chairwoman Zheng’s Opinion

Lu Jin is surprised to see his mom in Suhai already.

They sit in the back of Lu Jin’s Matsuhashi house and chat about Lu Jin’s new relationship.

Lu Jin’s mom doesn’t think that Gu Sheng Nan is suitable for Lu Jin. She thinks that Li Man is the most suitable for Lu jin.

But Lu Jin doesn’t agree with his mom. Lu Jin thinks he and Li Man know each other too well to be a couple. He feels they are good just as co-workers.

Chairwoman Zheng brings up other women who would be suitable for Lu Jin to date. Lu Jin has reasons why he doesn’t like those women.

Chairwoman Zheng tells Lu Jin that if he insists on dating Gu Sheng Nan, she wants to meet her.

Gu Sheng Nan is very surprised when Lu Jin asks her to meet Chairwoman Zheng. Gu Sheng Nan gives Lu Jin a hard time about meeting his mom.

The Meeting

When Xu Zhaodi and Gao Quan An hear about Gu Sheng Nan meeting Lu Jin’s mom, they are determined to help her make a good impression.

They give Gu Sheng Nan advice on keeping her composure, keeping her voice down, and not responding to questions or comments that are meant to embarrass her.

During Xu Zhaodi and Gao Quan An’s lessons we find out that Lu Jin is 36 and Gu Sheng Nan is 21. So they are 15 years apart!!

When Lu Jin picks up Gu Sheng Nan for the visit with his mom, Gu Sheng Nan is dressed more maturely than normal. This catches Lu Jin off guard.

At Lu Jin’s house, Chairwoman Zheng asks Gu Sheng Nan a series of questions. Some of Gu Sheng Nan’s answers make Lu Jin cough in astonishment.

Lu Jin excuses himself from the room.

While Lu Jin is gone, Chairwoman Zheng offers to pay Gu Sheng Nan to leave her son. Gu Sheng Nan responds by politely excusing herself and leaves.

Later in her apartment, Gu Sheng Nan tells Lu Jin what happened.

Gu Sheng Nan teases Lu Jin about getting money from his mom to break up with him. Lu Jin doesn’t think it’s funny.

They seem to be getting closer to having a real relationship.

Cooking Competition

This section shows many shots of cooking. It also shows Manager Shen, Cheng Ziqian and Li Mann tasting several dishes.

The Bauhinia Hotel kitchen crew is having a competition to see who will cook for Chairwoman Zheng when she comes to visit the Hotel.

Most of the kitchen crew thinks the current head chef will win.

Chef Wang tells Gu Sheng Nan that if he wins, he will take his special girl on a trip around the world.

The kitchen staff are called into the taste testing room when the meal has ended.

Li Man seems especially reluctant to vote on the best chef, but in the end Gu Sheng Nan wins the nomination to cook for Chairwoman Zheng.

Gu Sheng Nan texts Lu Jin and invites him to dinner to celebrate.

The kitchen staff talk about how Gu Sheng Nan has backing from Lu Jin. It’s no wonder she won the competition.

Chef Yu seems particularly annoyed by Gu Sheng Nan.

Celebration at Yard Fry Diner

Family and neighbors gathered at Yard Fry Diner to celebrate Gu Sheng Nan’s success. Lu Jin awkwardly sits alone amidst the excitement. He was under the impression that he would be alone with Gu Sheng Nan.

Meng Xin Jie, Xu Zhaodi, Gao Quan An are all in attendance and occasionally make commentary.

Grandpa Gu makes a few announcements to the party. He lets the guests know that Gu Sheng Nan is becoming a successful chef. He introduces Gu Sheng Nan’s boss, Lu Jin, to the group.

Lu Jin awkwardly stands up. Some of the guests at the party tease about Lu Jin and Gu Sheng Nan questioning their relationship. Are they really just a boss and subordinate?

After the announcement, Gu Sheng Nan tries to give Lu Jin attention, but her grandpa ushers her away to meet with other guests.

Gu Sheng Nan is completely in her element. She has big smiles as she chats with the various guests.

Grandpa Gu takes the opportunity to chat with Lu Jin. Lu Jin seems to be relieved when Grandpa Gu is called away to cook.

There is a lot of teasing and idle chatter at this celebration. Lu Jin is not able to escape it.

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The episode ending is anticlimactic. The episode ends with Lu Jin just looking awkward around Gu Sheng Nan’s family and friends. I was hoping something more significant would happen.

This episode was still good, however, because it had the unforgettable meeting between Gu Sheng Nan and Lu Jin’s mom.

I wonder what other trouble Chairwomen Zheng will cause for Lu Jin and Gu Sheng Nan? Do you have any predictions?

Also did you catch Grandpa Gu talking to Lu Jin about his pension? Do you think he was trying to ask Lu Jin for money?

Tell me what you thought of this episode by leaving a comment below!

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