Dating In The Kitchen Episode 13 Recap

Dating in the Kitchen Episode 13 Recap Highlights:

  • Gu Sheng Nan loves visiting the market with Lu Jin.
  • Gu Sheng Nan is accused of making an insulting dish for Chairwoman Zheng
  • Xu Zhaodi goes to a night club with her client.

The last show left Lu Jin and Gu Sheng Nan at the market. Gu Sheng Nan seems to be feared by the shopkeepers.

At the Market

Gu Sheng Nan is haggling with a shopkeeper who sells duck eggs. She pulls out a camera of sorts that she says is a lie detector.

As Gu Sheng Nan haggles with the shopkeeper, the camera keeps beeping. Lu Jin watches amused.

Gu Sheng Nan wins the price she wants for the duck eggs and gleefully moves onto the next shop. Lu Jin secretly makes up the price difference.

Gu Sheng Nan visits many stalls at the market. Lu Jin follows her around secretly paying more for the food she choses.

Gu Sheng Nan is happy. Lu Jin seems content that Gu Sheng Nan has cheered up.

On the landing

This next small interlude is a sweet one for Gu Sheng Nan and Lu Jin’s relationship.

Lu Jin walks Gu Sheng Nan to the landing outside her apartment. They both nervously say a few things and the lights go out.

Lu Jin had installed snap on/snap off lights on the landing because the light had been broken.

In that moment the two characters get slowly closer to each other preparing to touch lips.

Then the lie detector starts beeping.

Gu Sheng Nan finds the detector in her purse and turns it off. But as Gu Sheng Nan and Lu Jin proceed, it goes off again.

Slightly frustrated, the lie detector is abandoned. The groceries and purse are set down.

The landing lights go off again and slowly Lu Jin and Gu Sheng Nan’s faces approach each other.

All the sudden a cough is heard, the lights go on and Gu Sheng Nan’s neighbor ascends the stairs to the landing.

Gu Sheng Nan and Lu Jin seem a little awkward. They say good night and each character enters their own apartment.

Nǐ xǐhuān wǒ ma? Do you like me?

Gu Sheng Nan and Lu Jin are both in their own apartments.

Gu Sheng Nan is sweetly talking to her turtle, Fussy Lu. “Fussy Lu, do you like me?”

Lu Jin is looking at the spoon he picked up at Yard Fry Diner. The character “Gu” is engraved in the handle.

“I like you.” Lu Jin practices saying while looking at the spoon.

“Do you like me?” Gu Sheng Nan asks her turtle in her living room

“I like you.” Lu Jin says wish more certainty in his own apartment.

Though they can’t hear each other, Lu Jin looks resolved in his declaration and Gu Sheng Nan giggles and acts shy.

Chairwoman at Bauhinia

Li Man and Chairwoman Zheng are joined in a private dining room by Lu Jin. The Chairwoman is trying Bauhinia’s dishes.

Chairwoman Zheng makes a comment about the food, but it’s really her scolding Lu Jin about dating a young girl with no status.

A waitress runs into the kitchen passing the charwoman’s insults on to Gu Shen Nan. She tells Gu Sheng Nan, the Chairwoman thinks the fish is inferior and not fit for the public.

Gu Sheng Nan has a moment of anxiety when she goes to give the waitress the next dish. Where did the dish go?

A covered plate on a trolley is quickly found next to Chef Yu. The dish is personally brought up to the private dining room by Gu Sheng Nan.

Manger Shen introduces Gu Sheng Nan, the head chef, to Chairwoman Zheng. Gu Shen Nan introduces the dish.

Shock spreads to Gu Sheng Nan’s face when the dish is unveiled. This is not what she prepared.

Li Man looks the dish over and interprets its meaning. The meaning is insulting to the chairwoman.

Lu Jin tries to help Gu Sheng Nan by saying it’s a misunderstanding, but the Chairwoman insists it was done on purpose.


The kitchen staff assembles in the kitchen. Manger Shen is demanding Gu Sheng Nan explain her actions.

Gu Sheng Nan denies making the insulting dish. Da La Ba backs her up.

Chef Yu begins a tirade about how he feels bad about being a suspect. Especially since he has worked at the whole hotel for so long.

He accuses Gu Sheng Nan of using connections to be promoted.

At this point Lu Jin walks into the kitchen and Chef Yu’s accusations stop.

Lu Jin asks to speak to Gu Sheng Nan in private.

Lu Jin leads Gu Sheng Nan out into the hall. Gu Shen Nan asks him, “Do you believe me?”

Lu Jin says he believes Gu Sheng Nan.

Lu Jin’s actions are quite tender at this point.. He puts his hands on her shoulders and bends forward to look into her eyes.

Of course he knows she didn’t make the insulting dish. He puts his hand on her cheek and encourages her to go home and rest.

Lu Jin promises to take care of the situation. He seems very earnest in his promise.


Lu Jin begins by asking Da La Ba questions. Cheng Ziqian is also listening to the interrogations.

Da La Ba testifies that Gu Sheng Nan did not make the dish.

He tells Lu Jin that Chef Yu and Chef Zhang are probably the ones to blame for the insult.

We also learn in this interaction that the security cameras didn’t record anything for an unknown reason.

The next person Lu Jin interrogates is Chef Yu.

Lu Jin is very intense and very thorough in asking questions.

Chef Yu does not admit to being the person who swapped the dish.

Lu Jin begins a complicated explanation of how they do, indeed, have evidence of Chef Yu throwing Gu Sheng Nan’s dish away, thus proving his guilt.

After Lu Jin’s explanation, Chef Yu seems caught.

Chef Yu admits to switching Gu Shen Nan’s dish because he is offended that a young girl was promoted so quickly.

Lu Jin tells Chef Yu he is fired.

Lu Jin explains that they actually have no evidence against Chef Yu except a recording of Chef Yu admitting to the crime just the moment before.

Chef Yu seems quite exasperated.


Lu Jin enters the building where he and Gu Sheng Nan live.

When he is about to go up the stairs, Gu Sheng Nan races into him.

Gu Sheng Nan is completely flustered and trying to explain something to Lu Jin.

Not much is understood except that they need to go to Lu Jin’s house.

When the scene changes to Lu Jin’s house, Xu Zhaodi and Gao Quan An are yelling at the gate.

Li Mann goes out to the gate to confront them.

Xu Zhaodi and Gao Quan An are telling Li Man not to treat Gu Sheng Nan badly.

Chairwoman Zheng goes to the gate to confront Xu Zhaodi and Gao Quan An too.

Gao Quan An lectures Chariwomen Zheng on what an unfeeling woman she is.

When Lu Jin and Gu Sheng Nan appear, many hurtful things have been said by both sides of the gate.

Lu Jin calms everyone down. Gu Sheng Nan, Zu Zhaodi and Gao Quan An leave.

In the next scene, Lu Jin sits down on a sofa opposite his mother. They begin talking.

Lu Jin explains to his mom that Gu Sheng Nan did not make the insulting dish.

Chairwoman Zheng tells Lu Jin that he has changed.

Lu Jin tries to explain that the chairwoman and Gu Sheng Nan are both very important to him.

The chairwoman insists on having a meal with Gu Sheng Nan. She wants to do this to prove she is not trying to bully her.

Li Man enters the room.

Lu Jin tries to persuade his mom that a dinner with Gu Sheng Nan is not necessary.

The chairwoman insists on the dinner. Li Man agrees.

Bauhinia Kitchen is Busy

The entire atmosphere of the Bauhinia Hotel kitchen has changed. Waitresses are happily relaying orders, chefs are excitedly picking up jobs that need to be done.

Da La Ba and Gu Sheng Nan talk about how much better it is.

Gu Sheng Nan is very happy.

In the next scene Lu Jin is waiting for Gu Sheng Nan in an eating area of the hotel.

Gu Sheng Nan asks Lu Jin if he got in trouble with his mom.

Lu Jin tells Gu Sheng Nan that the chairwoman wants to make peace with her. She wants to have a simple meal with the three of them.

Gu Sheng Nan is quite nervous about this. She says she won’t go.

Lu Jin says he respects her decision but then kinda pressures her to think about it on the spot.

Gu Shegn Nan goes back to work without giving Lu Jin a definite answer.

Night Club with New Client

Xu Zhaodi is at a night club with her new client. He seems into her.

Just before it’s time to go, Xu Zhaodi calls up Gao Quan An. She wants him to come pick her up.

When Gao Quan An picks Xu Zhaodi up, he is in a fancy car and looks like some kind of James Dean character.

That’s the end!

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To be honest I’ve never been super excited about Lin Yu Shen playing the mail lead. He just isn’t/wasn’t my cup of tea.

The more I watch this show, however, the more I think he does a pretty dang good job at his character.

I feel like his role could be very hard to play. He needs to be subtle, sophisticated and incontrol.

Lu Jin has a myriad of different facial features and gestures that Lin Yi Shen, in my opinion carries out flawlessly. All of these small details really make the character Lu Jin.

THe character LU Jin is meant to make Gu Sheng Nan shine in the spot like. I think Lin Yi Shen pulls this off.

What do you think? Do you like Lin Yi Shen’s performance so far? Tell me about it in the comments.

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