Divorce Lawyers Chinese Drama

Growing up, I’ve been a fan of Law and Order and I thought this Divorce Lawyers drama would be a great show to watch!

And then I saw Yao Chen’s performance in All is Well. So I definitely wanted to try out this show!

Yao Chen’s performance in All is Well blew me away.

Her acting reminds me of Betty Sun (who is also an amazing actress by the way).

This drama has romantic comedy elements to it plus law cases. What more can you ask for?

From TVMao.com
Caption: “I love you but I must WIN!”


Luo Li (Yao Chen) and Shi Haidong (Wu Xiu Bo) are both successful divorce lawyers.

Unfortunately, they start off on the wrong foot as Haidong loses his divorce case against ex-wife Jiao Yanyan, who is represented by Luo Li.

Through endless rounds of bickering and fighting, Luo Li and Haidong grow to respect each other’s talents.

And unintentionally get closer together, heading towards matrimony themselves.

Luo Li looks so badass in the movie poster! Three cheers for the power of women! Her love interest in the show is an older man though.

That personally doesn’t bother me but some people may feel uncomfortable.

So if this isn’t the show for you, feel free to watch something else!

Divorce Lawyers Episode Recaps

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