C-Drama Merch Store from DramaMLKY Now Online!

This shameless owner is promoting her latest C-Drama merch store to all C-Drama fans.

Who are looking for merchandise to showoff their love of C-Dramas!

So go check it out here! (*updated to reflect the new store partnership*)

It will be updated once every week with the latest goodies from popular C-Dramas such as Go Go Squid!, The King’s Avatar, Mo Dao Zu Shi and more!

So don’t miss out!

I made the decision to bring the store online so this website can pay for itself while C-Drama fans can buy some cute stuff!

Win win for both of us.

Plus, it’s pretty difficult to find C-Drama merchandise in my opinion. It’s not available on Amazon.

And you kinda have to read Chinese to purchase some items. T_T

Anyways, for the first month, I may be hiding some discount coupons throughout this blog for my readers.

As a thank you for supporting my blog.

So watch out for those as well!

You will be able to use these discount coupons at my c-drama merch store.

Can’t guarantee freebies but the discount coupons will give you a nice little discount.

The store will carry clothing, keychains, accessories, books, CDs and maybe some other stuff as well.

**Update June 2020 – The store carries clothing, home & living goodies, and various accessories. If you have suggestions as to what CDrama merch you’re looking for, reach out to us!

Time will tell.

That’s it from me for now. I’ll get back to episode recapping.

Thanks again for visiting my blog. (。◕‿◕。)

Until next time!

P.S. As of Dec 2019, the previous store has transitioned to DramaShoppe.com and if you want to know why, please read more here.

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