Falling Into Your Smile

Here’s another interesting cdrama that is coming soon! (**Update it aired June 23rd, 2021**) Called Falling Into Your Smile.

And just by reading the synopsis, I’m getting the sense that it’s similar to Go Go Squid/Love O2O!

Except this time, we have a badass female lead who’s absolutely crushing it when it comes to gaming! XD

Check out the synopsis below!

falling into your smile cdrama
Image from myDramaList


Student Tong Yao makes two vows:

  1. To never be in a relationship with someone in the same industry
  2. To make up for the Chinese League of Legends.

When Tong Yao earns her spot as the first formal female player in China’s professional league, she catches the attention of an elite team captain.

Facing doubts and inconveniences, she meets each challenge with her own persistence and her teammates’ support.

After much effort, what will become of her vows?

Will she stand on the world stage to make up for six years of regret?

Will she avoid a romantic entanglement within the e-sports world?
(Source: Baike.Baidu)


Amazing female character catching the attention of a male lead just by her awesome skills? Reminds me of Love O2O and how Xiao Nai fell for Bei Weiwei at first sight.

Just from seeing her high APM (actions per minute) on the computer at an internet cafe. (๑>ᴗ<๑)

So how will this female lead in “Falling Into Your Smile” respond?

I’m pretty interested in finding out! But this cdrama is set to air sometime next year…. 2021. Which is a long wait. T_T

But there’s a novel that this show was adapted from and you can check it out here. Go Go Squid was also adapted from a novel as well.

More and more novels are being adapted into cdramas! I think it’s a good thing. IF they stay true to the story though.

What do you guys think? Do you plan on watching it? Leave a comment below!

Raw trailer

Falling into Your Smile Episode Recaps

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