Go Go Squid First Impressions Chinese Drama

Wondering if you should watch this new romantic comedy? Here’s my take on Go Go Squid first impressions!

This is my first time watching the male actor, Li Xian and before this show, I’ve never even heard of him.

No offense to current Li Xian fans!

He is super cute though and naturally gives off this tsundere, icy cold, male lead vibe.

Which fits Han Shang Yan to a T (according to the novel that this show is based off of).

I wanted to try this show because Yang Zi plays the female lead, Tong Nian.

Because Yang Zi is AMAZING!

She has shown a lot of range when it comes to acting. Her acting history so far proves it.

I first saw her in Noble Aspirations and thought she did a pretty good job portraying an ice queen who slowly melted as she fell in love.

Then there was this other role she had in like a pre-war 1900s drama.

So I can wait to see how she portrays Tong Nian in this romantic comedy!

Some spoilers are up ahead.

Story Plot

Before I jump in, for those of you brand new to the show, here’s brief summary of the plot line.

Go Go Squid follows the romance between Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan.

The former is a celebrity singer and the latter is professional gamer/computer science wizard.

A cute girl meets a stoic, arrogant ice-block. (If you’ve read a ton of web novels, I think the ultimate ice-block is the male lead from Poison Genius Consort).


The female lead will do most of the chasing and we will see the ice-block melting.

So the show is mostly about how the FL pursues her love and makes the ML fall in love with her. =)

And I didn’t find out that there was a web novel about this show until afterwards.

But I want to watch the show free from using the novel as a reference!

So let’s jump right in!

Go Go Squid First Impressions

Li Xian is a natural when it comes to Han Shang Yan’s cold aloofness.

His furrowed eyebrows, grumpy face and slight smirks just make me swoon and giddy with emotions!

The way he presents himself and reprimands his hacking team when they lost the tournament is an attestment to the portrayal of Han Shang Yan.

But can he transition to a stoic man falling in love later on? I’m interested in finding out.

As for the rest of the cast playing the all-male hacking team under Shang Yan, they all look so young and cute!

And I don’t recognize anyone of them either but am interested in seeing the team dynamics.

There’s the youngest member of the team, a natural hothead, a prankster, and a quiet leader.

Who’s your fav?

As for Yang Zi who plays Tong Nian, her actions are ADORABLE!

She is super cute as a young maiden.

I can almost imagine hearts floating around her when she meets Han Shang Yan for the first time.

Even if it’s not animated.

I really can’t wait until she melts the ice-block!

Meeting of the Two Leads

ML looks like he’s glaring at her. Or is this his natural look?

Just in the first episode alone, Tong Nian falls in love and tries so hard to get the ML’s attention.

She attempts the “way to a man’s heart is with food” method first.

Before trying to get his contact details using Wechat (it’s so popular now that it’s being mentioned in TV shows).

I have to admit it’s pretty cringey.

But hey, you can’t fault this maiden for trying!

And her attempts to get his attention are HILARIOUS.

Oh and her dilusions are too.

I couldn’t help smiling weirdly to myself when I saw her put down the food in front of Shang Yan.

Then expecting him to say she’s cute and wanting her contact info like immediately.

And seeing her expectations shatter when the ML ignores her.


Keep on fighting Tong Nian!


I think the show started off very well.

Each of the leads was able to give the audience a snapshot of what their characters are like.

And for the novel fans, I’m pretty sure they are doing comparisons already.

As to whether or not, the leads met their expectations.

I for one, am impressed so far.

And interested in seeing more.

The intro music was also pretty cool. It gives off a modern techy vibe which suits the profession that the ML is in.

So if you’re looking for a new romantic comedy to watch, definitely check out Go Go Squid!

What are YOUR thoughts on this show? Leave a comment below!

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