Go Go Squid! Chinese Drama

Looking for another romantic c-drama that gives off Love O2O vibes? Check out “Go Go Squid!”

Chinese romanization of the name is Qin Ai De, Re Ai De (亲爱的,热爱的 – doesn’t exactly translate that well but what can you do?).

The female lead is played by “Yang Zi” who has a good range of characters.

From icy queen tsundere to a strong, independent female lead.

And I’m curious to see how she will portray a female lead that chases after a dominant, arrogant male lead.

Who is cold to the FL at the very beginning.

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Adapted from a novel, Go Go Squid! is a cute romantic comedy between an adorable singer and a professional gamer.

Tong Nian, the singer who is fearless and has tons of fans from singing song covers, actually has difficulty addressing her crush, Han Shang Yan.

She stumbles on her words and can’t even speak up in front of him.

Han Shang Yan is cold, arrogant and could care less about a love life while he continues his pursuit of professional gaming.

But Tong Nian’s relentless pursuit and unique personality sparks his interest.

Watch their romantic comedy unfold.

When I watched the trailer, it gave me similar vibes like Love O2O (which is also another great romance about gaming).

But there’s not going to be a lot of focus on the actual game.

More so on the professional tournament front?

It just came in July of this year, 2019! And it’s around 41 episodes?

I’m actually looking forward to it!

Actually I might also check out the web novel it’s based off of as well since Go Go Squid! was written as a novel.

Check it out here!

**Update 7/16/20: There’s a SECOND season! Coming soon!

Go Go Squid! Episode Recaps

Are you planning to watch this romantic comedy? If so, did you already watch Love O2O?

Leave your thoughts below!

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