Go Go Squid Episode 10 Recap

I made it to double digits of an episode recap! Check out my Go Go Squid Episode 10 Recap!


Han Shang Yan is so stubborn on not forgiving his old friends for what happened in the past.

He sure holds grudges but can someone help him see the light?

Solo is right that they need to sort this out but is pushing Appledog to reconcile with Han Shang Yan the right move?

Go Go Squid Episode 10 Recap Highlights:

  • Han Shang Yan reluctantly celebrates his birthday
  • Wu Bai competes against an international rival
  • Han Shang Yan allows Tong Nian to get a glimpse of his industry

Without further adieu, let’s jump into the Go Go Squid Episode 10 Recap!

Escalated Emotions

Appledog is struggling against some drunkards who pull her towards their table for a drink or two.

And as she struggles, she speaks in Chinese which falls on deaf ears.

Because they can’t understand her.

So she screams for help and Han Shang Yan who is hiding in a nearby stairway pops out to rescue her.

Emotions get heated as Han Shang Yan grabs one of the drunkards who is tugging Appledog and throws him off.

Then turning on the guy and punching him in the face.

Han Shang Yan then grabs a wooden stick and points it at the other drunkards.

But Appledog yells at him to put down the stick and lectures him if he always had to use force to solve issues.

Han Shang Yan’s expression is on point as if he was saying “Really? I came here to rescue you and you’re lecturing ME?”.

Han Shang Yan is furious and he repeats what Appledog said about him using force to solve issues in a snarky tone.

So Appledog tries to diffuse the situation by explaining that she didn’t mean it that way.

But then Xiao Mi rushes to the scene. When he sees Han Shang Yan being the aggressor, he tells him to calm down and put the wooden stick down.

Han Shang Yan throws the stick down in a huff and abruptly walks away.

I’m on Han Shang Yan’s side on this one. Appledog, you were the one asking for help and when things got escalated, you lectured him. That’s NOT cool.

Appledog calls out after him but Xiao Mi holds her back, telling her Han Shang Yan needs some time to calm down.

Then Appledog breaks down in tears and Xiao Mi comforts her.

Appledog’s Cake

The drunkards say they were just kidding and head back to drinking.

Xiao Mi decides to escort Appledog back, thinking she’s shaken up for the night.

Meanwhile, Han Shang Yan enters his hotel room and angrily throws his jacket to the floor.

He plops down on his couch and sighs in frustration.

Xiao Mi is walking with Appledog back in the hotel lobby, telling Appledog not to worry about what happened earlier.

Because Han Shang Yan’s temper has always been like this.

And once he settles down, Xiao Mi will go over to chat with him.

Just then, a nearby waiter calls out to Appledog and hands over a cake and coffee that she seemed to have forgotten.

Looks like Appledog wanted to celebrate Han Shang Yan’s birthday with him.

Xiao Mi takes the cake and coffee from Appledog’s hands and tells her he will help her pass it on.

Then tells her to rest for the night.

Xiao Mi’s Heart to Heart Conversation

Han Shang Yan’s hotel room.

After knocking on Han Shang Yan’s door a few times, Xiao Mi is allowed in.

But Han Shang Yan warns him that he’s not in a good mood.

Xiao Mi places the cake Appledog bought onto a nearby dining table and walks over for a chat.

I think Han Shang Yan and Xiao Mi’s relationship is the best. Aside from Han Shang Yan and Solo.


The silence is deafening but Han Shang Yan speaks up first.

He wants to know why Xiao Mi decided on Team SP and not Team K&K, why Xiao Mi chose “him”.

The reason is that the two of them (Han Shang Yan & Xiao Mi) are very similar.

Xiao Mi continues saying Han Shang Yan should be able to relate.

That to Xiao Mi, Solo is not just a person.

The word “Solo” is his sigil but most importantly it represents the beginning of his dreams.

It’s a very touching moment as Xiao Mi speaks from the heart to get Han Shang Yan to open up.

But Han Shang Yan gets up and takes a different seat. At a nearby desk.

Almost like a defensive gesture?

Xiao Mi doesn’t give up and continues.

He tells Han Shang Yan that even though Team Solo disbanded because of Appledog and Solo, Han Shang Yan should not hold grudges forever.

Han Shang Yan cannot make Appledog and Solo feel like they owe him forever.

Han Shang Yan appears to be touched and almost a little guilty? Before turning to the side to control his emotions.

Celebrating Han Shang Yan’s Birthday

Xiao Mi then gives him the cake and some supplies for bandaging his hand (since he hurt it earlier).

But before he leaves, he tells Han Shang Yan that the three of them (Appledog, Xiao Mi, All) wanted to wish him a happy birthday.

Why are you hesitating Han Shang Yan? Are you afraid to get hurt again?

Once Xiao Mi leaves, Han Shang Yan sits on the couch again and starts to dress his wounds.

He then gets a message from Tong Nian who wishes him a happy birthday and happy valentines day.

And she tells him that he should celebrate his birthday in a cheerful manner.

She also pings him again to tell him that he should make a wish when blowing candles.

I think Han Shang Yan is touched that she reached out to leave him messages when he was at his lowest.

Han Shang Yan pauses for a moment before blowing out the birthday candles.

Awww… he looks so forlorn.

When he leans back on the couch, he starts to mention his wish but leaves it hanging.

What do you think his wish is?

He then heads over to Xiao Mi’s room and asks him to celebrate his birthday with him.

They end up entering a bar owned by someone named Judy who has a cat named Alice.

Han Shang Yan reaches out to pet Alice with passion.

After some introductions, Xiao Mi leans on Han Shang Yan and tells him that he thinks Judy is into him.

Then comments how Han Shang Yan hasn’t changed at all, still loving cats.

They grab a few beers and chat for a bit.

Norway All-Star Tournament

Xiao Mi ends up giving a few life lessons to Han Shang Yan, telling him that people in life need to experience hardships so they know what happiness is.

The day of matches.

Appledog tells Team SP not to stress and have fun while Team K&K looks into the distance.

She leads her team to the matches and stops for a moment to smile and nod to Wu Bai.

The latter who is gazing after her fondly.

Potential ship here!

Han Shang Yan gathers his team and tells them not to stress out.

Ling Shang tells him he’s not worried because the match is best 3 out of 5.

Han Shang Yan tells the team that since it’s the first time they are representing China in international matches, it’s okay if they lose if the opponent is strong.

But NOT okay to give up before the match is over.

Ling Shang and Grunt agree with a resounding YES!

Han Shang Yan then asks if Wu Bai has anything else to add as the team leader.

Wu Bai tells them that in these matches, they are here for China so if they win, it’s China’s glory.

The K&K members perform their signature finger pointing cheer and take off.

At the tournament arena, the announcers introduce themselves and tell everyone that this tournament has 50 representatives from 34 international teams.

Matches will be randomized through everyone’s smartphone app.

Match Outcomes

In the first match, All comes out as a winner against a European opponent.

Back in Shanghai, Solo is watching the matches as well and they cheer for All’s win.

All may be getting old but his technique hasn’t rusted at all.

Then they discuss who could be the champion of this tournament and they all agree that DT (aka Wu Bai) has the best chances of winning.

Solo mentions that DT resembles Han Shang Yan the most so he definitely has a shot of winning the tournament.

Next match is Xiao Mi versus Naya (a strong opponent from Norway).

Xiao Mi loses but his friends comfort him.

The next match is one everyone looks forward to.

DT versus Naya.

Because DT is ranked number one in the world while Naya is ranked number two.

The tournament breaks for a moment so the players can rest.

Han Shang Yan looks for Xiao Mi and comforts him.

Xiao Mi feels a bit better after chatting with Han Shang Yan.

Wu Bai & Appledog

Meanwhile, Appledog looks for Wu Bai and sees him in a quiet and obscure location.

Wu Bai tells her that he likes quiet places.

She thanks him for liking her so much.

OMG. Did Wu Bai confess to her before and get rejected???

Wu Bai tells her that when Team Solo won the championships he was just in middle school.

He admired her so much for shining brightly on that stage so he made a promise to himself.

That he will also shine brightly on a similar stage.

Wu Bai wants to win a match for China in front of her.

Appledog changes the topic and says no matter what match he was in, he’s been doing very well.

Wu Bai tells her that it was because of her that he got into hacking competitions before walking away.

Appledog stops him and tells him that to her, he has already been shining brightly as a star.

Aww. I wonder if Appledog is reluctant to accept his feelings due to the age gap? Or she sees him as Han Shang Yan’s younger brother so he’s like a brother to her?

Norway All-Star Finals

Tong Nian is watching the competition online and tells her dog that they should cheer for Han Shang Yan’s team.

The announcers count down to the start of the match and everyone is filled with anticipation.


Everyone is on pins and needles watching the match underway.

There are two ways to win the match, you can solve 10 complex problems or hack through the opponent’s 10 defenses.

Wu Bai is progressing well at the beginning and then stalls for a bit.

Naya prevents Wu Bai from accomplishing the 7th problem. While he busts through 3 of Wu Bai’s defenses.

The announcer comments that DT doesn’t have much time left and Naya is working on the 9th defense wall.

But then all of a sudden he loses 5 of the previously tackled defenses.

Looks like Wu Bai is counter-attacking.

Wu Bai lead Naya into a trap and counter-attacked very well.

Wu Bai attacks Naya’s defenses while pursuing the complex problems.

After a few more minutes, the match is over.

Wu Bai wins.

Han Shang Yan is thrilled and shouts in joy.

China grabbed the championship and third place as well.

It’s a big moment for China.

Back in China, Tong Nian is screaming in joy. Happy that they’ve won.

She calls Han Shang Yan to congratulate him.

Han Shang Yan can barely hear her since it’s loud in the background.

But then he asks her if she wants to hear the cheers of the tournament.

She says YES.

So Han Shang Yan raises his phone in the air so Tong Nian can hear the cheers of China’s win.

Celebration of the WIN

I think Han Shang Yan is lucky to have found Tong Nian because she can relate to his industry. In the previous match-making, Tong Nian’s cousin didn’t understand and scoffed at Han Shang Yan for “playing” with computers for a living.

Tong Nian rushes downstairs to share the news with her parents.

Tong Nian’s father celebrates the win with her and comments how she has a good eye.

The mother is not too pleased though.

Then Tong Nian rushes back upstairs to watch the rest of the streaming.

Back at the tournament, the match organizer hands out the metals.

Han Shang Yan throws the national flag to Wu Bai who raises it up with the member of SP.


Appledog comments that they could have brought the national flag as well.

There’s a great round of applause.

The rest of SP join in on the stage to celebrate and so does the rest of Team K&K.

Tong Nian watches from the computer and comments how Han Shang Yan maybe be reminiscing the time he won the international championships.

Later on, Han Shang Yan and Nan Wei celebrate with a drink.

Then Nan Wei comments that Xiao Mi may be struggling with his skills due to his age and pressure.

Han Shang Yan decides to celebrate with Xiao Mi and All for some drinks.

On the drive there, the radio plays one of their favorite songs.

Xiao Mi invites Han Shang Yan to stand up for the views of the city through the moonlight window.

They sing along to the radio song a bit off tune but you can feel their happiness.

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Wooooo! I am infected with the emotions of Team K&K and Team SP! I’m glad that they did so well in the tournament. Wu Bai seems like he’s carrying the hopes and dreams of Han Shang Yan and everyone else.

Since Wu Bai’s skill is so similar to Han Shang Yan back in the day, it’s like Han Shang Yan can relive his glory through him.

I’m sure Han Shang Yan regrets quitting at the peak of his competition back in the day but there is no medicine for regrets.

What were your thoughts on this episode? I’m so glad I made it to Go Go Squid Episode 10 Recap! Leave a comment below if you were excited too!

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3 years ago

Hi, I came across this one episode where Han Shang Yan said something like this

‘ I only care if I do it or not, It does’t matter if I can make it or not. You won’t go anywhere if….’

Do you know which episode is this? I’m dying to know the exact sentence but I forgot which part it is…

3 years ago
Reply to  Coco

Hey hahaha it’s okay I guess it’s a sign for me rewatch the series again >.<

P/s : I only found out about your recaps website and I must say you did a great job! It was not lengthy but still so detailed! Good job!

Mette van der Sluis
Mette van der Sluis
3 years ago
Reply to  Farah

So, really funny right?! I just looked for the song the 3 guys sang in the car from this episode, and came across this webside, and hereby reading your comment. Now I am watching episode 12, and the quote you were looking for, is said around 5:45 by Gun God to the K&K manager at the amusement park 😀

3 years ago

May i know the song title is?

Mette van der Sluis
Mette van der Sluis
3 years ago
Reply to  Wikipedia

Are you referring to the song called “Broad Sky”? Coco answered a question from Sophie MacLean about the same song, just under here. There you can find a link to the song.

Sophie MacLean
Sophie MacLean
4 years ago

Hi! I love your recaps. I was wondering if you know the name of the song that the three friends sing in the car? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Thanks!

4 years ago
Reply to  Coco

Hi good day! May I know please the title of that lively sound after Wu Bai wins from Naya? Thank you..

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