Go Go Squid Episode 11 Recap

Team K&K did an AMAZING job winning the Norwegian All-Star Tournament! Let’s see what else is in store in the Go Go Squid Episode 11 Recap!

Wu Bai is definitely the MVP. Han Shang Yan is blessed to have him carry his hopes and dreams of bringing China glory in CTF hacking competitions.

Go Go Squid Episode 11 Recap Highlights:

  • Tong Nian attempts to pick up Han Shang Yan from the airport
  • Su Cheng’s conflicts with her daughter Xiao Ai
  • Tong Nian explores K&K Headquarters

Alright! I’m super pumped from the last episode and ready to take on this one!

Without too much rambling from yours truly, let’s jump right into Go Go Squid Episode 11 Recap!

Han Shang Yan Reminisces

Han Shang Yan, Xiao Mi and All sing along to their favorite song on the radio.

The three of them sing their hearts out with emotion.

While doing so, Han Shang Yan thinks about how long it’s been since they were able to enjoy each other’s presence like this.

Whooping and cheering to their hearts content, shouting to the skies with their hopes and dreams.

So he can’t help but think about the times when they were young.

When they were pursuing the same goal, living in the same house and enjoying each other’s company.

Han Shang Yan laments if only he could go back to the past.

Back to being brothers in arms.


(⋟﹏⋞) Aww. Han Shang Yan definitely needs a hug.

He continues to think to himself.

Wondering how memories of the past can seem like yesterday yet be so far away.

Because when they were young, they passionately pursued their hopes and dreams, thinking it was always within reach.

But now he wonders if all of his closest friends have accomplished their goals already.

Then after the drive, they end up on one of the tallest buildings in the area.

The three of them look out into the distance and enjoy the view.

All wonders how Han Shang Yan was able to find this place.

So Han Shang Yan explains that Nan Wei took him here.

Because he was struggling with his studies when he first came to Norway.

Nan Wei taught Han Shang Yan not to give up on his dreams.

So whenever Han Shang Yan is feeling bad, he would come here to sort out his feelings.

Then Han Shang Yan reveals that he feels like Solo betrayed his promise to him.

Solo’s Betrayal?

Because he established Team SP even though he promised not to lead a team anymore.

All defends Solo saying that Solo just wanted to give more people the opportunity to understand the internet security industry.

By extending the reach of CTF.

All continues by saying Xiao Ai is now grown up so why can’t Solo continue his passion in this industry.

Han Shang Yan yells that Solo isn’t worthy.

Xiao Mi tells the two of them to stop arguing.

So they stop but All speaks up again, revealing a bit of his past.

He tells them that he always refused to head back home to tend to the fields because he always thought that his life shouldn’t be so simple.

There are so many people in the world that are great at farming but he doesn’t think that there are that many people better than him at this.

This field makes him heated, makes him feel passionate and makes him feel ALIVE.

So even if everyone close to him leaves this industry, he will stay as long as he can.

All confronts Han Shang Yan saying that even if he hates Solo and Appledog for valuing love over friendship, everyone else hates him for leaving them.


He shoves Han Shang Yan, asking him if he ever considered everybody else’s feelings.

Sigh. Who can you blame? I feel like everyone had a part in it.

All’s next words hit home in Han Shang Yan’s heart.

Han Shang Yan was the best in CTF and then he decided to quit at the height of his career.

Was it so worthless that he could just throw it all away? Was the friends he made along the way worthless as well?

Closest Bonds Hurt the Most

Flashbacks of Han Shang Yan meeting All for the first time.

Seeing Solo mention that he was to create the largest hacking team and exposing more folks into this industry.

Han Shang Yan doesn’t say anything but comes over to hug All and Xiao Mi.

Back in the hotel, the newest member of SP asks Appledog if it was tough working with Han Shang Yan back in the day.

Because of how strict he seems right now.

But Appledog tells him that the more stricter Han Shang Yan is on you, the more he cares about you.

Because he was raised in a different environment. When Han Shang Yan was young, the mother who gave birth to him passed away from blood loss.

Then later on, Han Shang Yan’s father also passed away.

So Han Shang Yan has suffered a lot of losses which explains why he hurts so much when he loses someone he cares about.

So he grew up with his step-mother, the one who raised him. And maybe this is the reason why Han Shang Yan has difficulty expressing his emotions.

It looks like All, Xiao Mi and Han Shang Yan have settled down.

Han Shang Yan grabs his candy container and plops a candy in his mouth.

His two pals hear him explain why he loves to eat candy.

Because everyone seems to think that he eats candy when he’s angry but in fact it’s because he doesn’t want to yell at people.

Having something sweet in your mouth lifts your mood so you’re less likely to spout mean words.

Han Shang Yan shares his candy with the two of them.

Tong Nian is At the Airport

Tong Nian is in her room making a poster.

She then takes a taxi to the airport and asks the driver to speed up if he can.

The driver guesses that she’s probably going to pick up her boyfriend.

The driver continues to ramble, saying that it’s great to be young.

Tong Nian admits that her boyfriend doesn’t know how to be romantic. He’s the type to hide everything inside of himself, but he’s actually very caring.

But he has difficulty expressing his emotions.

At the airport, Tong Nian bumps into Wu Bai and notices he’s alone.

Wu Bai tells her that he’s usually the last one to come out because he wants to avoid the crowds.

If she wants to see Han Shang Yan, she should follow him.

Meanwhile, Han Shang Yan is finishing up an interview on the K&K’s touring bus with a local news reporter.

When he’s done, he leans back and rests his eyes for a bit.

Then, Wu Bai heads over and tells Han Shang Yan that his girlfriend is here.

But Han Shang Yan doesn’t hear him. Grunt taps on his shoulder and says Sister-in-law is here.

Tong Nian is so cute!

So Han Shang Yan gets up and sees Tong Nian.

Tong Nian & Han Shang Yan’s Public Display of Affection?

He questions why she’s wearing green.

She explains it matches the rest of her outfit.

Wu Bai pities Tong Nian and tells her to come onto the bus because if she waits for Han Shang Yan to speak up, she will wait a while.

Tong Nian enters the bus and sits in a seat across from Han Shang Yan.

She asks him if he didn’t like what she was wearing earlier. He counters saying that she should wear whatever she likes.

So she follows up by saying she will wear whatever he wants her to wear and show it off to him.

Grunt and Ling Shan snicker in the back of the bus, laughing at this display of affection.

Grunt pretends to be Tong Nian in a false feminine voice and Ling Shan pretends to be Han Shang Yan.

Bwahahaha, these guys are so funny teasing our newfound couple.

Han Shang Yan shuffles closer to Tong Nian and tells her that some people may misunderstand what she just meant.

What would they be misunderstanding!?

She doesn’t understand and Han Shang Yan doesn’t clarify.

But he does tell her not mention this in front of other guys.

Tong Nian is soooo innocent or maybe I’m just corrupted. For those of you that don’t know, guys who ask girls to dress a certain way plan to remove their dresses. (๑>ᴗ<๑)

Wu Bai feels awkward and tells him it’s best if he sits in the back.

Ling Shan and Grunt bust out laughing some more.

Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan share a confused look.

Su Cheng & Xiao Ai

Su Cheng is sitting in a restaurant nervously waiting for someone.

A few minutes later, Solo shows up holding hands with a younger girl who appears to be his daughter.

Su Cheng stands up to greet them and Solo reciprocates but the girl ignores Su Cheng.

Solo lectures Xiao Ai for not greeting Su Cheng but Su Cheng says it’s okay.

After ordering drinks, Solo congratulates Su Cheng for winning the tournament.

Su Cheng addresses Xiao Ai, saying that her dad always sends pictures of her over to Su Cheng.

Xiao Ai then punches Solo in the shoulder saying that he has no right to send her pictures to her.

But Solo lectures her saying that Su Cheng is her mom, why shouldn’t he?

So this is the little girl that Su Cheng had with Solo. And she is somehow related to the disbanding of Team Solo.

Xiao Ai gets up abruptly and heads over to the confectioneries display to pick out some sweets.

Su Cheng discusses with Solo about how she wants to take Xiao Ai to see a specialized doctor to fix her hearing.

Solo nods reluctantly.

When Xiao Ai comes back with the sweets, Su Cheng offers to pay the bill but she lashes out saying that her dad is different now.

He’s not like before. Penniless, and struggling to get by.

Wow, Xiao Ai is harsh. I guess she thinks her mother abandoned her because her father was poor?

Tong Nian Explores K&K Headquarters

Later on, Solo tells Xiao Ai that he’s going to be busy for the next few days so she should stay with Su Cheng for a few days.

Xiao Ai takes out her earpiece in response and walks away to sit somewhere else.

Su Cheng placates Solo, saying it’s okay and sits back down after grabbing the earpiece to clean it.

Hmm. I wonder why Su Cheng didn’t raise Xiao Ai. Are there special circumstances?

Tong Nian follows the K&K team back to headquarters but pauses in front of the door while everyone else enters.

She wonders if it’s okay for her to come in because Han Shang Yan didn’t explicitly tell her.

As she stands there waiting, Han Shang Yan turns around to let her in and tells her to stay close.

But then she bumps into it while she looks around the office.

Han Shang Yan leaves her to explore while he takes a call. Tong Nian finds the slide and screams in joy while using it.

She feels awkward when the K&K members see her sliding down but disburse to go back to training.

When Tong Nian sees Han Shang Yan taking a phone call, she feels the urge to take a picture on her phone.

Of course, Han Shang Yan catches her in the act and sends her a message through Wechat.

Using the internet cafe account she set-up previously. Tong Nian is then embarrassed because Han Shang Yan has discovered this account is actually hers.

Tong Nian Spends Time With Han Shang Yan

He tells her to open up her Wechat but then Tong Nian accidentally opens a voice message from Lan Mei.

Lan Mei asks if she was able to see Han Shang Yan and if Han Shang Yan misses her.

Tong Nian laughs nervously at how awkward the situation is.

Han Shang Yan asks her if she talks about him frequently to her friends.

So Tong Nian admits that it’s just a little.

For someone who says that they don’t have any time for relationships, Han Shang Yan doesn’t mind spending time with Tong Nian. Which goes to show that you can never trust what Han Shang Yan says.

Han Shang Yan continues to work and later finds out that Tong Nian is taking a nap on a nearby table.

Meanwhile, members of K&K are wondering what their BigBro is up to with their Sister-in-law.

Han Shang Yan asks for two lunch boxes and asks for everyone to come to the meeting room later.

I think he wants Tong Nian to be comfortable because it’s still awkward between the two of them. And besides some of the K&K members are great at small talk.

The Great Demon King Strikes Again

While eating, Han Shang Yan calls Demo out saying that his actions per minute have been slow lately.

But of course, the comparison is to Wu Bai which is an unfair comparison.

Tong Nian asks for clarification so Ling Shan explains and then wonders if there could be a better software for training finger responses.

So Han Shang Yan asks for her insights and how she would be able to build it.

K&K members groan in complaint, thinking that this is just another way for the Demon King (aka Han Shang Yan) to torture them.

But Tong Nian is excited, thinking this could be an opportunity for her to help out the team.

Since she knows how to code applications.

Finally! A chance for Tong Nian to show off her computer skills. It’s been awhile since the focus was on Tong Nian.

Everyone in K&K tells her it’s okay, they really don’t need to trouble her to build it. But Tong Nian takes it as them being courteous.

Then when Han Shang Yan pulls out his candy, the room is silent.

Tong Nian stares at him for a moment, it looks like she wants some?

So Han Shang Yan tosses her one.

All the K&K members are envious and comment on the display of affection.

After eating, Han Shang Yan escorts her to a nearby taxi car.

Before leaving, he asks her when she will update the WeChat account name.

Tong Nian knows that she was been exposed so she asked how he knew.

He guessed and her answer proved his theory.

These two are surely getting closer and more comfortable with each other! Feelings due take time to develop after all.

Han Shang Yan is an Uncle?

Tong Nian ends up spending the whole night coding the application she promised to Han Shang Yan.

The one that will help train finger responses.

Meanwhile, Su Cheng is chasing after Xiao Ai within the K&K headquarters, telling her to eat breakfast.

Xiao Ai slides down the slide and goads her mother, telling her she will eat breakfast if she slides down too.

But Su Cheng refuses because she’s wearing a skirt.

All of a sudden, Han Shang Yan snatches Xiao Ai and plops her down on a chair in front of some breakfast.

He straightens his jacket and then orders her to eat.

Xiao Ai refuses.

Guess the hard approach doesn’t work either.

Xiao Ai wonders how Han Shang Yan knows her name if he and her dad are at odds with each other.

So Han Shang Yan tells her that when she was about 3 years old, she had called him uncle.

But then Xiao Ai counters that it was only because she was young and didn’t know any better.

Hahaha. This girl is cheeky towards Han Shang Yan when others are usually afraid of him.

Su Cheng shows up and gently asks Xiao Ai to eat something.

Han Shang Yan speaks up and wonders how Solo raised her since her personality is so bad.

Ruffled, Xiao Ai lashes out to Han Shang Yan for daring to speak poorly of her dad.

But Su Cheng tells Han Shang Yan that she can deal with this.

Han Shang Yan vs Xiao Ai

However Su Cheng’s approach doesn’t work so Han Shang Yan goads Xiao Ai into agreeing to go with Su Cheng to an amusement park.

Because if Xiao Ai doesn’t go, it means she doesn’t respect her elders, implying that Solo failed to teach her daughter properly.

Xiao Ai: 0, Han Shang Yan: 1

Then Xiao Ai says Han Shang Yan needs to go as well because Han Shang Yan was under the care of Solo for so many years.

He should at least return the debt.

Xiao Ai: 1, Han Shang Yan: 1

Then Xiao Ai realizes that she’s been fooled to go along anyways.

You got served! LOL

Xiao Ai: 1, Han Shang Yan: 2

Han Shang Yan walks off and gets a message from Tong Nian, saying that she finished coding the application.

He ponders over something for a moment before getting ready.

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Han Shang Yan is becoming more human like? He banters with Xiao Ai like a youngster and doesn’t act like his age at all.

I think having the discussions with All and Xiao Mi are helping him open up slowly and maybe he will learn to forgive the past.

Tong Nian is super adorable and I think she is slowly worming her way into Han Shang Yan’s heart.

It’s progressing well and I can’t wait to see more fluffy moments!

What were your thoughts on Go Go Squid Episode 11 Recap? Leave a comment below!

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3 years ago

I’ve discovered this series late but I’m so thankful for your recaps. You’ve done a great job and I look forward to reading more!

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