Go Go Squid Episode 12 Recap

Who else here felt their heartstrings being tugged from the last episode? Let’s hope we get more happy moments here, check out my Go Go Squid Episode 12 Recap!

Han Shang Yan is playful by nature and he hides it really well but it looks like he’s slowly regaining his original nature.

Whether it’s due to Tong Nian’s influence or by old friends constantly reconnecting with him, we don’t know yet.

I would like to say it’s the former and not the latter.

Go Go Squid Episode 12 Recap Highlights:

  • An amusement park brings back fond memories
  • Tong Nian enjoys a date? with Han Shang Yan
  • Han Shang Yan deals with a drunk Tong Nian

I’m already invested in the show so I’m determined to finish it! Let’s dive right into the Go Go Squid Episode 12 Recap!

Han Shang Yan Invites…

After tricking Xiao Ai to agree with going to the amusement park, Han Shang Yan walks off with a little swagger.

He’s definitely in a good mood.

A little later he drives his jeep and stops in front of a school campus.

Then Su Cheng asks why they are here.

Han Shang Yan tells her to wait for him a moment.

After a few minutes, Tong Nian shows up to tell him that even though the application is built, it would be best if she could test it out on one of his computers.

Han Shang Yan is surprised that she made it so quickly.

Xiao Ai pops out of the car, mouth gaping, surprised to see Han Shang Yan with a girl.


Tong Nian says that building the application wasn’t too difficult.

But Tong Nian, you didn’t mention that you stayed up ALL night to make it! You can’t be too humble!

Tong Nian then notices that there are others in the car and greets Su Cheng.

Su Cheng invites Tong Nian to come with them to the amusement park.

But Tong Nian thinks she’s intruding.

Han Shang Yan asks if she likes children and since she does, it’s not a problem.

So he tells her to get into the car.

Happy Time Amusement Park

Tong Nian and Xiao Ai ride the horse carousel while Su Cheng and Han Shang Yan watch them from a distance.

Su Cheng asks Han Shang Yan why he’s not riding as well.

And he scoffs saying that this ride is child’s play.

Meanwhile, Xiao Ai chats with Tong Nian on the ride.

She asks why Tong Nian is afraid of Han Shang Yan, thinking Tong Nian just wants to be friends with him.

Tong Nian says she won’t understand since she’s so young.

Xiao Ai comments that she’s definitely younger than Tong Nian.

Then Xiao Ai complains about Han Shang Yan, saying other than looking handsome, he has no other good qualities.


Tong Nian disagrees.

She thinks Han Shang Yan has a lot of good qualities.

So Xiao Ai plays the good samaritan and tells her she will give her alone time with Han Shang Yan.

On a boat ride.

Wow. This cheeky little brat thinks she a know-it-all huh? At least she’s trying to help.

Tong Nian cringes in embarrassment.

Xiao Ai calls out to Han Shang Yan to buy boat tickets.

Han Shang Yan turns to go buy tickets but before he does, he questions Su Cheng if she has found a way to reconnect with her daughter.

Su Cheng 10 Years Ago?

Because she gave her up 10 years ago.

Su Cheng admits that she always runs away when life gets difficult. Which is why she never made it as a competitive hacker.

Unlike Han Shang Yan, who has the courage to keep pursuing his goals in a straightforward manner.

Su Cheng knows that leaving Xiao Ai 10 years ago affected Xiao Ai greatly and she doesn’t know how to make it up to her.

But Han Shang Yan tells her that he only believes in two things: taking action or not taking action.

Because in his eyes, worrying about what would happen after taking action is too bothersome.

If you don’t try, you will never know the outcome.

Boat Ride

Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan are on one boat while Xiao Ai and her mother, Su Cheng are on another.

Guess Xiao Ai wants to play matchmaker for these two!

Han Shang Yan asks Tong Nian to give him her cell phone.

For taking pictures.

But Tong Nian tells him that she doesn’t usually take pictures and broadcast to her social media friends.

And she offers to take his picture as well but Han Shang Yan refuses.

Xiao Ai to the rescue!

She calls out to Tong Nian and gestures her to scoot closer to Han Shang Yan for a picture.

Tong Nian poses next to Han Shang Yan and Xiao Ai captures the moment on camera.

Han Shang Yan threatens Xiao Ai to delete the picture but Xiao Ai counters that she will broadcast the picture in her friend circle.

Tong Nian tells Han Shang Yan it’s dangerous to stand up in the boat so he sits back down.

But Xiao Ai continues to take more pictures while Han Shang Yan curses at her, threatening to throw her over the boat or beating her up so badly that her dad won’t be able to recognize her.

Wonder why Han Shang Yan hates pictures so much? LOL

Xiao Ai sticks out her tongue in response.

While Tong Nian bursts out laughing beside Han Shang Yan.

He asks why she’s laughing.

Tong Nian tells him it’s nothing.

Han Shang Yan is a Kid at Heart

After the boat ride, Han Shang Yan chases after Xiao Ai, attempting to grab her phone.

He tells her it’s an invasion of privacy to take his picture without permission while she counters it’s an invasion of privacy to steal her phone.

The two bicker like children while Su Cheng and Tong Nian try to pacify the two.

Who’s the children now Han Shang Yan? Hahahaha.

Even Su Cheng admits that she thinks she brought two children out to play today.

Han Shang Yan drops the issue and asks what Tong Nian would like to eat.

She tells him she’ll eat whatever he eats.

And if he doesn’t eat, will she not eat?

Xiao Ai buts in again saying that he’s can’t even compare to her dad.

He’s arrogant, loves to show off how unfortunate he is and thinks the world owes him one.

Han Shang Yan counters saying if he buys something to eat, she better not ask to have a bit.

Su Cheng placates the two of them again.

Indeed, there’s two children here. (; ̄ー ̄川

Tong Nian goes to with Han Shang Yan to buy something to eat because she wants to give time to Su Cheng to bond with her daughter.

Su Cheng & Xiao Ai

Su Cheng notices that Xiao Ai is hunched over clutching her abdomen and asks what’s wrong.

If she’s in pain, she should tell her.

Xiao Ai comments that if she was in pain every month, should she tell her every month?

This hint tells Su Cheng that’s it’s the monthlies. She pulls out her kit and tells Xiao Ai it’s available at any time for her to use.

Whenever she needs it.

Su Cheng seems like a great mom now. She just needs to keep at it and show Xiao Ai that she’s willing to make amends.

Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan come back bringing some fast food.

Xiao Ai wants to ride a rollercoaster next and Tong Nian asks if Han Shang Yan wants to come along.

Han Shang Yan tells her he has emails to answer so he’ll pass.

So Tong Nian and rest head off.

Meanwhile Han Shang Yan thinks about the past and how Solo and the others tried to get him to ride a rollercoaster as well.

But he’s afraid of heights.

So he bailed as quickly as he could even while being strapped in.

Tong Nian and the others meet back up with Han Shang Yan after the ride.

Xiao Ai wonders why he didn’t go with him.

Thinking he probably didn’t have the guts? But Tong Nian defends him, saying Han Shang Yan doesn’t have anything he’s afraid of.

Meanwhile, Han Shang Yan ignores Xiao Ai while playing on his gameboy.

Xiao Ai thinks she can beat the game and Han Shang Yan challenges her.

If she can beat his high score, he’ll treat her to drinks but if she loses, she will have to treat him.

Match is ON.

Tong Nian & Han Shang Yan First Date?

The game turns out to be tetris and Xiao Ai loses. She complains that Han Shang Yan started her off at a high level.

So Han Shang Yan takes it back and shows off.

Xiao Ai tries to ruin his game and fails. Tong Nian asks if she could try even though she’s normally bad at games.

Xiao Ai cheers Tong Nian on as she plays while Su Cheng observes.

Han Shang Yan observes as well and notices that she’s not half bad at tetris.


Tong Nian ends up beating his high score.

On the drive back home, Tong Nian and Xiao Ai lean against each other, asleep.

Su Cheng comments that Tong Nian was raised very well as a girl who’s a little clumsy but is full of kindness.

She asks Han Shang Yan to try a relationship with Tong Nian.

But Han Shang Yan doesn’t answer her.

The drive takes them to SP headquarters where Su Cheng asks Xiao Ai to wake up and get out.

Before she leaves, Xiao Ai reminds Tong Nian to add her as a friend so she can view the pictures she took of Han Shang Yan.

Hook, line and sinker.

Xiao Ai also has a message for Han Shang Yan.

She tells him that he still owes her because Solo took him to the nationals and won the championships.

Han Shang Yan scoffs.

He plans on sending Tong Nian back to school but she tells him that she has yet to test the app she built on his computers.

And it would only take an hour to do so.

So back to K&K HQ!

Xiao Mi’s Fate at Team SP

Solo discusses with Appledog the fate of Xiao Mi within Team SP because the top leaders are not satisfied with Xiao Mi’s performance lately.

They are planning to replace him.

Appledog asks Solo if there’s another chance.

Before they can discuss any further, All and Xiao Mi pop in to announce that Xiao Ai is back.

So Solo leaves the room and ends the conversation for another time.

Xiao Ai presents her phone to her dad, showing him some pictures she took at the amusement park.

Curious, Xiao Mi and All sneak glances as well.

Commenting how Han Shang Yan could never get over his fear of heights.

Tong Nian & Han Shang Yan

Tong Nian follows Han Shang Yan into a spare resting room but she tells him that she wants to stay with him.

While he works.

But Han Shang Yan tells her he’s planning to shower, then nap before working.

Does she still want to follow him?

Tong Nian shakes her head.

Han Shang Yan is having fun teasing her huh? He IS warming up to her. Omigosh!

He leaves her to it and Tong Nian gets to work installing the software.

Han Shang Yan is in his room working on stuff after brushing up and then goes back to Tong Nian.

Who tells him that the app has been installed on the computer. She researched the tool that Wu Bai previously mentioned and made some modifications.

Han Shang Yan then leans over for a closer look and Tong Nian is surprised by their proximity.

I don’t think Han Shang Yan is aware of how much he affects Tong Nian.

She tells him to try it out and he passes her a can of beer to drink.

Because there are no other beverages.

Tong Nian thinks it’s okay because the alcohol content is low, around 3%.

After taking a sip, she grimaces, Han Shang Yan asks her if it tastes bad.

Tong Nian shakes her head.

Girl, you need to be more honest!

She ends up chugging the entire can.

After finishing it, she tells Han Shang Yan she feels hot.

Han Shang Yan is confused saying that he already turned on the AC.


She stumbles over and leans on Han Shang Yan.

Tong Nian Gets Drunk

It looks like she’s totally drunk.

Super lightweight! One can is just 3% alcohol!

Tong Nian gets touchy feely with Han Shang Yan and hugs him from the back.

Han Shang Yan stands up and holds her shoulders, asking her if she’s drunk.

Hahahaha. Looks like Han Shang Yan doesn’t know how to deal with a drunk Tong Nian!

She becomes aggressive and corners him against a nearby shelf, asking him if that’s the only thing he wants to say to her.

Han Shang Yan appears to be helpless against her drunk antics and doesn’t know what to do with her.

He tells her to wait for him while he “gets a present” for her but to his surprise she trails after him to his room.

Han Shang Yan has no choice but to pull her into his room.

She rushes inside and plops herself on his bed.

He pulls her up and tries to steer her to the couch but she gets distracted by the castle he put together.

He grabs her before she can touch it but she smacks him away and he hits his head on a rack.


Later he turns on the lights and takes a look at the wound on his forehead.

While Tong Nian explores his room and finds the necklace box, she thinks this is her present.

She places it on her head which alarms Han Shang Yan because it’s an expensive necklace.

He tells her it’s her present so she calms down and takes it off her head.

But when she does, she hugs him and thanks him for the present.


Han Shang Yan is at a loss with her closeness but ends up holding her close, enjoying how she feels in his arms.

Han Shang Yan Contacts Lan Mei

Ohohoho is this the start of feelings blooming in Han Shang Yan?

A while later, Tong Nian is passed out on Han Shang Yan’s couch. While Han Shang Yan debates what to do about her.

While K&K Team members wonder why Tong Nian hasn’t left and if she’s staying the night.

Han Shang Yan searches for her phone in the backpack and notices a report she made and the detail of her work.

Wonder what’s it for?

After finding the phone, he unlocks her phone to contact a friend. (He had to lift up her eyelids to unlock the face ID.)

He ends up calling Lan Mei who thinks it’s Tong Nian calling, asking a ton of questions about how the relationship is going.

Han Shang Yan speaks up and says hello, telling her it’s Han Shang Yan.

Lan Mei is utterly shocked.


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I think Han Shang Yan is getting warmer to Tong Nian’s affections.

I burst out laughing seeing how Han Shang Yan was helpless against a drunk Tong Nian.

Su Cheng has it tough and she probably regrets giving up Xiao Ai to Solo 10 years ago but she wants to reconcile.

Xiao Ai’s interactions with Han Shang Yan are adorable as well. He’s such a kid when it comes to arguing with her. Even though he’s 30 years old or thirty-something?

What did you think of this Go Go Squid Episode 12 Recap? Leave a comment below!

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