Go Go Squid Episode 13 Recap

A drunk Tong Nian is a very honest Tong Nian! Let’s see what troubles she causes in this episode. Check out this Go Go Squid Episode 13 recap!

Was Han Shang Yan actually flustered in the last episode? That’s a first and a nice contrast from his usual grumpy, stern or arrogant attitude.

Go Go Squid Episode 13 Recap Highlights:

  • Tong Nian gets home safely and finds an interesting present
  • Han Shang Yan gets a message from Tong Nian that affects him more than he thinks
  • The show shifts its focus to Tong Nian for a bit

Let’s see what Go Go Squid Episode 13 Recap has in store for us!

Arranging Tong Nian to Go Home

While rummaging through Tong Nian’s backpack for her phone, Han Shang Yan finds a very detailed report.

It’s littered with post-it notes and various scribbles.

Is this her research on the hacking industry? To get more knowledge about Han Shang Yan’s field?

After glancing at it for a bit, he places it back into her backpack and finds her cell phone in the front pocket.

Then he ends up unlocking the phone by pinching Tong Nian’s eyelids open and calls one of Tong Nian’s friends.

Lan Mei.

Who picks up and starts firing off questions about the progress of Tong Nian’s relationship with Han Shang Yan.

After listening to the questions, Han Shang Yan finally speaks up, greeting her and asking her for a favor.

She shoots up from her bed in surprise.

Later, Lan Mei’s husband pops out from the shower and asks his wife what happened since she became docile all of a sudden.

Lan Mei then peels off her face mask that she was wearing while resting on the bed and tells her husband that the call was from his male idol.

Her husband is ecstatic and asks his wife for details.

She explains that Han Shang Yan wanted them to help escort Tong Nian home because she’s drunk.

Hearing that his male idol needs their help, Lan Mei’s husband rushes to get dressed and urges her to hurry.

Meanwhile, Han Shang Yan pries the necklace Tong Nian is grasping tightly out of her hands and places it back into its box.

He looks at her sleeping face for a moment and decides to put the box into her backpack.

He just gave away an expensive necklace like that!? What about that other lady who asked him to pick it up??

Sending a Drunk Tong Nian Home

A drunk Tong Nian leans on Han Shang Yan as Han Shang Yan struggles to walk with her out the door.

So he decides to carry her over his shoulder.

The members of K&K can tell she’s drunk and wonders what happened.

A little while later, Lan Mei and her husband wait for Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan in front of Tong Nian’s house.

Her husband greets Han Shang Yan with enthusiasm and shakes his hand vigorously.

Lan Mei explains that her husband has been a long time fan of his.

The husband shares his thoughts and feelings with Han Shang Yan, stating that even though Team Solo disbanded, the fans still exist.

They support his dream of helping China grab the championships in this industry.

And it looks like Han Shang Yan is touched by the support.


Even though he doesn’t show it explicitly.

Han Shang Yan allows Lan Mei’s husband to take a picture with him (something that he doesn’t allow normally).

After taking the picture, Han Shang Yan carries Tong Nian to the front of her house.

Along the way, Lan Mei asks him if he has any interest in Tong Nian and his answer is very honest.

Han Shang Yan admits he’s only seen Tong Nian a few times so he doesn’t know if he likes her.

Besides, feelings take time to develop so he wants to take it slow.

Lan Mei asks her husband for clarification.

Her husband thinks it means Han Shang Yan will take responsibility.

Responsibility for what?? For having her falling in love with him?

He leaves Tong Nian to Lan Mei and gets back in his car, thanking the two of them for their help today.

Lan Mei uses a cover story to explain to Tong Nian’s mother and enters the house with her.

Tong Nian Gets A Gift?

Tong Nian wakes up the next morning and vaguely remembers some details.

Like how she was hugging Han Shang Yan but wonders if that was a dream.

She wrestles out of bed and looks for her cell phone.

Emptying out her backpack, she finds a beautiful necklace but not her cell phone.

When Tong Nian does find her cell phone, there’s a note from Lan Mei.

They decide to agree on the same cover story.

But Tong Nian is more frustrated by the fact that she showed a reckless side of her to Han Shang Yan last night.

She sends a message to Han Shang Yan apologizing for her behavior but he has yet to respond.

Meanwhile, Han Shang Yan asks Wu Bai for a favor.

He wants to borrow some money. Wu Bai then asks if running the company is eating up funds.

But Han Shang Yan explains that he accidentally gave away the necklace he bought for his Aunt to Tong Nian.

Ohohoho “accidentally” huh? Just be honest!

Wu Bai agrees to lend him money and agrees to keep this issue between them.

When Han Shang Yan heads back to his room, he sees that he has three missed messages from Tong Nian.

And the most recent one is saying that they should break up.

Breaking up just because you were drunk? Tong Nian, I don’t get your reasoning here.

Han Shang Yan hesitates but then agrees to break up.

Tong Nian crumbles in tears and seeks the comfort of her mother.

I think Tong Nian wanted Han Shang Yan to actually reject her proposal as a confirmation that he has some feelings for her. But it backfired on her.

Tong Nian’s Mother Shares Advice

Tong Nian’s mother notices that Tong Nian has been crying and assumes she has broken up with Han Shang Yan.

So she leads her to the living room and comforts her.


Telling Tong Nian that love is journey and she will find someone one day who will treasure her like a precious pearl.

Tong Nian’s parents are amazing and supportive. It’s rare to get parents like this.

Tong Nian’s Skills in AI

Back in school, Tong Nian and Zheng Hui have a presentation over at the police station.

To discuss the benefits of facial recognization in solving crime.

On the way there, Zheng Hui tells Tong Nian not to be nervous because he’s already prepped everything.

But Tong Nian is not in the mood.

Yaya pulls her away to the bathroom to ask what’s wrong and finds out she has a failed relationship.


Yaya tells her not to copy her and her string of failed relationships.

Just to be clear, Yaya doesn’t know about Han Shang Yan yet. She thinks Tong Nian failed “twice”. One for confessing and another in a vague status.

In front of the police station, Yaya wonders if Tong Nian should skip this presentation.

But Tong Nian refuses, saying that work is work so she will preservere.

Zheng Hui then calls out to her saying that an officer has time to see them now.

Zheng Hui you idiot. How can you be the second ML if you can’t even tell Tong Nian is not in the best condition??

After giving a nice presentation and possibly securing a deal, Tong Nian takes off, telling Yaya that she needs time to herself.

Yaya chases after her while Zheng Hui wonders what’s wrong with Tong Nian.

Tong Nian & Han Shang Yan Post-Breakup

Tong Nian is sitting in a restaurant with Yaya, stuffing her face.

Yaya comments how Tong Nian is very strong, being able to perform presentation even though she was bursting in tears a moment before.

Tong Nian tears up again, being reminded that she just failed in a relationship.

Yaya panics and sits next to her to comfort her.

Yaya is such a great friend. She’s one of my favorite characters.

Meanwhile, Han Shang Yan is overseeing the K&K team as they run laps outside.

Su Cheng notices that Han Shang Yan is acting oddly today even forgetting to press the lap timer.

Then she notices that Demo is acting strangely as well because he’s not putting much effort into running.

When the team is done running, Su Cheng passes out mail and packages. Even Han Shang Yan gets one (but it’s actually for Tong Nian, Xiao Ai wants him to pass it along).

Han Shang Yan opens the letter later in his room and sees old photos of him and the original Solo gang.

After browsing through them, he puts them aside and turns on his computer.

Noticing the usb drive Tong Nian left him, he plays the application Tong Nian built for him and beats her high score.

He also notices other files in the drive.

Pictures and even a video clip of Han Shang Yan mentioning how he never had any interest in girls.

Han Shang Yan then smirks to himself after watching the video.

I think Han Shang Yan is not aware that he feels like his life is now emptier without Tong Nian.

Demo’s Family Situation

Ling Shan and One come in telling Han Shang Yan that they think Demo has some issues to sort out and he’s isn’t feeling well.

But they notice that their BigBro is kinda out of it as well so they quietly leave.

Later that night, Han Shang Yan visits Demo and asks him what’s wrong.

It turns out Demo’s parents have divorced and Demo is moping about it.

Demo thinks neither one of his parents want to take care of him.

But Han Shang Yan tells him that he’s old enough now that the divorce shouldn’t affect him that much.

Poor Demo!

Demo counters, saying that what he needs is the mental support of his parents.

Han Shang Yan scoffs and sits on the bed below.

Pulling out a candy to place in his mouth. Demo hears the crinkling sound of a candy wrapper and tells Han Shang Yan not to eat too much candy.

Because it can lead to diabetes. And then he starts describing the symptoms from mild to severe.

When Demo mentions possible heart problems, Han Shang Yan is jolted for a moment.

And Han Shang Yan retaliates, telling Demo to stop rambling.

After a few minutes of silence, Han Shang Yan shares that his mother passed away early in his life. Then his father as well.

He was raised by his step mother.

If Demo were to compare himself to Han Shang Yan, would he feel a little bit better?

Demo nods with a guilty expression.

He asks for a candy from Han Shang Yan. So Han Shang Yan offers him one.

But Demo wants the green wrapped candy that Tong Nian normally likes and Han Shang Yan refuses.

Han Shang Yan swaggers off after telling Demo not to cry anymore.

Han Shang Yan Sneaks Back Home

Su Cheng lists off various tasks to Han Shang Yan while working in the same room as him.

Han Shang Yan doesn’t comment much except telling Su Cheng about Demo’s situation.

So he asks her to look after Demo with more care.

Then heads home in a sneaky manner, closing the front door with care while looking around.

Seeing that no one is home, he proceeds up the stairs.

But Grandpa Han steps out of his room and calls out to him for a chat.

Uh-oh. Grandpa Han probably knows about the breakup.

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Was it just me or the breakup felt too childish? Okay, it’s Tong Nian’s very FIRST relationship so she doesn’t know what she’s doing but breaking up because she was drunk?

Come on!

However, this episode showed that Han Shang Yan DOES have some budding feelings for Tong Nian. Because he’s the not the same afterwards.

Even Su Cheng, who’s work with him for ages, hasn’t seen him like this before.

How will they get back together? What were your thoughts on this Go Go Squid Episode 13 recap?

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