Go Go Squid Episode 14 Recap

After the breakup, Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian go on with their lives but will they regret their decision? Find out in Go Go Squid Episode 14 Recap!

Go Go Squid Episode 14 Recap Highlights:

  • Tong Nian attends a CTF hosted song competition
  • Han Shang Yan struggles with his unknown feelings towards Tong Nian
  • Grandpa Han wonders why Tong Nian hasn’t visited him in a while

This episode is actually one of my favorite episodes because we get to see more of Tong Nian’s talents!

Without further adieu, let’s jump right into the Go Go Squid Episode 14 Recap!

Grandpa Han Worries About Han Shang Yan

Grandpa Han asks Han Shang Yan what happened to the necklace he bought for his Aunt (the lady who called him to pick up the necklace in Norway).

Han Shang Yan admits that he lost it.

However, Grandpa Han doesn’t believe him because according to him, Han Shang Yan frequently lies.

So Grandpa Han continues to lecture Han Shang Yan, saying that his Aunt is about to get married and he couldn’t even perform this task well.

Then he suddenly has a thought, thinking Han Shang Yan might be lacking in money.

Grandpa Han asks if Han Shang Yan’s company has been losing losing money.

After Han Shang Yan confirms it, Grandpa Han tells him that if he needed money he should have asked him.

Instead of pawning off the Aunt’s necklace for money.

Han Shang Yan gets irritated and restates that he lost the necklace. He also states that he’s not that low that he needs to trick his Aunt for money.

After Grandpa Han blurts out that he wants his grandson to live well and not worry about money, Han Shang Yan dully replies that he will return the money to his Aunt.

Before leaving in huff.

He later transfers the money to his Aunt, Han Jia Jia and then glances at his remaining account balance.

There’s not much left for him to spend.

Han Shang Yan’s Unexplained Feelings

His mood is heavy so he tries to play on his gameboy but that doesn’t work so he leans back in his chair and sighs.

Glancing at his phone.

Han Shang Yan ends up picking up his phone and opening the music sharing app.

Then he browses through his news feed and sees Tong Nian’s message to her followers.

Saying that her feelings have been like a rollercoaster lately, was previously high touching the clouds but now plunging into the depths.

The message bothers him and the feelings of frustration leads into him cooking a ton of dishes.

Surprised by the amount of food, Grandpa Han asks Han Shang Yan if they are expecting guests.

Han Shang Yan tells him no and then takes off saying he doesn’t have an appetite to eat.

His behavior is so strange but Grandpa Han decides to dig in.

Feeling the heat of the dish he bit into, Grandpa Han complains that everything is so spicy.

Tong Nian Enters a CTF Song Competition

Lan Mei and Tong Nian meet up in a restaurant to grab a bite to eat.

Tong Nian asks her what’s the hurry today because she doesn’t believe there’s anything going on.

Lan Mei reminds her that today’s the CTF song competition and they are the top ten contestants.

Out of hundreds of applicants.

Tong Nian smacks her head, grateful that she has Lan Mei to remind her about it.

Lan Mei tells her that Han Shang Yan is one of the CTF representatives and that he may show up.

Tong Nian reveals to Lan Mei that they already broke up.

And that she was the one to propose breaking up.

Lan Mei lectures her for doing so because she basically asked for the worst outcome.

Tong Nian tells her not to mention Han Shang Yan again in front of her and Lan Mei agrees.

Lan Mei continues saying that women are best when they are independent.

Tong Nian reluctantly smiles.

At the song competition, Solo sees Tong Nian at the sign-in desk and walks over to thank you.

Because last time, Tong Nian accompanied Xiao Ai at the amusement park.

Solo wishes her good luck before walking away with his colleagues.

Lan Mei comments that knowing Han Shang Yan means being acquainted with a lot of folks in the CTF industry.

But when Tong Nian gives her a knowing look, Lan Mei gets quiet again.

It’s time for the competition.

Final Round of Competition

The organizer introduces himself and tells the contestants that they will be selecting two to sing the theme song they created.

But because a judge is running late, they have some time to prepare themselves.

Each contestant has a different way of preparing.

Meanwhile the organizer tells the other judges that they should start because Han Shang Yan doesn’t appear to be coming.

Before each contestant sings in front of the judges, they introduce themselves and share something about them.

When it’s Tong Nian’s turn, she tells the judges she likes to sing.

Especially in front of the person she likes even if they don’t reciprocate her feelings.

Before Tong Nian begins, Han Shang Yan comes into the room and apologizes for being late.

It turns out he’s the last judge.

Han Shang Yan is surprised to see Tong Nian and Tong Nian appears to be uncomfortable.

The organizer introduces Han Shang Yan as the last judge and tells him that he can ask the current contestant to sing any song.

So Han Shang Yan proposes to sing about a little donkey.

Tong Nian composes herself for a moment and then begins to sing, adding her emotions into the song.



I have a little donkey that I never ride.

Suddenly I had a whim to take him outside.

I had a small whip in my hands and thought everything was in my control.

But all of a sudden, I slipped and fell and was covered in mud.

After singing the song, one of the judges asked her what she wanted to express in the song.

Tong Nian says that she imagined the little donkey is her lover and that her donkey has left her.

Solo glances at Han Shang Yan, thinking there’s something between the two of them.

Competition Results

In a conference room, the organizer tallies up the results and announces the winners.

They decide to go with Lan Mei and Tong Nian.

Han Shang Yan leaves the conference room abruptly and refuses to help with the creation of the song.

When he exits the room, Lan Mei comments to Tong Nian but Han Shang Yan refuses to turn back and continues to walk out.

While Tong Nian gazes at his back sadly.

A little while later, the organizer escorts Tong Nian and Lan Mei out of the building, congratulating the two of them on their win.

He tells them to memorize the song lyrics and be ready for recording in a week or so.

Han Shang Yan looks towards them from his car at a distance.

Solo offers Tong Nian and Lan Mei a ride, but the two of them refuse.

So Solo takes off.

Lan Mei comments how Solo’s personality is completely different from Han Shang Yan’s where the latter makes her cringe in fear.

While Tong Nian is wondering if Han Shang Yan will show up at the recording studio next week to hear her sing.

Lan Mei thinks he might.

Just then Han Shang Yan drives by them and Lan Mei wonders if that was Han Shang Yan’s car.

Tong Nian in the Recording Studio

A week later, Tong Nian is in the recording studio, working with a music producer on the song she’s singing.

The producer tells her to go again and complains that her singing is lacking emotions.

Tong Nian seems to be not in the best condition as her singing is very dull.

Lan Mei asks for a quick break and heads over to talk with Tong Nian.

She gives her a tip, telling her to imagine that Han Shang Yan is already here and to sing as though she wants him to hear it.

So the producer tells her to try again.

Tong Nian wonders why Han Shang Yan isn’t showing up but then composes herself to try again.

The song is in Go Go Squid’s OST Soundtrack: “Glory”

Han Shang Yan shows up a little later but hesitates to go into the recording room.

He turns around and is about to exit the recording studio but sees a vending machine that serves juices.

A bottle that has the words “confess” pop out at him.

Han Shang Yan takes out a dollar bill but the machine won’t take it.

So he heads to the reception desk to swap his dollar bill for change.

He takes the change and heads back to the vending machine.

Meanwhile, Tong Nian is on a roll, her take this time is filled with emotion and the producer loves it.

Solo drops by and thinks her singing is pretty good too. But the producer told him that if it was 10 minutes ago, she wouldn’t cut it.

Tong Nian finishes up her recording and exits the recording room to thank the producer for his time today.

A Mysterious Gift

Just moments later, the receptionist tells everyone to take a break and have some juice.

Bringing with her several bottles of fruit juice.

Lan Mei is touched by the free drinks and thanks the organizer and Solo for the gesture.

But both of them tell her, they didn’t buy them.

So Lan Mei wonders who could have possibly did.

The receptionist chimes in and tells them a handsome man was just at the counter and bought these.

Solo contemplates something for a moment after hearing that the handsome man is a friend of the organizer.

Then Lan Mei notices a bottle with the words “good luck” on the cap and asks Tong Nian if it’s Han Shang Yan’s writing.

And also commenting that the bottle had the words “confess” in front of the bottle, wondering why Han Shang Yan chose this bottle.


Tong Nian excuses herself for a moment and runs out of the studio.

While the organizer comments Han Shang Yan’s attitude never changes, coming and going as he pleases.

Then he continues to look where Tong Nian just left while Solo tells him to stop looking.

The organizer admits that he thinks Tong Nian is a rising star and wonders if she has a boyfriend. If not he wants to pursue her.

Solo advises him as a friend that he should stop pursuing Tong Nian if he wants to protect his life.

For his own safety.

Tong Nian is outside of the recording studio and frantically looks around, wondering why Han Shang Yan took off so quickly.

Han Shang Yan Struggles With His Feelings

Later that night, Han Shang Yan is at K&K headquarters, walking up and down the stairs in a daze.

Ling Shan notices that there’s something going on with him but doesn’t know what it is.

Han Shang Yan heads back to his room with heavy steps.

The next morning, one of his cleaning ladies tells him it’s late and that he should get up by now.

Han Shang Yan has a fever and doesn’t feel that well.

In the dining area, Su Cheng comments that Han Shang Yan’s expression doesn’t look that great.

Wondering what could have possibly happened while she was on break for 3 days.

Han Shang Yan explains that he’s been staying up late lately but Su Cheng wonders what tasks would keep him up that late every night.

Then he comes over to Wu Bai’s table and affectionately calls him Xiao Bai (an endearing nickname).

Wu Bai tells Han Shang Yan he has no more money, thinking he has ulterior motives.

Han Shang Yan then tells him to pick up his car from a local college campus and fill up the gas tank.

Wu Bai wonders why he parked his car there but takes off to perform the favor.

Then Han Shang Yan looks over to Su Cheng and asks her about the possible monthly reimbursements.

Su Cheng wonders what sin he’s committed (eating, drinking, gambling or drugs) to be so short on money.

He explains that he lost his Aunt’s necklace and sent all of his money over to her to pay her back.

So he would appreciate it if the monthly reimbursement funds could be transferred to his account this month.

Later, Wu Bai comments that Han Shang Yan rarely gets sick.

Was it because he had a failed relationship?

Grandpa Han Misses Tong Nian

Han Shang Yan scoffs and refuses to answer.

Then Wu Bai tells him that they need to visit grandpa today otherwise, he will move into K&K headquarters.

Since Han Shang Yan isn’t feeling that well, he asks Wu Bai to drive.

Meanwhile, Tong Nian is rushing into the recording studio, worried that she’s late.

She wonders if Han Shang Yan came to the studio today but is disappointed when he didn’t.

When she takes a seat on a nearby couch, the organizer greets her and sits next to her, attempting to initialize some conversation.

But Lan Mei comes over and sits in between them. She takes this chance to ask the organizer some questions about Han Shang Yan.

The organizer reveals pieces of Han Shang Yan’s personality, how he has a ton of female fans and the fact that he has a girlfriend.

Which surprises Lan Mei and Tong Nian because the timing is right after Tong Nian broke up with him.

Lan Mei is furious, thinking that Han Shang Yan is a scumbag for finding a girlfriend so quickly after breaking up with Tong Nian.

Grandpa Han watches the latest news in the comfort of his own home and sees Tong Nian’s college featured for assisting with a special security application.

Grandpa Han is proud of having Tong Nian as a potential granddaughter-in-law and wonders why she hasn’t stopped by in a while.

When he asks Wu Bai for details, Wu Bai thinks there’s something wrong going on but doesn’t know the details.

Which prompts Grandpa Han is to seek Han Shang Yan for more details.

Grandpa Han’s Antics

Grandpa Han orders Han Shang Yan to bring Tong Nian over today because it’s her birthday.

Han Shang Yan refuses which makes Grandpa Han angry.

After debating back and forth and even threatening to not eat meals for two days, Han Shang Yan doesn’t budge.

So he pretends to have a heart attack so Han Shang Yan relents but asks Wu Bai to accompany him.

Tong Nian is at school, monitoring a self-study session while Zheng Hui pulls her aside.

He asks her if she’s forgotten about today and she wonders what could it be.

Zheng Hui asks her for some time and she agrees to step outside with him for a moment.

He secretly jumps for success while Tong Nian addresses the class to notify them before leaving.

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Tong Nian’s Glory is my favorite song in the Go Go Squid OST soundtrack! It has a a nice catchy beat and I like to play it on repeat =D

I’ve been curious about how the show will balance the focus on our two leads and so far, it’s been mainly about Han Shang Yan so it’s nice to see some change.

Because Tong Nian is suppose to be a genius. She entered college early, specializing in programming so she should be allowed to shine!

And I personally like this side of her more because when she’s in front of Han Shang Yan, she’s a lovesick girl. Which is how it’s suppose to be I guess but it just irks me so much to see her put everything on hold to chase after him.

While he is indifferent to her. BUT this episode shows that the breakup has been affecting him in several ways. Proving that you will only appreciate what you have once you’ve lost it. I burst out laughing when I saw Han Shang Yan made a bunch of spicy dishes to show his innate frustration.

Oh, and I LOVED Solo’s support! He caught on quickly that there is something going on between Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian. He tactfully told the organizer to backoff chasing Tong Nian or there will be repercussions. Haha “to protect his life”.

Grandpa Han is an interesting character, a nice contrast to Han Shang Yan. While Wu Bai is just there? I don’t really see how his character adds to the show. Yes, he’s skilled and carries on Han Shang Yan’s dreams but what else?

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