Go Go Squid Episode 15 Recap

Did you guys get a chance to hear “Glory” from the Go Go Squid soundtrack? It’s pretty awesome right? Check out my Go Go Squid Episode 15 recap below.

Can Han Shang Yan fulfill the task mentioned by Grandpa Han in the last episode?

Let’s find out!

Go Go Squid Episode 15 Recap Highlights:

  • Tong Nian spends time with Grandpa Han
  • Han Shang Yan tells Tong Nian a summary about himself
  • Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan go shopping

We’re almost halfway through the series, let’s continue on with Go Go Squid Episode 15 recap!

Zheng Hui Has Something to Tell Tong Nian

Tong Nian and Zheng Hui walk alongside each other while Zheng Hui struggles to speak up.

He starts with hinting that it’s Tong Nian’s birthday today but Tong Nian just vaguely nods.

It seems like Tong Nian doesn’t care.

But Zheng Hui presses on and tries again, asking her how she plans to celebrate.

Tong Nian is definitely not in the mood to celebrate because she remembers how Han Shang Yan found a new girlfriend.

Feeling his chance slip away, Zheng Hui stops in front of Tong Nian and then tells her he has a birthday present for her.

But then Han Shang Yan shows up.

And Tong Nian only has eyes for him, not paying attention to what Zheng Hui is saying.

When Han Shang Yan presents himself in front of Tong Nian, Zheng Hui notices that they have an audience.

Han Shang Yan points out that Tong Nian’s expression doesn’t look too good and glares at Zheng Hui.

Asking if he bullied her.

Intimidated, Zheng Hui pleads innocent and tells him that it wasn’t him.

Zheng Hui then gets distracted when Han Shang Yan mentions the ACM competition and heads over to Wu Bai, wondering if he recognizes him from one of the competitions.

While Han Shang Yan gets a chance to speak to Tong Nian.

When Zheng Hui admits that he recognizes Wu Bai from the competitions, Han Shang Yan asks Tong Nian to come along with him to play.

And Tong Nian is merciless, not even giving Zheng Hui a chance to make her stay.


As she takes off with Han Shang Yan.

Leaving Zheng Hui behind with a disappointed expression.

Tong Nian Spends Time With Grandpa Han

Han Shang Yan parks the car in front of his home and Tong Nian asks for clarification.

When Han Shang Yan said “play”, he meant playing at home right?

Then Han Shang Yan apologizes to Tong Nian, saying Grandpa Han misses her so he didn’t have a choice in the matter.

It’s just this once and he wouldn’t bother her again.

Tong Nian mumbles that she should be saying that instead of him.

But tells Han Shang Yan that she doesn’t mind doing this favor because she likes Grandpa Han.

Wu Bai tells the two of them that he won’t be going in because he has other plans.

When Tong Nian enters the home, Grandpa Han is excited to see her.

But then notices that Wu Bai is missing.

When Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan’s explanations for Wu Bai’s disappearance don’t match up, Grandpa Han is confused.


Glancing at the two of them.

Tong Nian eventually takes over and provides an explanation that Grandpa Han is satisfied with while Han Shang Yan observes with amusement.

Later, at the dining table, Grandpa Han tells Tong Nian that Han Shang Yan bought the birthday cake and made the steak.

To her surprise.

Han Shang Yan explains that if you live alone for awhile, you end up learning to do a lot of things.

But over time, the conversation takes a weird turn.

Leading into the discussion of marriage.

Han Shang Yan refuses to hear any more and leaves the table abruptly while Grandpa Han calls after him.

But no luck as Han Shang Yan is already upstairs.

Tong Nian Explains Han Shang Yan’s Industry to Grandpa Han

Grandpa Han complains to Tong Nian, telling her that his grandson doesn’t act his age nor does anything productive for a living.

Playing with computers all day.

But Tong Nian disagrees and tries to explain, telling Grandpa Han that she likes his profession.

Grandpa Han doesn’t believe it’s a profession worth mentioning and tells Tong Nian not to pacify him.

Yet, Tong Nian continues, telling him what she knows about Han Shang Yan’s profession and industry.

Revealing that this industry was brand new and unknown several years ago but Han Shang Yan took the initiative to expand it.

To build a company that would compete in it.

Tong Nian explains with such passion that Grandpa Han starts to believe.

When she narrates Han Shang Yan’s retirement speech from memory, Han Shang Yan, who is lurking upstairs, is touched.

For the past two years and 3 months, we’ve won.

We’ve lost.

We’ve laughed.

We’ve cried.

We’ve been questioned, gossiped, defamed and blamed.

We’ve never needed to explain ourselves.

There’s no need for us to explain ourselves.

Now convinced that Han Shang Yan’s profession is not just fooling around, Grandpa Han comments that times have changed for the better. The younger generation now has the means to pursue passions that they are interested in.

Tong Nian agrees while also admitting to Grandpa Han that she’s in awe of what Han Shang Yan has done.

And she’s proud of him.

But Grandpa Han tells Tong Nian that facial recognization is relatively new and wasn’t available back then either, so he’s proud of her too.

Grandpa Han comments that he will continue to understand his grandson and the two of them clink their glasses together.

Meanwhile, Han Shang Yan goes to his room and searches his retirement speech on the internet.

He’s surprised to find a recording of it and watches it, re-imagining himself at that time.

Throwing the team ring into the audience and stomping off, while the audience calls out to him, pleading him not to leave.

Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian Have a Chat

After watching the video, Han Shang Yan is deep in thought as he glances out the window.

Tong Nian helps Grandpa Han into his bed for an afternoon nap while she closes the blinds.

She tells him to call her if he needs anything but he shows her that Han Shang Yan gave him a buzzer.

Demonstrating by pressing it.

When Tong Nian leaves the room, Han Shang Yan is rushing down the stairs and asks her if there’s anything wrong with grandpa.

But she tells him everything’s fine. The buzzer was just a demonstration.

Han Shang Yan tells her to take a walk in the patio while he cuts fruits.

Outside, Han Shang Yan places some cut mango on a nearby table and asks if these fruits are okay.

Since he’s not sure what she likes.

Tong Nian hesitates for a moment but then replies that they’re okay.

Han Shang Yan jumps over to her and asks what does she know about him.

She performed some research but admits she doesn’t know a lot about him.

So Han Shang Yan gives her a rundown.

His birthday is Feb. 14th and he was born in Norway.

He started competing when he was 18 and retired 2 years later.

Tong Nian admits she knows all of these facts from the internet.

But Han Shang Yan continues, describing himself as a person and his personality.


What he likes to eat, his dislikes, etc.

To Tong Nian, it’s like Han Shang Yan is introducing himself formally so he can welcome her into his world.

Tong Nian smiles, touched at his gesture.

After spewing a bunch of negative qualities about himself, Han Shang Yan asks if she still wants to break up.

Stunned, Tong Nian doesn’t know how to reply.

Getting Back “Together”

Han Shang Yan waits for her answer while asking her if she wants more time to think about it.

But she surprises him by saying “NO”.

Then clarifies in front of him that she doesn’t want to break up.

Han Shang Yan shows a faint smile on his face as he raises a hand to pat her on the head.

That settles it. They are not breaking up.

He apologizes for his mistakes in the past and for his wrongdoings.

To which Tong Nian shakes her head in disagreement.

Han Shang Yan continues to ramble saying that they can continue getting to know each other but in time, she may find him undesirable.

As his other friends may say.

Tong Nian shakes her head some more.

They pause their interaction for a moment while Han Shang Yan takes a call.

And Tong Nian eats her mangoes.

The K&K team in Norway is calling and informs Han Shang Yan about some updates.

But in the middle of the call, Han Shang Yan asks Tong Nian why she’s staring at him.

So his colleagues in Norway are speculating and teasing.

When Han Shang Yan admits that the girl beside him is his girlfriend, Tong Nian takes off and leaves him to take his call.

The discussion is mostly about the status of K&K in China and whether or not they can beat SP for the championships.

Han Shang Yan wants them to give the kids over in China a chance to prove themselves.

Aside from this, they tease him about hiding his girlfriend and not admitting it until now.

The matter is settled for now.

Then he sees Wu Bai coming home.

Han Shang Yan & Tong Nian go Shopping

He calls out to him using the endearing term, Xiao Bai.

Wu Bai bluntly tells him that he has no money to lend.

But Han Shang Yan pleads some more, stating that it’s Tong Nian’s birthday.

Wu Bai reluctantly gives him a card with money on it.

Han Shang Yan takes it and thanks him, walking off.

Meanwhile, Tong Nian is in the kitchen, about to wash some dishes.

But Han Shang Yan stops her, saying he will do it.

Then notices that she’s itching herself and asks if she got bitten by mosquitos.

Tong Nian is actually allergic to mangos and decides not to tell him.

Han Shang Yan decides to send her home.

In the car, she asks to see his car keys and presents a belated birthday present.

A keychain with a gun attached to it.

When Tong Nian struggles to attach it, Han Shang Yan takes over.

Change of plans, Han Shang Yan is going to take her to buy a birthday present.

On the drive there, Tong Nian notices that Han Shang Yan puts a lot of pressure on himself as he rarely has time to go shopping or buy gifts for people.

She tells him that being the best is painful and lonely.

Or at least in her opinion.

So she’s willing to be his support when he’s feeling sad or disappointed.

Video Game Buying Frenzy

Han Shang Yan is silent as he contemplates her words.

At the department store, Han Shang Yan asks Tong Nian what she would like to buy.

She doesn’t need any computer accessories because she has a ton at home.

Besides, she’s also majors in computer sciences.

So Han Shang Yan browses at the video games and Tong Nian wants to refuse because she’s terrible at gaming.

Han Shang Yan ends up gathering a large selection of games to buy and grabs some post-it-notes too.

Animal shaped post-it-notes.

He explains that he will label the games with levels of difficulty. Where the frog is the easiest, the pig is the middle level and the panda is the hardest.

They have a blast joking with each other and end up purchasing a playstation console with all of the games they bought.

Han Shang Yan carries the items and asks if he’s doing okay because this is his first time dating.

Tong Nian admits that he’s her first relationship.

He’s shocked but composes himself and clears his throat.

A little while later, Han Shang Yan pulls his car up in front of Tong Nian’s school.

The atmosphere is a bit awkward because they don’t know what to do.

Han Shang Yan asks if they should hug and not because he wants to but he thinks it’s something they will do eventually.

Because they are dating.

But Tong Nian tells him there’s no need to.

Tong Nian breaks the silence by pointing out a nearby food stand and Han Shang Yan exits the car to buy some.

He comes back with a ton of food because he doesn’t know what she likes.

So he bought a little bit of everything.

Han Shang Yan is Being Lenient?

There’s a lot to carry back but Tong Nian is fine, carrying it by herself.

She tells him to be careful and heads back into school.

Yaya is surprised to see her carrying so much food and comments that Zheng Hui thought she got picked up by her brother previously.

Tong Nian says it’s not her brother.

So Yaya infers that it’s her latest boyfriend.

Seeing the playstation games, she takes a look and comments on ones she’s played before.

Apparently, Yaya is great at games.

Yaya also notices the post-it-notes and teases Tong Nian about them.

Over at K&K headquarters, Ling Shan rushes downstairs apologizing that he was late getting up this morning.

But Han Shang Yan says it’s okay and proceeds to flip through a magazine.

Grunt warns Ling Shang not to pester Han Shang Yan today because today is Mi Shao Fei’s birthday.

And Han Shang Yan wants to pick out a present for him.

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RIP Zheng Hui. He lost his chance to pursue Tong Nian and it looks like fate is not giving him another chance. Personally, I can’t stand guys who can’t speak up. So Zheng Hui can’t be considered a second ML in my eyes.

Sorry Zheng Hui.

I didn’t like how Tong Nian hid her allergy to mangoes from Han Shang Yan. She shouldn’t be afraid to voice her thoughts because being in a relationship means you need to be honest with each other.

But she IS in her first relationship so I guess this makes sense?

Tong Nian was super supportive of Han Shang Yan’s profession and somehow convinced Grandpa Han to give it a chance. But hearing it from his grandson was not convincing? Guess he had to hear it from an outsider’s point of view.

Or maybe it’s because he likes Tong Nian so much that he’s willing to believe her instead of Han Shang Yan.

The getting back together was odd but for Han Shang Yan who’s new to relationships, it makes sense.

He’s not great with words so for him to reveal so much about himself shows how he wants to give Tong Nian another try.

Is it because he’s touched by how much Tong Nian supports him or was he triggered to do so by Su Cheng and all of the others? We don’t know.

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