Go Go Squid Episode 16 Recap

Han Shang Yan was so sweet in the last episode, buying birthday presents for Tong Nian. Are you interested in what happens next? Find out in my Go Go Squid Episode 16 recap!

Go Go Squid Episode 16 Recap Highlights:

  • Mi Shao Fei celebrates his birthday with his buddies
  • Tong Nian’s love rival? shows up
  • Han Shang Yan invites Tong Nian for a trip

Mi Shao Fei Celebrates His Birthday

Xiao Mi, All and Solo celebrate Xiao Mi’s (Mi Shao Fei) birthday over a DYI hotpot set up at home.

They clink their shot glasses in cheer.

But then the doorbell rings a few times and Solo gets up to answer it.

It’s a package for Mi Shao Fei from Han Shang Yan.

When Solo gets back to the dining table, he tells Xiao Mi that it’s a package for him, courtesy of Han Shang Yan.

And Xiao Mi looks touched.

While All asks about Appledog’s present, where is hers?

Meanwhile, Xiao Mi cuts in and asks if Solo plans on getting back together with Appledog because now they’re both single.

But Solo has no intentions of doing so.

The group jokes around some more, reminiscing on some fond memories.

Then Solo cuts to the chase and tells All and Xiao Mi that there’s some official business he wants to discuss with them.

It’s about the results of the Norway All-Star Tournament.

Xiao Mi tells Solo that since he is now their boss, he should lecture and admonish as he sees fit.

But I can tell Solo really values their brotherhood, their friendship. Just because he is their boss now, doesn’t mean he can just take advantage of him. Solo is a really great guy.

Solo tells Xiao Mi that if he cannot bring his results up in the next match, he will be pulled from the main team and placed in the secondary team.


He explains that they have the best resources but also the most pressure.

With that aside, they continue to celebrate.

Ling Shan and Han Shang Yan Have a Chat

Ling Shan sees Han Shang Yan lounging outside of his room on the patio and wonders if he has a lot on his mind.

Because it’s Mi Shao Fei’s birthday and he’s not out celebrating with him.

Then Ling Shan walks over to Han Shang Yan and shares his thoughts and feelings with him about why he decided to join K&K.

Starting off by saying how several members of K&K look up to Team Solo.

Wu Bai looks up to Appledog.

Grunt looks up to Solo but also sees him as his rival.

And as for Ling Shan, it was Han Shang Yan.

Ling Shan joined K&K because of Han Shang Yan.

Awww. Han Shang Yan are you touched?

Han Shang Yan retorts saying that Ling Shan hasn’t been able to place first yet sees him as his role model?

Adding salt to the wound, he then states that he was always the MVP.

Ling Shan jokes that Han Shang Yan’s words are too heartbreaking.

But then Han Shang Yan gets serious. He states that the only reason he is blunt is because he has high hopes for Ling Shan.

He wants him to SUCCEED.

Grab some tissues because I’m starting to tear up!

Ling Shan is getting emotional and stands up to lean on the railing.

Revealing that if it weren’t for Han Shang Yan back in the day, he wouldn’t be anyone or anything.

Because he was lost and didn’t know what to do.

It was Han Shang Yan who helped out and pointed him in the direction he should go.

Ling Shan is incredibly thankful to him.

But after the touching moment, Ling Shan tells Han Shang Yan to give Mi Shao Fei a birthday call.

Tong Nian Has a Love Rival?

And Han Shang Yan responds by telling him to go to bed.

Undeterred, Ling Shan tells him that the K&K team has his back and they will never leave him.

Once Ling Shan leaves his room, Han Shang Yan decides to leave Mi Shao Fei a message.

Saying that he will wait for him on the championship stage and to wish him a happy birthday.

Han Shang Yan is never honest is he? He struggles with his old bonds and new and yet fails to realize that he has friends that will never leave him.

When Mi Shao Fei reads the message, Solo and All are in the middle of singing happy birthday to him.

But he can’t help but feel emotional.

He takes his time making a birthday wish.

What do you think Xiao Mi wished for?

Both Team K&K and Team SP take a long road trip to a hotel resort in Sanya, China for competition training.

When they arrive we are introduced to a new character named Zhou Shan.

Who is Han Shang Yan’s loyal fan and an editor of CTF magazine.

Solo introduces Zhou Shan as an invaluable person who helped out Team Solo back in the day.

But Appledog expands on the introduction, saying that if weren’t for Zhou Shan, Team Solo wouldn’t have made it so far.

Plus, Zhou Shan is a devoted fan of Han Shang Yan and takes a ton of secret photos of him.

Zhou Shan and Han Shang Yan

As everyone is getting settled in, Zhou Shan takes the initiative to speak to Han Shang Yan and explain how she’s the main contact for the competitive teams here.

But Han Shang Yan tells her he doesn’t care.

She then attempts some small talk, telling him she heard rumors that he’s been dating.

Han Shang Yan refuses to say anything about it and tells her that if she doesn’t need him for anything, she can contact his team leader.

Looks like Han Shang Yan doesn’t care for this woman. He probably sees her as an annoying person?

Zhou Shan continues and tells Han Shang Yan that his room was specially prepared for him.

To which he says thanks.

Shoo Zhou Shan! Han Shang Yan has absolutely NO interest in you!

When Zhou Shan leaves to let Han Shang Yan get settled in, he notices that Solo, Appledog, All and Xiao Mi are giving him strange looks.

Later on in the day, Han Shang Yan and Solo meet up with the man who previously organized a song competition that Tong Nian attended.

Turns out he’s helping with organizing the trainings for Team SP & Team K&K.

But the itinerary is filled with various activities that may hinder the training so Han Shang Yan complains.

And Solo agrees as well.

The organizer then agrees to make some changes but also tells the two of them that all contact should be sent though Zhou Shan.

Who also happens to show up.

She explains the goals for the two teams here and stresses to Han Shang Yan and Solo not to fight while the two teams are here.

Han Shang Yan retorts that he will and takes off after signing some paperwork.

Ou Qiang Laments That He Has No Fans

Mi Shao Fei, Ou Qiang and Ai Qing are browsing through the resort, admiring the massive fish tank filled with fish.

Ai Qing (Appledog) mentions how she is uncomfortable in Zhou Shan’s presence because the woman dislikes other women hanging around Han Shang Yan.

Then Ou Qiang complains how he never got any devoted fans even though they all started out the same.

So Mi Shao Fei tells him that the best way to get fans is to act you don’t care.

Ou Qiang says it’s super easy and pulls back for a bit to demonstrate.

He tilts his head at an odd angle and looks at them with a stern glare, copying Han Shang Yan.


Adding the final touch which is pretending to eat a piece of candy.

Bwahahaha this is so funny. I wonder what Han Shang Yan would think of this.

Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian Video Chat

Back in Shanghai, Tong Nian is staring at her alarm clock and counting down the time.

Once it’s time, she jumps up with excitement and grabs her phone, then quickly sends a text to Han Shang Yan.

Asking him if he’s done for the day so they can chat.

Without seeing his response, Tong Nian proposes that they video chat.

Because it doesn’t require typing and it may be more convenient.

Han Shang Yan looks around in his room and sets up his laptop.

Meanwhile, Tong Nian changes her outfit before going online.

She checks herself real quick in the mirror, and fixes her hair before accepting the video call.

Once she accepts the call, she gets a peak of Han Shang Yan’s chest as he leans over the laptop camera in his bath robe.

I think Tong Nian almost got a nosebleed. XD

They both see each other on the screen and greet each other. Han Shang Yan doesn’t plan on speaking much because he used most of his voice in meetings all day.

And Tong Nian tells him it’s okay.

Han Shang Yan lowers the volume on the laptop as he’s about to review the videos of his team’s progress.

But the doorbell rings.

Zhou Shan shows up for a visit.

Han Shang Yan attempts to block the opening but Zhou Shan ducks and quickly rushes into his room.

Leaving Han Shang Yan to chase.

And Tong Nian sees her on the video chat.

Dun-dun-dunnnnn. Han Shang Yan, how will you explain this!?

Tong Nian attempts to call out to Han Shang Yan but forgets that the volume has been lowered or muted.

So she calls him while Zhou Shan tries to seduce him.

Han Shang Yan Owes Tong Nian an Explanation

Zhou Shan brings up Mi Shao Fei’s progess and lets him know that she could help manipulate the progress results if Han Shang Yan returns the favor.

Han Shang Yan is disgusted and tells her that he hates people who attempt to corrupt this industry.

Because he reminds her that he was once a competitor too so he refuses to allow her to manipulate results like this.

Even if it means Mi Shao Fei will be re-assigned to a different team.

Meanwhile, Grunt, Ling Shan and Demo are roaming through the hallways, observing that there are a ton of room numbers.

Ling Shan comments that practice didn’t go so well for him so he might get a verbal lashing from Han Shang Yan.

Demo chirps in, stating how great it would be if their Sister-in-law (aka Tong Nian) was here.

But Grunt is about to clarify when all three of them are surprised seeing a human caterpillar in front of Han Shang Yan’s door.


It’s Zhou Shan and she’s bundled in several bedsheets like a caterpillar.

HA. Serves you right Zhou Shan for trying to seduce Han Shang Yan and even attempting to throw dirt on this professional industry.

Grunt shoves Demo over to ring the doorbell to Han Shang Yan’s room.

Demo complains that he always has to do the troublesome stuff.

When Han Shang Yan opens the door, he orders them to come in and rushes down to his laptop.

Frustrated that the screen is turned off and the thought that Tong Nian might have misunderstood.

Han Shang Yan then tells the group to help him book a flight and a new room.

For Tong Nian.

Ohohoho, is Han Shang Yan worried that Tong Nian will misunderstand the relationship between him and Zhou Shan?

Tong Nian Takes an Unexpected Trip

Demo takes care of it quickly, booking an extra room using the hotel app.

While also asking what’s the rush.

Ling Shan comments that it’s because Han Shang Yan misses Tong Nian.

But Han Shang Yan doesn’t answer and instead asks Grunt for relationship help.

Because Grunt is “experienced” when it comes to relationships.

Grunt has started his relationship advisor business! His first customer is Han Shang Yan and his love troubles. Hahahaha.

Meanwhile, Tong Nian is depressed, playing a music box and staring down at her desk.

She gets a text from Han Shang Yan asking her for her identification.

Confused, she blurts it out loud.

And her roommates advise her not to randomly give out her identification.

Because there’s been a lot of scammers recently.

Yaya is suspicious that something is up and asks Tong Nian when she will bring her boyfriend over. Because Yaya will help question him to see if he’s reliable.

Tong Nian’s flight is booked and she gets a text message of the confirmation.

When she gets a call from Han Shang Yan, she asks about the girl earlier and Han Shang Yan replies that he encountered a crazy lady.

And ends the call briefly because he has an audience.

Tong Nian starts to pack because she’s flying out the next day.

Wow, super rushed.

Sanya, China

Tong Nian is on her way to the hotel resort by taxi and when she arrives, she gives Han Shang Yan a call.

While she waits in the lobby, she imagines reuniting with Han Shang Yan, jumping into his arms while the everyone cheers and claps.

But reality is different.

Han Shang Yan shows Tong Nian Around

Tong Nian calls out to Han Shang Yan and is about to run into his arms but stops when she sees the woman from last night at his side.

Zhou Shan is telling everyone how she reserved big lobsters for tonight’s dinner.

Then Han Shang Yan notices Tong Nian and walks up to her, telling her to follow him as he made her lodging arrangements.

In the background, Zhou Shan is feeling jealous of Han Shang Yan’s attention on Tong Nian.

While following Han Shang Yan, Tong Nian notices a gigantic fish tank and gazes with adoration, stopping to get a closer look.

Han Shang Yan realizes that Tong Nian is no longer following him.

He then observes that one of Tong Nian’s shoelaces is untied so he crouches down to help her tie it.


Awww. So sweet, is this the start of some fluffy moments between our two main leads?

Tong Nian is shown her room and it is massive, leading her to comment that she may get lost around her.

Especially since her sense of direction is terrible.

So Han Shang Yan asks her to share her location with him on her smartphone.

And while setting it up, the password is their birthdays combined.

Then Han Shang Yan leaves to let her rest from a long day of traveling.

Aiya, Han Shang Yan. You could at least tell Tong Nian that you flew her here so she could spend some more time with you or something like that. Otherwise, how would she think of this??

Tong Nian Gets a Special Pass

The next day before Han Shang Yan leaves Tong Nian for a bunch of meetings, he gives her a special pass.

So it’s easier for her to enter the premises.

Tong Nian then takes off to explore.

In a lounge room, Appledog bumps into Grunt and Wu Bai who are resting with cups of coffee and asks if Han Shang Yan brought family along.

Grunt admits it and then points out Tong Nian who waves a greeting.

Then notices that when Appledog leaves, Wu Bai is staring after her and advises Wu Bai to wear sunglasses so it’s not obvious that he’s staring after her.

Grunt is really the relationship whisperer. He should do this as a side job! Hahaha

A little while later, Appledog catches up to Tong Nian and notices the pass she’s wearing on her neck.

But then teases that she should write a family label on it because otherwise without a label, the pass is less effective.

Tong Nian ducks her head down in embarrassment.

Then Appledog invites her for a chat over coffee to get to know her better.

They chat for a bit, discussing Tong Nian’s age gap with Han Shang Yan (10 year gap!).

And how Appledog and everyone else thought Han Shang Yan would end up with someone from the professional industry.

Tong Nian contemplates how Han Shang Yan used to be/and still is popular amongst the ladies.

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I sense the smell of love in the air! It’s super cute how Han Shang Yan quickly booked a flight and hotel room for Tong Nian to come over when he realized that she may have misunderstood Zhou Shan and him.

But he didn’t tell her WHY she’s coming though and if I was thinking about it from Tong Nian’s perspective I would be questioning it for sure.

The original Solo team members are so sharp though! They know Zhou Shan has a flame for Han Shang Yan and I bet they are eagerly watching the drama for Han Shang Yan’s relationships. I can almost visualize the popcorn!

I don’t know about you guys but Zhou Shan scares me. She’s definitely that creepy, stalker type of fan that will not hesitate to do anything it takes to nab Han Shang Yan. Tong Nian better watch out!

Let the fight begin because I’m sure Tong Nian will prevail!

What did you think of this episode? Any thoughts on this Go Go Squid Episode 16 Recap? Leave a comment below!

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