Go Go Squid Episode 17 Recap

I love how Han Shang Yan is now warming up towards Tong Nian even if he’s not aware of it yet. Let’s gush over the upcoming fluffy moments in Go Go Squid Episode 17 Recap!

Go Go Squid Episode 17 Recap Highlights:

  • Tong Nian faces off against a love rival
  • Su Cheng and Solo discuss Xiao Ai’s future
  • Tong Nian spends more time with Han Shang Yan, making fellow Solo members jealous

So without further adieu, let’s jump right into the Go Go Squid Episode 17 recap!

Tong Nian and Appledog Have a Chat

After knowing that Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan are 10 years apart in age gap, Ai Qing (Appledog) assumes that she is not a previous fan of Han Shang Yan.

But Tong Nian explains that now she’s become acquainted with him, she’s now a fan.


Tong Nian asks for stories about Han Shang Yan in the past.

So Ai Qing shares one about the cat they used to have back in the day. Han Shang Yan was mostly the one taking care of it and when it passed away, Han Shang Yan was devastated.

Because of this, Ai Qing and Solo were able to determine a few qualities about Han Shang Yan.

He’s super hard-working and devoted to his passion. Gets jealous easily yet gets easily excited over the smallest things just like a little kid.

Ai Qing also mentions that Han Shang Yan might have dated before so Tong Nian wonders about his first relationship.

I feel like Ai Qing is the older sister who loves to tease the future girlfriend of her younger brother. In this case, Tong Nian. (๑>ᴗ<๑)

Ai Qing pauses for a moment before answering and Tong Nian looks like she’s on pins and needles, waiting for the answer.

She tells her it’s likely her. Han Shang Yan’s first relationship is with her.

Tong Nian is super happy to hear this, but still doubts it.

However, Ai Qing continues to explain, saying that the way Han Shang Yan looks at her is very gentle and caring.

Just like when he cared for that cat of his.

So Tong Nian begins to believe it.

Ou Qiang comes over and leans on the table to look at Tong Nian more closely because he hasn’t gotten a chance to.

Tong Nian Buys Some Snacks

He starts calling her younger Sister-in-law and complains that Han Shang Yan keeps her under wraps all the time.

Preventing anyone else from getting to know her.

Tong Nian is basically set to be Han Shang Yan’s wife. I mean even Ou Qiang is calling her Younger Sister-in-law!!!! Since Tong Nian is familiar with Ai Qing, Solo, Xiao Mi AND Ou Qiang, she’s already met all of the people, Han Shang Yan is close with.

Ou Qiang tells Ai Qing that Solo is looking for her so the conversation is cut short.

But Ai Qing thinks it’s great that Han Shang Yan found someone because he’s been alone all this time.

Fighting to bring China glory.

As Tong Nian wanders around, she ends up underneath the window of the training room.

She tries to communicate to Han Shang Yan but he doesn’t understand her gestures.

And he completely misunderstands her.

A little while later, Tong Nian comes back bringing some snacks.

She sneaks over the entrance of the training and gently taps the wall of the door.

It didn’t work so she yells out his name.

Several pairs of eyes stare back at Tong Nian.

Then everyone is all oohs and ahs, as Han Shang Yan heads out of the room to talk to her.

The first thing Han Shang Yan does is to clarify to her that he doesn’t mind the intimate interactions in front of the public as he is a man.

But he’s concerned about her reputation.

Tong Nian notes that down while trying to get Han Shang Yan to sip from a coconut.

She even says “Ahh” and it’s so cute how Han Shang Yan just quietly accepts it. There’s just too much sweetness here! Be careful of getting diabetes!

Tong Nian Gets to Know Han Shang Yan’s Old Friends

While Han Shang Yan sips on the coconut, Tong Nian leans on his arm for comfort.

Making Han Shang Yan wonder what happened in the last 10 minutes or so.

Then Solo and Xiao Mi step out for a minute and see Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian standing side by side so intimately.

Meanwhile, Ou Qiang sneaks up the door and tries to listen in on their conversation.

Tong Nian gives Han Shang Yan the bags of fruits she bought for the teams but then admits she only bought one coconut.

Just for him.

Awww. Tong Nian, you are so cute! Showing Han Shang Yan that you won’t hesitate to play favorites. (* >ω<)

After Tong Nian leaves to go check out the beach, Han Shang Yan turns around to head back into the training room.

And bumps into Ou Qiang.


Who quickly bails and heads back to his seat.

Meanwhile, Tong Nian is at the beach and observing everyone who’s having a great time.

She bumps into Solo and Mi Shao Fei, the latter who introduces himself to Tong Nian.

But she admits that she’s done her research and recognizes all of them.

Mi Shao Fei admits that he’s impressed and takes off to buy drinks for all three of them.

So Solo and Tong Nian chat for a bit.

Because Tong Nian wants to understand Han Shang Yan a little bit more.

She finds out that Solo and Han Shang Yan met through the internet.

Then the two of them decided to meet up in person.

So Solo explains that to understand Han Shang Yan, you can’t use a regular way of thinking.

And Tong Nian agrees, saying he’s sometimes odd. But she still likes him anyway.

Tong Nian and Zhou Shan

Mi Shao Fei finally comes back with a bucket of ice and wine.

But before Tong Nian can drink some, Han Shang Yan interrupts and drinks it for her.

Knowing that Tong Nian is not great with alcohol.

Before leaving with Tong Nian, Han Shang Yan tells Mi Shao Fei that they should have a quick chat when he’s free.

Mi Shao Fei agrees.

Later in the day, Tong Nian is sitting by herself, contemplating about what to do.

But she knows Han Shang Yan is busy so she cannot bother him.

Just then, Zhou Shan shows up and tells her to grab lunch with her.

Uh oh, is this the prelude to a cat fight?

They end up at a well known seafood restaurant.

Meanwhile, Han Shang Yan meets up with Mi Shao Fei for a quick chat.


Han Shang Yan gets to the point and asks Mi Shao Fei to come to K&K.

But Mi Shao Fei refuses, saying that he feels bad having to refuse him several times.

Besides, he doesn’t think he’s good enough because his results haven’t been that great lately.

Mi Shao Fei, you don’t think you’re that great? Why are you degrading yourself before you give yourself a chance? Sigh.

So with that said, Mi Shao Fei leaves and Han Shang Yan gives up trying to convince him.

A little while later, Han Shang Yan notices that Tong Nian’s location is a little far from the hotel so he asks a hotel staff on how to get there.

At the seafood restaurant, Zhou Shan is acting like a great host, offering Tong Nian plenty of seafood to eat.

So Tong Nian begins to eat but notices that Zhou Shan is just staring at her.

Tong Nian is Questioned by Zhou Shan

When she asks if Zhou Shan has questions for her, Zhou Shan starts with how it’s strange that “her” Shang Yan has someone next to him.

Since when did Han Shang Yan become yours, Zhou Shan?

Tong Nian states explicitly that Han Shang Yan is her boyfriend.


Zhou Shan tries to intimidate Tong Nian since Tong Nian looks young.

But Tong Nian isn’t fazed at all.

She continues to eat while Zhou Shan explains how she was a fan early on and if she got to know him earlier, Han Shang Yan wouldn’t have retired.

Zhou Shan also brags that if she helps him out, Han Shang Yan could become the world’s number one in less than 3 years.

Then continuing to ramble on how Han Shang Yan needs a woman who can support his profession.

Han Shang Yan shows up in the background and is amused to see how Tong Nian defends herself.

The latter who suddenly exclaims that there are several flies buzzing around.

You show her, Tong Nian! She’s just an old lady compared to you. Hahaha

Han Shang Yan can’t take it anymore when Zhou Shan mentions how Tong Nian is unsuitable for him.

And takes a seat next to Tong Nian.

He turns Tong Nian’s seat around so it’s directly facing him, making Zhou Shan feel like a third wheel.

Then Han Shang Yan chats while facing Tong Nian, completely ignoring Zhou Shan.

Tong Nian follows along with his scheme as well. Until Zhou Shan has had enough and uses an excuse to leave.

Nice tag teaming!

Su Cheng and Solo Discuss Xiao Ai’s Future

Su Cheng and Solo secretly meet up at the beach to discuss about Xiao Ai.

She pleads with Solo how she wants to take care of Xiao Ai from now on.

Telling him that girls have a lot of body changes that will be difficult to speak to their dads about.

So Solo asks for more time to think about it and takes off.

Later on Mi Shao Fei surprises Solo when Solo is frustrated about Xiao Ai’s situation.

But Solo makes time for him.

Mi Shao Fei reveals that he’s not happy with how things are turning out but he will keep fighting.

Because he’s not the type of person to run away when things get tough.

Meanwhile Han Shang Yan explores an aquarium with Tong Nian while explaining Xiao Ai’s circumstances.

She was born after Su Cheng and Solo split up so at the time Solo wasn’t even aware of her existence.

Until Su Cheng came knocking on his door as a last resort. Su Cheng couldn’t afford to raise Xiao Ai so she gave her up to Solo.

Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan Get Closer Together

It’s rare for Han Shang Yan to have some spare time so he takes Tong Nian exploring.

Watching whales and even playing with belugas.

After a long day of exploring, Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian are back in his room.

Han Shang Yan’s taking a nap while Tong Nian gets a message from her friend/roommate Yaya.

Asking if she’s in Sanya with her boyfriend.

Then when Tong Nian admits it, Yaya tells her that it’s late and she can’t be in the same room as him.

Yaya is like an older sister lecturing the young one. Yaya is my favorite character!

Han Shang Yan then wakes up and tells her he will be stuck in the training room all day tomorrow and asks if she will be okay alone.

Tong Nian tells him she will be fine.

And then to her surprise, Han Shang Yan gives her a key card to his room.

Before Tong Nian takes off for the night.

The next day, Han Shang Yan stares at his phone, seeing the location for Tong Nian never changing.

Wondering what she could possibly be doing.

After hearing some suggestions from Ling Shan, Han Shang Yan worries and takes off to check on her.

But instead of knocking on her door, he calls her using the phone in his hotel room.

They agree to meet up again to hang out. But prep themselves before doing so.

Checking their looks and expressions in the mirror.

(⌒▽⌒)These two are so funny!

The two of them hang out for a bit before Han Shang Yan invites Tong Nian to accompany the K&K team in the internet training room.

Then, later that night, Wu Bai has an important question for Han Shang Yan.

K&K Trains on the Beach

He wants to know if Han Shang Yan wishes for K&K to win the championship or SP.

Because Wu Bai hopes that every decision Han Shang Yan makes is for the well-being of K&K.

And not affected by prior bonds and friendships.

Han Shang Yan assures him that he will make wise decisions.

The next morning, Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan observe Team K&K as they run along the beach.

Because being fit and healthy is important for competitions.

Even Tong Nian admitted that she only realized it when started to feel sick.

Back in the training room, Han Shang Yan lectures Grunt, Demo and Ling Shan when they start chit-chatting.

And Tong Nian is in the room as well, working on a special program for Han Shang Yan.

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Ahhhh there were so many cute Tong Nian x Han Shang Yan moments! What was your favorite? I loved the part when Tong Nian was standing up against Zhou Shan without Han Shang Yan’s help.

But it was awesome to have him help her.

Mi Shao Fei is struggling and his friends are trying to help him out, what will happen to him. Will he retire as well? But then Ou Qiang will be the only competitor left from Team Solo.

I’m also very conflicted on Su Cheng and Solo’s matter. One is the mother and the other is the one who raised Xiao Ai while struggling to make it work. She does have the right but then Solo was always there even though he didn’t realize Xiao Ai’s existence until later.

What are your thoughts on this episode? And what did you think about this Go Go Squid Episode 17 recap? Leave a comment below!

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