Go Go Squid Episode 18 Recap

Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian were so cute in the last episode and are definitely getting closer. What do we have in store in Go Go Squid Episode 18 recap?

Read more to find out!

Go Go Squid Episode 18 Recap Highlights:

  • Tong Nian spends more time with Han Shang Yan and finds out one of his weaknesses
  • K&K and SP have a friendly practice match for training purposes
  • Yaya is concerned that her best friend met someone shady

Will we see more fluffy, cavity inducing moments in this episode? Let’s find out in Go Go Squid Episode 18 recap!

Ling Shan Finds Out How Tong Nian Met Han Shang Yan

In the training/internet room, Ling Shan gets up from his desk, stretching his body out after a long duration of sitting down.

He tells Han Shang Yan that he’s done with his training for now and wants to take a break.

So he heads over to where Tong Nian is sitting.

Then noticing that she brought her laptop along.

Ling Shan makes some small talk, asking if Tong Nian has been to internet cafes before and then finding out that she and Han Shang Yan met at an internet cafe.


So he leans in to hear some additional details.

But Han Shang Yan comes over and threatens to have Ling Shan retire from the industry.

Causing Ling Shan to bolt back to his desk.

Is Han Shang Yan embarrassed to share how he met Tong Nian? (⌒▽⌒)

Han Shang Yan then stares at Tong Nian, making the latter self-conscious of the hat she’s wearing.

Explaining that she didn’t have enough time this morning to fix her hair before showing up today.

Leaning even closer, Han Shang Yan doesn’t say anything but Tong Nian is under the impression that there’s something in her eyes (like eye wax or something) and escapes to head to the restroom.

Han Shang Yan smirks, thinking that it’s fun to tease Tong Nian.

But on the way out, Tong Nian sees Zhou Shan coming in.

And the two women ignore each other.

But when Tong Nian realizes that Zhou Shan will be alone with Han Shang Yan, she rushes back to her former desk.

Where Han Shang Yan is sitting now, taking a sip of water and nearly choking on it when Tong Nian comes back all of a sudden.

Wu Bai is amused seeing all of this.

Han Shang Yan is Amused By Someone’s Jealously

Tong Nian glares at Zhou Shan from her position and pouts when Han Shang Yan glances at Zhou Shan for just a bit.

Tong Nian is like shoo Zhou Shan, Han Shang Yan is MY MAN. Go away! I think Han Shang Yan is secretly happy to see Tong Nian jealous and drinking vinegar.

When Han Shang Yan realizes the situation, he tells Tong Nian that Zhou Shan will be here for several hours, will Tong Nian keep glaring at her the whole time?

A little worried, Tong Nian questions Han Shang Yan and wonders if Zhou Shan will always be around him.

And for how long?

Han Shang Yan tells Tong Nian that Zhou Shan will be around for about a week.


Then Tong Nian worries because she’ll be leaving him soon to get back to school.

And Han Shang Yan continues to tease her, causing Tong Nian to shout out loudly.

While Wu Bai chuckles knowing his brother is just teasing her for fun.

Han Shang Yan doesn’t do this to anyone else though. It seems like he only teases people he cares about.

The day continues and both Han Shang Yan and Zhou Shan are observing the players and making notes of their observations.

Tong Nian has left the room and Han Shang Yan finds her outside lounging in a patio area.

Tong Nian Shares Her Industry With Han Shang Yan

She shares some of what she does in her industry to Han Shang Yan who is unfamiliar with her field.

Like facial recognization for analyzing and cracking down old cases.

Even if a criminal goes into hiding, changes their appearance and name, the facial recognization can still recognize them.

Because computers will look deeper using the information they have and not get deceived by the outer appearance.

Amazing right?

So Tong Nian asks for a praise and Han Shang Yan pats her head.

Then she also asks for a reward.

She wants to watch Han Shang Yan’s skills in action.

Han Shang Yan tells her to follow him back to the training room.

Asking Demo to yield his seat, Han Shang Yan tells Ling Shan to start a match.

And Tong Nian gets to watch him in action, wondering if he was like this back in the day.

Based on everyone’s reaction, it’s probably rare for Han Shang Yan to demonstrate his skills.

The match is on and both parties type furiously on the keyboard.

It becomes obvious that Han Shang Yan is winning when Ling Shan shows an expression of helplessness.

The moments later when Ling Shan takes off his headphones in defeat, Grunt complains why he couldn’t endure a few more seconds.

The experience was eye-opening for Ling Shan.

Tong Nian is very happy that she was able to see Han Shang Yan in action.

Thinking to herself that if the latter didn’t retire he would still be number one today.

Han Shang Yan Mother Hen Mode Activated

Later that night, K&K is eating dinner and Tong Nian is nearby sitting and waiting for someone.

Grunt and Ling Shan wonder why she’s not eating and brings over additional side dishes for her to eat.

Poor K&K, the team mostly survives on pre-made meals which is probably not that healthy. Every minute counts though because you need more time for training.

Then group leaves for practice and Han Shang Yan comes back with some coffee.

They eat together but Han Shang Yan passes some more food to Tong Nian.

Who worries she will burst.


I’m getting a sense of deja vu. Remember episode 7? Han Shang Yan kept on piling food onto Tong Nian’s plate.

Team K&K vs Team SP Practice Matches

It’s time to show the fruits of their labor.

Zhou Shan explains how the match outcome will determine their ranking.

But Han Shang Yan tells his team that he’s doesn’t care much for ranking.

Matches will be determined by a random drawing and Solo allows K&K to pick first.

So each K&K member picks their opponent.

Mi Shao Fei ends up facing Wu Bai.

Why does Mi Shao Fei get so unlucky? Always ending up facing strong opponents T_T

And Demo ends up facing Ou Qiang.

The results are as follows: Demo, One and Ling Shang lose but Wu Bai and Grunt were able to win.

Later that day, Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian are hanging out at the pool, enjoying some time off to relax.

The K&K team swings by and intends to go play at the pool but Han Shang Yan orders them to perform 50 pushups before doing so.

While asking Tong Nian to continue sharing her field applications. She starts telling him about Zheng Hui’s focus.

In the medical field.

It’s like the King & Queen are discussing important matters while the minions are enacting punishments amongst themselves. (* >ω<)

Zheng Hui and her built an application that would help diagnose certain illnesses to speed up the efficiency of taking care of patients.

But the hospital at the time wasn’t interested, so they asked them to compete with another competitor.

Ultimately, Tong Nian and Zheng Hui won while also discovering some misdiagnoses.

Which goes to show that software applications can be really beneficial. Especially in the medical industry.

They are really suited for each other because they are both in similar industries. And I like the fact that Han Shang Yan is slowly getting to know her and her field.

Spending More Time Together

In the evening, Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan are in the same room but are working on different things.

Tong Nian shows she cannot occupy too much of Han Shang Yan’s time but is more than happy to stay by his side.

Han Shang Yan ends up sharing the sounds he listens to for staying focused when he’s working.

By letting Tong Nian borrow the headphones.

Then a little while later, Tong Nian ends up falling asleep and Han Shang Yan looks at her fondly.

Even tempted to gently caress her face.

Oh my goodness, Han Shang Yan has definitely fallen for her. Tong Nian has already wormed into his heart.

Tong Nian wakes up though and is embarrassed to have fallen asleep in front of him.

Han Shang Yan admits that Tong Nian is a bit different than what he originally imagined.

Tong Nian looks worried and asks if she’s different in a good way or a bad way.

Han Shang Yan doesn’t answer and changes the topic, asking her if she wants to sleep or head out somewhere.

He wants to take the K&K team somewhere because he feels bad having them cooped up in training all day.

Han Shang Yan’s Feelings

On the way there, everyone falls asleep in the bus. Including Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan.

Look how cute they are!

When the everyone arrives at the location spot, it’s a beautiful scenery. But almost everyone knows that Han Shang Yan has a fear of heights.

As all of the K&K team is gathered around, Han Shang Yan tells them that today’s training is self-training.

To his surprise, Ling Shan talks back in anger, saying how they haven’t had rest in a while and if they keep up this harsh training, they may break.

One cuts in and tells Ling Shan to calm down.

Once Ling Shan does, Han Shang Yan gives him a hard look before he shares his thoughts about how Ling Shan was before.

Then explains that when he said self-training, he meant that they can do whatever they want to relax.

Han Shang Yan is not holding a whip to push them forward but he also wants them to remember that to be successful in this field, this industry, you have to work HARD.

He then disperses then to do whatever they want.

Tong Nian comforts him saying that his team members are still young and still have much to learn.

But then Han Shang Yan retorts that she’s not that much older than them either.

Tong Nian later reveals what she’s been working on for the past two nights: a game for Han Shang Yan to play when he’s bored.

The latter is so touched that he stares at her for a moment before attempting to lean in for a kiss.

Only to get interrupted by the members of K&K.

Calling out to Han Shang Yan because one of them is purposely shaking a bridge and scaring the other members.

Tong Nian Finds Out Han Shang Yan’s Weakness

The two of them then awkwardly compose themselves as if that half attempt at a kiss didn’t happen.

Tong Nian suggests they join the group and go on the bridge.

Han Shang Yan reluctantly agrees.

Tong Nian comments how high up they are as she starts to cross the bridge with Han Shang Yan at a snail’s pace.

The latter graciously suggests to her to stop crossing the bridge if she’s afraid of heights.

But Tong Nian shakes her head and tells him she’s not afraid of heights.

Han Shang Yan, it’s okay to admit that you have something to be afraid of.

She then guesses that Han Shang Yan might be afraid of heights so she tells him that they can stop.

However, Han Shang Yan scoffs, refusing to admit it.

But he struggles to cross the bridge one step at a time.

Tong Nian really wants to cross the bridge together because legend has that it that when couples cross the bridge together.

They will be together forever.

Han Shang Yan refuses to budge.

Which confirms that he is afraid of heights.

Tong Nian shouts it out loud for everyone to hear.

The two of them struggle with Han Shang Yan refusing to budge and Tong Nian tugging for him to cross the bridge.

Eventually, Han Shang Yan runs back the opposite way to get off the bridge even though he was walking so slow to get on the bridge.

Tong Nian’s Trip Ends

The trip is over and it’s time for Tong Nian to head back to school.

Han Shang Yan is unable to personally drop her off at the airport since he has to supervise additional training.

So Tong Nian grabs a taxi instead. As they say their goodbyes, Tong Nian requests a souvenir.

In the form of clothes. She wants to get a copy of the K&K team shirt.

But instead, Han Shang Yan gives her his hoodie to get it washed.

As always, Han Shang Yan is not honest. Hahahaha.

When Tong Nian gets back to her dorm room, Yaya notices that Tong Nian brought back a guy’s hoodie and wonders if she’s been tricked.

To go to Sanya and then have “that” done to her (aka losing her virginity).

But Tong Nian shakes her head and vehemently disagrees.

So Yaya wants her to confess everything about the guy she’s seeing.

Like how old is he.

Yaya is surprised by the age gap. Then asks where they first met.

Tong Nian answers that it was through an internet cafe. And tries to explain that they were seeing each other, then broke up and then got back together and then broke up again.

Making Yaya super confused as she thinks about the sequence of events.


Then Yaya realizes that all this time, Tong Nian’s been struggling with ONE guy in a relationship.

Continuing her interrogation, Yaya asks about the profession of the guy she’s dating.

As long as he isn’t someone who has nothing to do and lingers at the internet cafe all day.

But Tong Nian doesn’t clarify as she takes off.

So Yaya’s mind begins to imagine the worst.

Zhou Shan Is Back Again

Back in Sanya, Zhou Shan calls out to Han Shang Yan who jerks his head up from resting on a bar counter.

She thinks he’s getting a cold so brings out a box of herbal flu medicine and comments how she heard that Solo used to bring this all the time.

On team outings, just in case.

Then Zhou Shan continues to ramble, commenting how Han Shang Yan is exhausted from having to accompany a little girl for a girlfriend.

Han Shang Yan cuts in and argues back, mentioning that he’s not feeling well because he misses Tong Nian already.

And she can’t relate because it’s been awhile since she dated.


Oooooh BURN. Nice one, Han Shang Yan!

Oh and if she starts dating, she’ll realize that being with someone she likes will invigorate her instead of being exhausted.

Han Shang Yan then bluntly tells her to stop wasting time and effort on him and abruptly leaves.

Yaya’s Doubts

Back in Shanghai, Yaya wonders what Tong Nian is looking at.

When it’s revealed that it’s related to CTF, Yaya comments that she interested in that industry.

But Yaya thinks it’s odd that Tong Nian is suddenly into this. Wondering if it’s because of that older boyfriend.

Tong Nian tries to explain that her boyfriend is one of the best in the industry but Yaya scoffs, thinking it’s completely BS.

Worrying that Tong Nian has been tricked.

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I feel like out of all the episode recaps I’ve done so far, this one has the most fluffiest moments! Han Shang Yan has fallen! I repeat he has fallen!

Before he said that he didn’t have time for relationships but he realizes now that it doesn’t take much for Tong Nian to be happy. She’s fine just being near him and doesn’t pester him like *cough* Zhou Shan or his fans. Maybe that’s why he said that she was “different”?

Tong Nian is considerate, supporting and best of all she understands and can relate to his industry and profession. I’m sure Han Shang Yan has been struggling all this time to show people that what he does is BIG and important.

Hopefully, his close family can understand one day too. What did you think of this Go Go Squid Episode 18 recap? Are you eagerly waiting for more fluffy moments? I know I am!

Leave a comment below if you have thoughts about this Go Go Squid Episode 18 recap!

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