Go Go Squid Episode 19 Recap

Aaand we’re back for another episode of Go Go Squid! Han Shang Yan, the ice block is melting and has fallen for our lovely Tong Nian. Let’s see what else is in store in Go Go Squid Episode 19 recap!

Go Go Squid Episode 19 Recap Highlights:

  • Yaya is concerned about Tong Nian’s love life so she joins her online to chat with K&K
  • Han Shang Yan gets sick in Sanya
  • Yaya gets the surprise of her life

We might have another potential ship here and I’m super excited to write about it! Let’s jump right into the Go Go Squid Episode 19 Recap!

Yaya Plays Detective

Yaya explains to Tong Nian that there are just about 20 people in the world that can dub themselves as experts in this industry.

Most of them are in Europe but there are a few in China. Because back in the day, when the industry was fairly young, there were several individuals who helped spur the growth of this industry.

Tong Nian brings up Team Solo and Yaya nods with fervor. Yaya idolizes team Solo and wishes she could meet them in this lifetime.

So Tong Nian tells her that her boyfriend is Gun (aka Han Shang Yan). Yaya is highly skeptical thinking that out of all people, this suspicious boyfriend can imitate, he just had to pick Gun.

Yaya nervously laughs and calms herself down. She knows that Tong Nian is only good at studying and nothing else.

So she’s not surprised that Tong Nian was deceived that easily.


Then Yaya asks Tong Nian when she plans on meeting this Han Shang Yan online.

Because she wants to make this middle-aged uncle reveal his true colors.

Oh Yaya, I love how protective you are of Tong Nian! But do you really think Tong Nian will fall in love with a middle-aged uncle? Have some confidence in her, Yaya!

9pm is when everything will be revealed.

Later that night in Sanya, Grunt, 97 and Demo are hanging out in the same room.

Demo worries that he’s going to be cut from the team soon because his results haven’t been that great lately.

But 97 tells him not to worry and lets him listen to some music.

Even Grunt chimes in, saying that compared to Han Shang Yan, everyone else’s progress is not moving forward, but backwards instead.

Then teases Demo a bit.

Yaya Meets the K&K Team

Just then, all three of them hear a chime on their computers.

Wondering if that’s the notification that their Sister-in-law is now online.

In a chat room, Grunt invites Tong Nian.

Who then invites Yaya as well.

Yaya is super eager to expose these fakes but then changes her expression.

Because she sees the game IDs of Grunt, Demo, 97 and recognizes who they are.

Shocked, Yaya reads the IDs out loud but Tong Nian just nods her head in confirmation.

Then Tong Nian reminds Yaya to help her out with the game because she’s really bad at gaming.

However, Yaya mumbles in a small voice that when compared to these guys (Grunt, 97, Demo) anyone will look “bad”.

Tong Nian asks those guys if her friend can play with them and Grunt makes a flirty comment.

Saying that it’s no problem as long as she’s pretty.


97 points out the mic option and asks Tong Nian to open the mic channel.

After greeting Grunt, 97 and Demo, Tong Nian introduces Yaya and brags about how good she is with gaming.

But Yaya feels like her skills are nothing compared to them.

And Yaya sounds super nervous when she addresses them over the mic.

Being friends with Tong Nian has it’s perks, haha. I’m sure what Yaya feels right now is similar to how someone feels when they are meeting their idols in real life.

But she wants confirmation so she asks if these guys are really K&K. Grunt admits they are indeed K&K for now until the day comes when SP offers them more money to switch over.

Yaya nervously laughs in response.

Moments later, Han Shang Yan shows up and he lectures his team why they opened the mic line.

Han Shang Yan Teaches Tong Nian How to Play Storm of Chambers

Is he jealous that he has to share Tong Nian with his team? I guess I’m not the only one guessing it because Grunt mumbles it as well.

97 makes an excuse saying that Sister-in-law wanted to introduce a girlfriend to him.

Tong Nian is confused and asked Yaya if she mentioned that.

Intimidated by Han Shang Yan’s glare, Grunt, 97 and Demo shut off the mic line while Han Shang Yan logs into the game.

There is enough proof now and Yaya is thoroughly convinced that Han Shang Yan is Tong Nian’s boyfriend.

But Yaya can’t help commenting how she thought Appledog and Solo were an item with Han Shang Yan as the third wheel.

Hmm looks like this rumor traveled very far. Didn’t Lan Mei’s husband also speak about that rumor?

Tong Nian tells her to stop spreading this false rumor and to bring justice open others who dare to do so.

Yaya tells her that she can count on her.

But Yaya also teases her saying that everyone thought Han Shang Yan’s girlfriend would compete as well.

Yet the opposite happened. Because Han Shang Yan doesn’t care if his girlfriend is in this industry.

Before the game starts, Yaya wonders why Tong Nian is just using a dagger as a weapon.

Tong Nian is convinced it’s a high level of playing.

In the game scene

I’m pretty sure Han Shang Yan just wants you to start from the basics Tong Nian. (๑>ᴗ<๑)

They play for a bit but it’s mostly Tong Nian practicing the controls.

She spends a good amount of timing understanding the controls but Han Shang Yan teases her, saying that he doesn’t expect her to master them.

Yaya Idolizes Team Solo

A little while later, Tong Nian finishes playing and takes a break. Yaya takes this opportunity to question her about her relationship with Han Shang Yan.

How did they meet, etc.

But Tong Nian argues that she’s already told Yaya this.

After teasing Tong Nian, Yaya reveals why she idolizes Team Solo. She knew them when she was in high school and struggling with her own issues.

It’s because Team Solo kept struggling and never gave up on their dreams. They persevered when no one believed in them.

And since she saw how much they were struggling, she didn’t want to give up either.

That’s why she likes Team Solo so much.

Yaya also reveals how everyone cried when Team Solo disbanded and she admits she cried too.

Then she changes the topic and asks for the details of Tong Nian’s relationship with Han Shang Yan.

The night ends with a lot of laughter and teasing.

But Yaya is Mi Shao Fei’s biggest fan and is envious that Tong Nian got to meet him in person.

Tong Nian Asks for a Favor

While Han Shang Yan is in bed, waiting for an IV drip to finish, he gets a message from Tong Nian.

Asking for a favor.

A little while later, Han Shang Yan is seen meeting up with Mi Shao Fei.

Knowing that Yaya is Mi Shao Fei’s biggest fan, I think Tong Nian will help the two of them meet.

He asks Mi Shao Fei for a favor and Mi Shao Fei is curious to see what he could possibly help out with.

And it turns out to be a favor from Tong Nian.

Back over at the K&K headquarters, Su Cheng is rushing out the door and comes across a cleaning person on the way out.

She asks her to help tidy some documents while she goes to dinner with her daughter.

At the same time, Solo is at a school and picks up his daughter. Who is excited to see him.

But not excited to hear that they are on their way to eat dinner with her mother.

So she pleads with her father that she will work on her homework while he’s at the office working.

Solo gives in and tells Su Cheng that they can’t make it.

Poor Su Cheng, it’s tough for a mother to reconnect with an estranged daughter. T_T

At SP headquarters, Solo gets invited to a meeting room to discuss Mi Shao Fei’s progress.


Solo tries to stand up for his old friend but he’s pressured to look at the documents prepared for Mi Shao Fei.

A Surprise Visit from Han Shang Yan

The organizer for the previous singing competition sees Tong Nian arrive and holds an umbrella for her as she gets out of a taxi.

She’s almost late for the signing event.

The organizer comments that both Lan Mei and her have a ton of fans before mentioning that he wants to invite Lan Mei for coffee later.

Then asks if she wants to join them.

Guess this guy didn’t heed Solo’s advice about staying away from Tong Nian and protecting his life.

Tong Nian delays her answer as there are a ton of fans waiting for signatures.

Once she meets up with Lan Mei towards the front, she gets ready to sign for the fans.

Most of the signatures are for the CDs but a few guys ask Tong Nian to sign on their shirts.

Then Han Shang Yan shows up, surprising Tong Nian. He lectures her for signing on a guys shirt but in a teasing way.

Is he jealous??

Han Shang Yan then tells her he’ll be around, waiting for her after she’s done signing.

After he leaves, Lan Mei gushes with admiration, commenting that it’s no wonder Han Shang Yan is her husband’s idol.

Han Shang Yan greets the organizer and during their brief chat, he subtly hints to him that Tong Nian and him are an item.

And the organizer excuses himself for a moment.

Once the signing is done, Tong Nian packs up and says goodbye to Lan Mei and the organizer on her way out.

While also telling the organizer that she won’t be able to drink coffee with him.

Han Shang Yan raises an eyebrow at this but the organizer comes over to explain and diffuse the situation.

The organizer saved himself from a close call.

Yaya Gets A Surprise Visit

I’m kinda curious to see what Han Shang Yan would do if he knew the organizer was pursuing Tong Nian. Given his reputation of being dangerous. Haha.

At school, Yaya refuses an invite from a male classmate to the movie theaters but he’s persistent.

Until Yaya gives him a glare.

She continues working on some assignments until a hand taps her shoulder.

Yaya ignores it and the hand taps again.

By the third tap, Mi Shao Fei attempts to get her attention.

But Yaya is frustrated and turns around abruptly to yell at the intruder.

And is shocked to see Mi Shao Fei sitting right behind her.


Tong Nian really did ask Han Shang Yan to invite Mi Shao Fei to visit Yaya.

Yaya’s attitude does a complete 180 and she can’t contain her excitement.

She’s so happy that she follows Mi Shao Fei wherever he goes in a daze.

Then they meet up with Tong Nian and Yaya is bouncing with joy.

It’s the best day of her life.

Tong Nian then introduces her to Han Shang Yan & Ou Qiang who are waiting nearby.

The group is planning to head out to celebrate and invites Yaya to come along.

The latter believes she’s used up the luck of this lifetime to be able to meet them.

Mi Shao Fei is surprised to see he has a fan because he doesn’t think he’s as great as Solo and Han Shang Yan? Oh come on, have some confidence Xiao Mi!

Han Shang Yan Gets a Little Mischievous

The whole group ends up at Han Shang Yan’s house.

Yaya, Mi Shao Fei and Ou Qiang are lounging on the living room couch while Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian are in the kitchen.

Yaya comments that the group would be even better if they had Solo here as well.

But Ou Qiang lounges over to quickly tell her that name is taboo while also noticing Mi Shao Fei telling her to shuffle over.

Away from Ou Qiang.

The latter who pretends to be offended.

Ou Qiang threatens to tell Yaya all of Mi Shao Fei’s embarrassing stories.

And Mi Shao Fei tackles him in response.

The group acts like a bunch of kids even though they are much older now. Still young at heart. (ᗒᗨᗕ)

In the kitchen, Tong Nian attempts to brew some tea but Han Shang Yan threatens to kiss her in public if she tries to.

Leaning in a little closer, Tong Nian then bolts away with a smile on her face.

These two are soooo cute!!! Is the same Han Shang Yan?

And Han Shang Yan smirks to himself in amusement.

Meanwhile, Mi Shao Fei is at the rooftop observing the scenery and Yaya joins him.

She wants to ask him a question that everyone in the Mi Shao Fei fan group wanted to ask.

They wanted to know where he went after he suddenly retired.

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I’m totally shipping Yaya and Mi Shao Fei! I feel like they could be a great couple and it’s super cute how Yaya acts around him.

Mi Shao Fei has doubts about himself that Yaya could help pacify because she’s been a fan for ages!

Tong Nian is such a great friend for organizing the meet and greet of Yaya and Mi Shao Fei. Yaya didn’t need to wait a lifetime because she is fortunate to have a great friend.

Han Shang Yan is so natural with his flirting and teasing and it looks like in no time at all, we might be seeing a kiss soon!

As for Su Cheng and Solo’s matter, it’s a tough decision. One raised the daughter while the other is the mother who gave birth.

Who’s right and who’s wrong? It’s not as plain as black and white. But hopefully, Xiao Ai can see that her mother does love her and is more than willing to make amends.

What are your thoughts of this episode? And of the Go Go Squid Episode 19 recap?

Leave a comment below!

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I ship it!! Hehe

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