Go Go Squid Episode 2 Recap

Below are some key highlights in this Go Go Squid Episode 2 recap!

Did you guys love the meeting between Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian?

Well I certainly did because I ended up watching Go Go Squid Episode 2!

Go Go Squid Episode 2 Recap Highlights:

  • Bits and pieces of the ML’s past is revealed with past acquaintances
  • FL attempts different ways to contact ML
  • Dou Nan showcases his support in helping the FL

Will we find out the mysteries between Han Shang Yan and SP?

Check out my Go Go Squid Episode 2 Recap!

In the last episode, we left off where Han Shang Yan and Mi Shao Fei are in a restaurant waiting for other acquaintances.

One turns up and is Ou Qiang or codename: All.

Who’s apparently part of team SP.

But he’s not alone.

We get introduced to Wang Hao, codename: Solo.


The moment Wang Hao shows up, there’s this underlying tension between Shang Yan and Wang Hao.

As if there’s something lingering issues from the past that haven’t been cleared.

Shang Yan feels uncomfortable and says he needs to leave. He brushes past Wang Hao while Ou Qiang calls out to him trying to get him to stay.

Since Wang Hao is SP’s representative then him and Shang Yan are on opposing teams.

Is that the betrayal causing the misunderstandings between the two?

Reconnecting with Mi Shao Fei

While nothing can be done about Shang Yan for now, Wang Hao reveals a bottle of alcohol to which Shao Fei eyes with delight.

It’s most likely his favorite alcohol.

But Wang Hao says he’s here for official business.

Shao Fei states that if Ou Qiang and Wang Hao gave him a heads up that they were coming, he could have prepared Shang Yan ahead of time.

Ou Qiang comments that it wouldn’t work.

Considering how temperamental Shang Yan is with his terrible temper.

Ou Qiang says it’s no use!

But Shao Fei wonders why the two of are here and asks if it’s company related.

To his surprise, Ou Qiang and Wang Hao answer differently. One says yes and the latter says no.

With some consideration, Wang Hao changes his answer to agree with Ou Qiang.

They are indeed here for something related to work.

Wang Hao wants Mi Shao Fei to join SP.

Funny how Han Shang Yan also wanted to recruit Mi Shao Fei.

Since Shao Fei rejected Shang Yan’s offer, he tells Wang Hao that he will reject his offer as well.

Oh but Wang Hao throws in another tidbit that Ai Qing has also joined SP.

Old Acquaintances in Team SP

A quick flashback to half a year ago.

Wang Hao picks up Ai Qing from the airport. He was surprised that she accepted his offer to come to SP.

Ai Qing reveals that even though she’s been working in the tech industry, she misses the environment of hacking competitions.

And she wants go back to those times.

But there are some things you can’t go back to. Like how they were together romantically.

Because some things weren’t meant to be.

I wonder what caused Ai Qing and Wang Hao to break up? Another backstory to be revealed.

So when Wang Hao asked her what her plans were, she revealed that she wanted to bring Ou Qiang and Shao Mi (Shao Fei’s nickname) back to the game.

She wants to bring the old team back together again.

Just like old times.

Wang Hao gives her the old fist-pump and then hugs her as the flashback ends.

But What About Han Shang Yan?

So Wang Hao tells Shao Mi that he’s the only one left not in SP.

If he joins then Ai Qing will have a pleasant surprise because that was one of her original goals.

But Shao Mi asks about Han Shang Yan and if the plan was to recruit him back as well.

And whether or not he knows that K&K is the team Shang Yan founded.

Wang Hao reveals that he know but refocuses the main points of discussion back to Shao Mi.

He wants to know if Shao Mi is touched and wants to return to the competitions.

Because this may be his only chance.

Since Shao Mi is not young anymore.

Shao Mi makes excuses about how it’s been awhile, and how he may not be as great as he was back then.

But Wang Hao refuses to hear these excuses.

Because he wants to know if Shao Mi wants to come back.

I can tell Shao Mi is a very passionate person and Wang Hao was able to move him.

Shao Mi tells him that he wants to come back.

The group celebrates Shao Mi’s decision with clinks of alcohol glasses.

Tensions Between Old Acquaintances

Later that night in a hotel.

Wang Hao is standing in front of a hotel room and hesitating to chime the doorbell.

Once he rings the doorbell, Shang Yan opens the door but wants to close it immediately.

Because he doesn’t want to see Wang Hao.

It’s almost childish to see the struggle between the two as the ML tries to shut the door on him and fails.

What is Shang Yan so afraid of? Or is he too hurt to face him?

Wang Hao walks into the room with a heavy expression while Shang Yan grabs a chair and sits down.

It looks like he’s pouting?

Shang Yan doesn’t offer Wang Hao a seat.

Oh wow, these guys. What happened between these two?

Wang Hao takes off his coat and sits down in the couch in front of him.

Commenting how it’s great Shang Yan was able to come back to the field and established a new team.

He also mentions that if he was aware early on that his team would be competing in Singapore, he would have met up with him early on.

But Shang Yan doesn’t seem to care.

Saying that they are rivals.

There’s definitely tension between the two as Wang Hao tries to make small talk.

Han Shang Yan & Wang Hao

But Shang Yan is having none of it. He tells Wang Hao to cut to the chase and then leave after saying what he needs to.

Ouch. I feel like Shang Yan is being a porcupine here to protect himself. How close were these two for him to keep lashing out at him?

Wang Hao tells him that Xiao Mi’s pretty much all set to join SP except for signing the contract.

But the conversation hints at what happened between the two of them.

Shang Yan says he will respect Shao Mi’s decision if that’s what he decided.

However Wang Hao is surprised that Shang Yan gives up recruiting Shao Mi that easily.

And the next line suggests what happened in the past:

I was not the one who gave up on him. He was the one who gave up on me.

The two of them share a hard look.

Shang Yan tells Wang Hao that if he doesn’t fulfill his promise to carefully tend to Shao Mi, he WILL collect his debts.

Old and new.

Wang Hao tries another attempt to make small talk but Shang Yan cuts him off so he gets up to leave.

But before he does, he tells him that it’s been 10 years and if Shang Yan was him, he would have made the same decision.

Wang Hao leaves and Shang Yan gets up from his seat to head to the washroom.

When he does, he hears loud cheers as we enter another flashback.

10 Years Ago

Team Solo: Solo, AppleDog, All, Shao Mi, Gun (from left to right)

Solo has the mic and introduces his group to the audience as Team Solo.

They are also the national champions.

The whole group takes a bow to the audience but for some reason Shang Yan doesn’t do so.

As if he’s debating about a major decision.

But then the announcer asks the MVP, Shang Yan to say a few words.

Shang Yan glances into the crowd and begins.

For the past two years and 3 months, we’ve won.

We’ve lost.

We’ve laughed.

We’ve cried.

We’ve been questioned, gossiped, defamed and blamed.

We’ve never needed to explain ourselves.

There’s no need for us to explain ourselves.

He takes a big pause before announcing his retirement and everyone is shocked.

He is retiring from Team Solo AND from the industry.

Shang Yan takes off his team ring and throw it into the audience.

The whole team runs after him and ask him to calm down and think rationally.

Questioning why he is retiring without discussing with them.

And it’s obvious it had something to do with Solo. Because Han Shang Yan faces Solo and says they were suppose to be worldwide champions but now their team is short one member.

What’s the point if someone couldn’t keep their promise?

I’m guessing Solo left the team first?

Later that evening.

The group is suppose to be celebrating their victory over dinner with drinks.

But somehow it ends up being a somber event.

Shao Mi also announces to the group that he’s retiring as well.

T_T The team is falling apart after Han Shang Yan’s announcement!

Shang Yan shows up and beats up Solo before leaving.

At the airport, Shang Yan asks Solo to promise that he will never be a team leader again.

Because even though Solo is awesome at being a team leader, he caused the breakup of Team Solo.

As the flashback ends Shang Yan narrates how he is still can’t forgive Solo/doesn’t know how to forgive Solo.

Heading Back

The next day Han Shang Yan says goodbye to Shao Mi and Ou Qiang before heading to the airport.

As he passes some alcohol around, he tells them that they can ask for his help anytime.

Because they are brothers. One day as a brother means a lifetime as brothers.

Awww I love the friendships in this show.

Back in Shanghai, China.

Tong Nian is slumped over the counter at her cousin’s internet cafe.

It seems like she’s disappointed that Han Shang Yan hasn’t come over for quite some time.

She almost mistakes someone else as him.

Her cousin, Dou Nan decides to research the game Shang Yan was playing that night.

By asking another person who plays it.

Doesn’t your family operate an internet cafe? How do you NOT know these internet games?

The game’s name is: 密室风暴 (loosely translated as Storm of Chambers).

So Dou Nan has a plan to find out Shang Yan’s game name and have Tong Nian interact with him through the game.

Tong Nian & Games

Tong Nian’s mother is concerned about how late Tong Nian has been coming home for the past 2 days.

So Tong Nian tells her it’s due to helping out at the internet cafe.

More like waiting for her love interest to show up. XD

She really wants to see Shang Yan but has a feeling he already removed his WeChat from the internet cafe subscription.

But Dou Nan shows up and says she can meet him in the game, Storm of Chambers.


Dou Nan asked his friend to lend an account ID and somehow found Han Shang Yan’s account name as well.

So they can play in the game together.

Dou Nan enters the information into the game and they find Han Shang Yan’s game name: Grunt.

With a logo of Team K&K attached to it.

Tong Nian thinks the name sounds right because his WeChat profile name is “GN.”

It’s cute how the two of them bicker about naming sense like close siblings because Dou Nan thinks there’s something wrong with her liking the name “Grunt.”

So Dou Nan gives her a brief summary on the controls and how the game works.

But before anything else, they need to send a friend request.

They wait a few hours before the friend request is actually accepted.

She’s super excited but the match request is versus so they’re enemies.

And it turns out Tong Nian is not that great with games.

Team K&K Headquarters

It turns out Grunt is Shen Zhe (the one who is the analytics guy) and not Han Shang Yan.

LOL. I predict lots of misunderstandings to come.

Grunt was super disappointed with the recent match because it was way too easy. Even though the account was a high level character account.

He takes a break to grab his ID and stops to gossip with Ling Shan about how he heard a lot of notifications on Han Shang Yan’s WeChat account.

Is Han Shang Yan dating?

Because he normally doesn’t use his WeChat account much.

Ling Shan tells him that their BigBro went to an internet cafe a while back ago and subscribed to them.

But didn’t want to remove it because it’s part of their business model so Ling Shan silenced the notifications.

Demo joins in on the conversation and thinks it’s strange.

Why would BigBro add a lame WeChat account subscription? Demo’s so cute!

He definitely thinks there’s something amiss.

Late Night Gaming

Later that night, Han Shang Yan is seen struggling to go to sleep.

He reminisces about how Team Solo used to play games as a team.

So to take his mind off things, he logs in using Grunt’s account to Storm of Chambers.

And Tong Nian is excited to see him on.

She wants to play co-op with him instead of versus.

And he agrees.

During the game she chats with him, telling him how she knows the controls better now after they played together in the afternoon.

Because she went through the manual and read up a bit.

Han Shang Yan replies with a bunch of ellipses even though Tong Nian is typing a lot.

Wu Bai notices Shang Yan is playing an internet game and comments how it’s been a while.

Noticing the chat window, he asks if Shang Yan knows the player in person.

Shang Yan thinks he is playing with a younger kid.

LOL. Tong Nian got mistaken as a kid.

There’s two other online players playing with them. And they are wondering why Tong Nian is playing so badly.

So Shang Yan steps in to explain that a newbie borrowed someone’s high-level account to play.

He tells Tong Nian to hide in a doorway until the match is over.

Several minutes later, the game ends in victory.

Shang Yan takes a break and tells Wu Bai to take over and start a new game while he takes a shower.

But he reminds him to add Tong Nian’s borrowed account character as well.

Wu Bai is baffled.

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It was hilarious to see Tong Nian and her cousin bicker like siblings when she was trying to game with Grunt.

Wang Hao’s betrayal that led Shang Yan’s retirement needs to be explained more but I’m guessing the show is saving it for later.

As right now, it’s building up on the current relationships between Shang Yan and his current team, K&K.

Tong Nian is adorable as usual being so lovesick.

Han Shang Yan is cute, taking a newbie character under his wing in the game. Such a mother hen! (✿◠‿◠)

I love the ending song as well, it’s called Milk and Bread. Super cute!

What’s your thoughts on episode 2? Did you guys like this Go Go Squid Episode 2 recap? Share a comment below!

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3 years ago

Thanks so much for the great recaps! Took a bit of a break between the first few episodes and the one I’m on now(epi. 8). Your posts have been a great refresher!

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