Go Go Squid Episode 20 Recap

Woohoo! We’re about halfway through the series. In the last episode, Mi Shao Fei has doubts and insecurities about himself but hopefully, Yaya can help him see the light! Check out this Go Go Squid Episode 20 recap!

Go Go Squid Episode 20 Recap Highlights:

  • Mi Shao Fei shares his feelings with Yaya who reveals to him that he does in fact have a fan base
  • Tong Nian’s mom reveals to her relative that Tong Nian has broken up with Han Shang Yan
  • Zheng Hui needs to ask an important favor of Tong Nian

Anyone else shipping Yaya and Mi Shao Fei? I think they are very compatible! Let’s jump right into the Go Go Squid Episode 20 recap!

Yaya Tells Mi Shao Fei About His Fans

When Yaya asked about Mi Shao Fei’s whereabouts after he left Team Solo, Mi Shao Fei gets quiet all of a sudden.

So Yaya tells him that it’s okay if he doesn’t want to share.

Thinking it’s a sensitive topic.

But Mi Shao Fei ends up revealing it. Telling her that he went back home to handle a grocery store business.

Because similar to Han Shang Yan, he didn’t see the point of staying in Team Solo if the team was going to disband.

Yaya listens to Mi Shao Fei’s thoughts and feelings with an open mind.

A little while later, Mi Shao Fei wants to change the topic because talking about his past is too depressing.

And Yaya gets nervous again, revealing that speaking to someone she really admires as a devoted fan makes her nervous.

Mi Shao Fei almost got the wrong impression though because it never occurred to him that people would like him.

It seems like he’s always been in Solo and Han Shang Yan’s shadow.

So he has doubts about his own capabilities.

Yaya passionately tries to convince Mi Shao Fei that he DOES have a fan base (even though it’s not as large as Han Shang Yan’s) and shows it to him on her phone.

How one fan buys a cake every year on behalf of him and eats it.

And how another takes his photo with her everywhere and takes selfies with it wherever she goes.

Oh and another has written at least a thousand letters to him but never mailed it out.

Group Picnic

Poor Mi Shao Fei, it must be tough on him to be friends with Han Shang Yan and Solo who are so capable. But it’s okay, there’s a lot of people who like Mi Shao Fei just as he is. Hope he can see that!

It seems like Mi Shao Fei feels a little bit better about himself afterwards.

The group plays a racing game and it’s currently Mi Shao Fei versus Han Shang Yan.

Everyone else is cheering for their respective groups but Ou Qiang is pushing for Mi Shao Fei to beat Han Shang Yan.

But on the last lap, Han Shang Yan wins.

Ou Qiang complains that Mi Shao Fei didn’t try hard enough so Mi Shao Fei goads Ou Qiang into playing.

But it’s lunchtime so the group prepares to head out.

Yaya tells Tong Nian that she can’t believe that she has the opportunity to watch her idols play video games with each other.

Because originally, in her eyes, these individuals were like gods but in reality, they sometimes act like kids.

Tong Nian agrees, commenting that this would be the best way for them to show how happy they are.

The group ends up eating lunch at a nearby park on the grass like a picnic.


This place also happens to be the same location where Han Shang Yan makes his team run laps.

Ou Qiang comments that whoever dates Han Shang Yan will be bored to death because of how uptight he is.

From Mi Shao Fei, Tong Nian gets the feeling that Han Shang Yan loves to take care of everyone but neglects himself.

So Tong Nian asks Han Shang Yan if he could open his heart a little more to carve out time for himself and Tong Nian.

The Group Has A Great Time

For example, they can enjoy the moment right now. It’s a beautiful afternoon with a nice breeze blowing in their face.

And they can hear the songs of insects chirping.

Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian enjoy the moment with their hands clasped together.

Later on, Han Shang Yan drops Tong Nian and Yaya off back at their school. Before saying goodbye, Tong Nian shows off the necklace he gave her on her wrist, telling him she will always wear it.

Ou Qiang cringes at the sweetness he’s seeing.

Meanwhile, Yaya says goodbye to Mi Shao Fei and tells him he can message her at any time.

I wonder if Ou Qiang feels like he’s sandwiched between two couples and feels like a fifth wheel? Hahaha.

Both Tong Nian and Yaya wave goodbye to Han Shang Yan, Ou Qiang and Mi Shao Fei.

The two of them felt like they are walking on clouds because they had such a great time.

Then Han Shang Yan drops off Mi Shao Fei and Ou Qiang at the SP headquarters.

He leaves them with biting remarks as usual. And Ou Qiang tells him he should learn to use nicer words now, especially since he has a girlfriend.

Zheng Hui Asks For a Favor

At school, just after Tong Nian and Yaya pack up to leave a classroom, Yaya sees Zheng Hui right outside looking a bit frazzled.

Zheng Hui composes himself and asks Tong Nian about her father and tries to explain his mother’s situation.

Because Tong Nian’s father works at a hospital.

It turns out Zheng Hui’s mother has a possible liver disease and needs a special procedure. But she was diagnosed in a rural hospital.

So Tong Nian believes it’s best if he flies his mother here to Shanghai to double-check before performing any major surgery.


Tong Nian sends a message to her dad and Zheng Hui thanks her for the help.

Meanwhile, Tong Nian’s mother is discussing with Dou Nan’s mother about Han Shang Yan’s past.

Speculating that the reason he turned out this way was because he grew up spoiled by his step-mother.

However Hu Dou Nan’s mother thinks that they shouldn’t judge prematurely before trying to understand Han Shang Yan.

So she thinks Tong Nian should try to get to know Han Shang Yan better first. But then Tong Nian’s mother mentions that the two of them have already broken up.

Oh, if they only knew…..

Tong Nian and Zheng Hui arrive and greet them.

And then they head upstairs to discuss with Tong Nian’s father.

After some deliberation, Zheng Hui agrees to have his mother come to Shanghai for additional checkups and will temporarily stay at Tong Nian’s home.

Because Zheng Hui’s family is poor and the mother can’t afford to stay at hotels the whole time.

Tong Nian Thinks Her Mother is Biased Against Han Shang Yan

Han Shang Yan is on a call with Nan Wei, discussing deadlines and such. But in the middle of the call, Nan Wei wonders when Han Shang Yan plans on revealing his girlfriend.

Because everyone is curious.

Bring her over for us to see! Bring her over for us to see!

Han Shang Yan is helpless towards them and can only promise to bring Tong Nian over to Norway at some point in time.

Meanwhile, Zheng Hui’s mother comes over and Tong Nian helps her get settled in.

Zheng Hui is full of smiles as he watches his mother interact with Tong Nian’s mother.

Then later on in the day, Tong Nian’s mother starts casually asking Tong Nian about Zheng Hui and mentions how she likes men who are great in school.

Basically hinting to Tong Nian that she doesn’t mind if Tong Nian dates Zheng Hui.

But instead of agreeing to do so, Tong Nian asks her mother if she doesn’t like Han Shang Yan.

And she admits she doesn’t. Recounting the impression she had of him at the New Year celebratory dinner.

Then when he came over with boxes of fruits. A last-minute thoughtless gift.

Tong Nian’s mother thinks Tong Nian is better off with someone else.

Tong Nian looks conflicted.

She shares these concerns with Yaya at school.

It seems like a lot of people misunderstand Han Shang Yan. His grandfather, his step-mother, and now Tong Nian’s parents.

Nevertheless, Tong Nian will make it up to him by loving Han Shang Yan more and caring for him more.

So she plans on giving Han Shang Yan a gift.

But what to get him?

Surprise Gift for Han Shang Yan

Yaya asks her idol for hints and Mi Shao Fei gets a message.

Ou Qiang is curious about who the sender is but Mi Shao Fei dodges his attempts to sneak a peak.

In return for the help, Yaya plans on treating Mi Shao Fei to a meal.

Meanwhile, at K&K headquarters, Han Shang Yan wins a match against Grunt and since Grunt lost, he has to clean various spaces of the building.

Grunt acknowledges his loss but wonders why Han Shang Yan keeps competing against individual K&K members.

Is it because his relationship is going well or unwell?

Then Demo announces that Sister-in-law is here at the front desk.

Tong Nian: You can’t peek at the gift!

The gift turns out to be a cat.

Han Shang Yan is surprised and a little hesitant about the gift.

I think it’s because he used to own a cat? And Tong Nian should know this too so shouldn’t she have asked if it’s okay before gifting Han Shang Yan a cat?

Despite Han Shang Yan’s hesitation and reluctance, Tong Nian forcibly shoves the cat onto him.

Then runs out of the room and then to his surprise she turns back quickly to give him a hug.

But the door to Han Shang Yan’s room is also open with K&K members peering from outside.

They are grinning with smiley smiles seeing how intimate Tong Nian is with Han Shang Yan.

And they proclaim that they didn’t see anything.

Tong Nian also drops a surprise kiss on Han Shang Yan before leaving as well.

Too much sweetness!!!

Han Shang Yan closes the door to his room and reads the note left on the box.

Mi Shao Fei Pays Yaya A Visit

There’s a sticky note that reads “let the past stay in the past, in the future you have them, and you have me.”

Han Shang Yan shows a very tender expression before looking at the photos, reminiscing about old times.

I think Tong Nian is the key to helping Han Shang Yan get over the past.

At Yaya’s and Tong Nian’s school, Yaya discovers that Mi Shao Fei showed up and rushes to get presentable.

Before meeting up with him.

Because she invited him to a meal.

They end up dining at the campus dining hall because Mi Shao Fei wants to relive college life.

After eating, they walk around the campus and share stories about school.

I smell love in the air ~ These two are so cute together.

Mi Shao Fei offers her a ticket to the upcoming match in Shanghai and Yaya eagerly accepts.

Back over at Grandpa Han’s place, Tong Nian’s aunt comes over to visit him. They chat for a bit and in the middle of it, she comments how Tong Nian’s mother really likes this boy who is a classmate of Tong Nian’s.

Grandpa Han’s internal thoughts: No!! Don’t steal my future granddaughter-in-law!

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Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan are pretty comfortable with each other now and their relationship has been growing.

There are still mysteries to be solved, like why Team Solo disbanded and the show’s been hinting at it. But it’s taken a break to let Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian’s relationship to develop?

Yaya and Mi Shao Fei’s relationship is sailing smoothly as well too ^^ I think Mi Shao Fei is better at relationships than Han Shang Yan. So if he wants to, I think he’ll be up front with Yaya if he likes her.

What did you guys think of this episode? And/or of this Go Go Squid Episode 20 recap?

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