Go Go Squid Episode 21 Recap

I sense drama coming! Tong Nian’s aunt is stirring up trouble in the last episode. What do we have in store in this Go Go Squid Episode 21 recap?

Let’s find out!

Go Go Squid Episode 21 Recap Highlights:

  • Grandpa Han finds out that Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian have “broken up”
  • Tong Nian’s mother chats with Han Shang Yan
  • Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian’s relationship takes an unexpected turn

There’s just twenty episodes left before the series end, can you believe it? Okay, let’s get to it. Go Go Squid Episode 21 recap!

Grandpa Han Finds Out

Tong Nian’s aunt reveals that Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian have broken up a while back ago.

To Grandpa Han’s surprise.

But even though they have broken up, they are still friends because Grandpa Han proclaimed that Tong Nian visited him a few days ago.

The aunt wants Grandpa Han to pass along a message to Han Shang Yan. Advising him to move on and wishing him well in terms of finding a suitable partner.

Grandpa Han agrees but he’s still in shock.

Meanwhile, over at K&K, Ling Shan is surprised to see a cat in Han Shang Yan’s room and lets out a shout.

Prompting Han Shang Yan to come over.

Ling Shang hands him a match roster while he picks up the cat and strokes it in his arms.

Commenting that the cat is really docile.

The kitty is sooo cute!

While Han Shang Yan is looking over the documents, Ling Shan comments how great Sister-in-law (Tong Nian) is and how Han Shang Yan should try to spend more time with her.

Almost everyone in K&K is supporting Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan’s relationship! Especially Ling Shan, Grunt, and Demo.

Han Shang Yan gets irritated hearing Ling Shan ramble on and ramble. So he asks for the cat back and glares at Ling Shan.

The latter who bolts out of the room and heads down the stairs to tell his buddies that their BigBro got a cat as a present.

Grunt bets that Han Shang Yan can’t take care of the cat for more than a week.

But then realizes that he’s going to lose when he sees Han Shang Yan ordering a bunch of cat food.

I guess no one at K&K knows that Han Shang Yan loves cats.

Grandpa Han Meets Zheng Hui

Han Shang Yan ends up bringing all the cat supplies he bought back to his home where Grandpa Han is still staying.

It turns out he is going out of the country for a week and needs someone to look after the cat.

Grandpa lectures Han Shang Yan on raising a cat as if playing computers for a living wasn’t bad enough.

Han Shang Yan, you could tell him that Tong Nian gave you the cat so you wouldn’t be lectured about it. Sigh. He’s really bad at communication.


Then continues on saying that he knows about Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan’s latest relationship status.

But Han Shang Yan scoffs, thinking he doesn’t know the real story.

They later head over to Tong Nian’s place because Grandpa Han made an arrangement to meet up with Tong Nian’s mother at 8pm.

Over at Tong Nian’s place, Tong Nian’s father is discussing with Zheng Hui and his mother about the surgery procedure details.

Zheng Hui is paying attention but his gaze is elsewhere, admiring Tong Nian while she is on a computer nearby.

Han Shang Yan and his grandpa arrive but after the grandpa heads into the house, Tong Nian’s mother wants to chat with Han Shang Yan privately.

Meanwhile, Grandpa Han meets Zheng Hui and his mother, asking if Zheng Hui comes over often.

Then telling him that it’s best if his mother comes alone without him.

Grandpa Han is so funny being protective of Tong Nian, basically declaring that she shouldn’t be with Zheng Hui.

When Zheng Hui offers Grandpa Han some fruits, the latter ends up refusing and saying he doesn’t like fruits.

Tong Nian’s Mother and Han Shang Yan Have a Chat

Tong Nian’s mother walks in front of Han Shang Yan telling him that as a mother she wishes for her daughter to find a boyfriend that shares similar interests and is close in age.

Then going on to say that since she’s seen what Han Shang Yan was like in his childhood, she thinks most mothers wouldn’t be willing to hand over their daughters to him.

Auntie, isn’t that harsh? You’re judging him based on the past and not the present! Besides, Han Shang Yan is easily misunderstood.


Han Shang Yan acknowledges that he can’t change the past and he won’t make excuses for what he’s done.

The conversation continues but it’s not looking favorably on Han Shang Yan.

Tong Nian’s mother thinks they should stop having contact with each other since they’ve “broken up” now because Tong Nian is very naive.

She doesn’t want her daughter to get more hurt from Han Shang Yan’s lingering attachments.

Han Shang Yan promises not to bother Tong Nian anymore.

Oh my god, what is this? There’s a misunderstanding here and Han Shang Yan doesn’t speak up to clarify the issue!

Tong Nian’s mother leaves to head back into the house, leaving Han Shang Yan alone outside.

He takes out a piece of candy and plops it into his mouth.

Han Shang Yan looks so forlorn as he gazes at the gate to Tong Nian’s house.

Looks like someone needs a hug. T_T

A little later, Tong Nian sees her mother coming back into the house and hears that Han Shang Yan showed up but isn’t coming in.

So she rushes outside to meet him but he has already left.

When she tries to call him the number doesn’t go though.

This part of the show is going to be painful…

Han Shang Yan Hangs Out with Mi Shao Fei

Han Shang Yan heads over to a bar where Mi Shao Fei is hanging out.

Mi Shao Fei notices that Han Shang Yan’s mood is not that great and wonders what is wrong.

Han Shang Yan asks Mi Shao Fei if he ever regret something he did in the past.

Because someone remembers all the bad things Han Shang Yan has done and it makes him feel regretful.

So Mi Shao Fei reveals that the one thing he regrets the most is retiring when he was at the peak of his career. When he was young, and capable.

Which makes Han Shang Yan feels remorse. Because he was also the same.

Mi Shao Fei thinks that it was a bad decision for him to try again when he’s not the same anymore.

Han Shang Yan doesn’t want to hear Mi Shao Fei say depressing things and turns his head to the side, sighing with frustration.

Meanwhile, Tong Nian is outside of her home and still waiting for Han Shang Yan.

But then her mother shows up to get her back inside.

Ou Qiang shows up to accompany Han Shang Yan and Mi Shao Fei for drinks but then Han Shang Yan decides to leave.

Mi Shao Fei comments that Han Shang Yan is having relationship troubles.

Tong Nian & Han Shang’s Relationship

Later on in the evening, Grandpa Han chats with Tong Nian’s mother and pleads with her to give Han Shang Yan another chance.

Thinking Han Shang Yan did something to make her angry.

But Tong Nian’s mother tries to brush it off while also mentioning that the “kids” are adults and they should handle the issues themselves.

Uh huh, sure. She just did some interfering herself! Jeez.

Han Shang Yan pulls up to Tong Nian’s house a while later and sees her in front of the gate with a big smile on her face.

It’s obvious that she’s happy to see him.

Which makes Han Shang Yan troubled because he doesn’t know how to accomplish what Tong Nian’s mother asked of him.

He starts off with ignoring her but Tong Nian enters the car and faces him.

Tong Nian asks if Han Shang Yan is in a bad mood because of what happened recently at work or if something else happened recently.

But Han Shang Yan tells her to cut to the chase curtly.

Han Shang Yan you IDIOT! Communication is key in a relationship but you’re not telling Tong Nian anything!

Tong Nian wonders if he’s upset because of Zheng Hui’s presence in her home so she explains the situation.

And then changes the topic to ask about the cat she gave him.

Han Shang Yan takes this opportunity to tell her that the cat bit him recently and Tong Nian apologizes.

And offers to take care of the cat instead. But Han Shang Yan tells her he gave the cat away to his housekeeper.

Then lashes out at Tong Nian for taking matters in her own hands and gifting him a cat when he’s always so busy.

Another Breakup?

No matter how Tong Nian tries to make it up to him, Han Shang Yan tells her to leave. Then reaches over to open the door for Tong Nian.

Okay, Tong Nian is not even at fault here but the way the conversation went makes Tong Nian feel like it’s her fault Han Shang Yan is in a bad mood. What the heck!?

So Tong Nian leaves with a heavy heart while Han Shang Yan leans back in frustration.

At night, Tong Nian’s mother feels guilty about telling off Han Shang Yan harshly and wonders if he would be okay.

But Tong Nian’s father reassures her that it should be fine considering Han Shang Yan’s age.

Grandpa Han gets back home and lectures Han Shang Yan for getting into computers early on instead of studying.

He knows that Tong Nian’s mother loves people who are great at studying and it’s a shame that Han Shang Yan was never the studious type.

When Wu Bai gets back, Han Shang Yan leaves, asking the former to accompany grandpa while he’s watching skits.

Han Shang Yan heads back to K&K headquarters and seems to be struggling with his feelings while he broods in his room.

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Ugh, this Go Go Squid Episode 21 recap was so difficult to write! The conflict of the tv show seemed to show up all of a sudden instead of a gradual build up.

Really Han Shang Yan? Tong Nian’s mother complains about you for a bit and then you get scared? So you lash out at Tong Nian?

I think this is how the show is trying to depict how Han Shang Yan didn’t used to care what people thought of him BEFORE he had something to care about. And so when he has something to care about, he gets insecure easily?

I didn’t read the novel that this show is based off of and since we are not privy to Han Shang Yan’s thoughts, I wonder what he is thinking.

And poor Mi Shao Fei! He’s not in his best form anymore because of a rash decision in his youth and he knows that it’s not Han Shang Yan’s fault but he definitely regrets.

He’s struggling so much but the past is the past, hopefully he can get over this internal struggle.

What are your thoughts about this episode? And about the Go Go Squid Episode 21 recap?

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