Go Go Squid Episode 22 Recap

The last episode made me want to smack some sense into Han Shang Yan! Check out this Go Go Squid Episode 22 recap!

Let’s hope things continue to move along!

Go Go Squid Episode 22 Recap Highlights:

  • Tong Nian wonders why Han Shang Yan has become distant lately
  • Han Shang Yan is back in Norway for a week and spends some time with his step mother before she re-marries
  • Tong Nian and Yaya get an unexpected visitor on campus

Okay, let’s jump right to it and discuss the episode in Go Go Squid Episode 22 recap!

Han Shang Yan Struggles With His Feelings

Late at night, Tong Nian is lying in her bed, feeling like something is wrong with Han Shang Yan.

So she sends him a couple of text messages. Trying to rectify the situation.

But Han Shang Yan curtly replies that he has already gone to bed.

A little while later, a police officer examines Han Shang Yan’s car that is parked outside of Tong Nian’s house.

Wondering who left it here. Then notices Han Shang Yan up in a tree, asking him if he’s waiting for his girlfriend to show up after getting into a fight with her.


The cop recognizes Han Shang Yan and gives him some advice when it comes to relationships.

How women love to argue because it’s in their nature to do so. And the cop was young once just like Han Shang Yan and always getting into arguments with his wife.

So he tells Han Shang Yan not to worry too much about it.

Han Shang Yan leaves without saying much and heads back to K&K after giving the cop a piece of candy.

Commenting that if he ate more candy and smoked less, his wife will be extremely happy.

Despite how cold Han Shang Yan tries to be, there are so many people around him that are willing to help him out.

Back at K&K headquarters, Han Shang Yan is heading out with a suitcase and notices Demo up early.


Han Shang Yan questions why he is up this early and Demo admits that he saw the latest ranking results. And Demo is at 71st place.

Demo also saw that Wu Bai was ranked first again and is ashamed to face him. So he thought he could wake up early and watch some more competition videos to get some more pointers.

Heading Off to Norway

Han Shang Yan smiles and says “ru zi ke jiao” (an expression that means the youth is worth teaching).

I was surprised to see Han Shang Yan use an expression from the olden days! I recognized it because this expression usually shows up in historical dramas.

Demo bashfully rubs the back of his head and understands the meaning.

Before Han Shang Yan leaves, he asks Demo to pass on the message that he will be in Norway and if they need to contact him, use the other phone number and not his original one.

But Han Shang Yan doesn’t go directly to the airport, he sits in a taxi car waiting for Tong Nian outside of her house.

It seems like he wants to see her before he leaves.

Just as Tong Nian heads out to leave for the day on her bicycle, Han Shang Yan tells his driver to leave.

And Tong Nian just misses him.

At K&K headquarters, Tong Nian brings breakfast to the team and hears from Ling Shan that Han Shang Yan has flown out.

Wondering why Han Shang Yan didn’t tell her, Tong Nian worries some more.

Han Shang Yan’s Step Mom

In Norway, Han Shang Yan’s step mom finds Han Shang Yan enjoying a meal leisurely.

She sits down in front of him and then asks for her money.

Han Shang Yan tells her that he has already sent the money but she comments that her necklace has risen in value.

But then she teases him by asking him if he gifted it to a lady friend.

Han Shang Yan looks up with surprise and then changes to a stern look.

His step mom admits that she pestered Wu Bai for answers.

Then Han Shang Yan retorts by asking if her new husband will mind if she shows this much concern over her last husband’s son.

But the step mom doesn’t mind, commenting that since Han Shang Yan has called her mother once, she’s responsible for his entire lifetime.

Awww. Han Shang Yan’s step mom is so sweet!

Seeing how Han Shang Yan didn’t refute her question, it’s probably true.

So she tells him to leave with her.

Back at her hotel room, the step mom pulls out a bunch of jewelry boxes.

She places them all over a table top and reveals them one by one to Han Shang Yan.

Saying that these are all for Han Shang Yan to use to ask the girl’s hand in marriage.

But Han Shang Yan refuses and shows a hurt expression.

His step mom wonders if he got rejected and tries to comfort him.

Commenting how he’s so handsome, how could he possible be rejected?

Unless the girl doesn’t like appearances and loves money?

Han Shang Yan gets irritated and refuses to answer.

While the step mom complains how she won’t have the heart to marry if she has to worry about him.

Han Shang Yan’s Worries

Even going further to say that Han Shang Yan has always been a troublemaker.

Which pricks Han Shang Yan’s heart, because he then asks his step mom if he always gave her a lot of trouble growing up.

His step mom senses something is up so she explains that everyone is a troublemaker as a child, including herself.

Han Shang Yan is really worried that his past will keep him away from Tong Nian because of how Tong Nian’s mother lectured him. T_T Don’t worry Han Shang Yan!

After sharing a touching moment, the step mom refuses to be lead astray and asks for more details about the girl he’s interested in.

But Han Shang Yan decides to take off, while also commenting that he won’t be attending her wedding.

Norway K&K Headquarters

Han Shang Yan is here to ask Nan Wei for additional funding.

To support the branch in Shanghai.

Nan Wei refuses the request and thinks Han Shang Yan is being biased. Preferring the other branch over this branch.

So Han Shang Yan shuffles a pack of cards and tells him that they will make a bet like old times.

If Han Shang Yan picks out a higher card, Nan Wei will listen to him and vice versa.

Nan Wei pulls out an ace of spades, thinking he’s got this in the bag.

While Han Shang Yan pulls out a joker.

So Nan Wei admits his loss and promises to send over 1 million dollars in funding.

But in return, he wants Han Shang Yan to promise to do whatever it takes to win the world championships for K&K.

Because Nan Wei knows Han Shang Yan has lingering attachments to Team Solo.

And Han Shang Yan agrees.

After business matters are settled, Nan Wei asks Han Shang Yan about his girlfriend but seeing his expression, wonders if he’s been rejected.

Han Shang Yan: I’M rejected!?

I think it’s hilarious how everyone seems to think that Han Shang Yan is the one rejected. Because they think his personality is bad?

If Han Shang Yan doesn’t fess up, Nan Wei threatens to not send over the 1 million funding.

Han Shang Yan refuses to fall for it and takes off.

Tong Nian’s Concerns

Back in Shanghai, Tong Nian is hanging out with Yaya and comments how she hasn’t been able to contact Han Shang Yan in the last FOUR days.

So she wonders if something has happened to him.

Yaya reassures her, saying that if something big happened, it would be on the news.

Then Tong Nian wonders if Han Shang Yan is mad at her because of the cat she gave him.

Yaya thinks that might be it.


Tong Nian continues to talk to herself, re-confirming that Han Shang Yan is probably mad at her.

While Yaya almost rolls her eyes, thinking that Tong Nian has fallen into the deep end.

Step Mom’s Curiosity

The night before her wedding, Han Shang Yan’s step mom is hanging out in Han Shang Yan’s room, watching some television.

Han Shang Yan wonders how long she plans on staying because he has work to do.

She refuses to answer while commenting that since she has booked a room next door, it almost feels like she’s been married off from her maiden family.

It’s tradition for the woman to be married off from her maiden family and I think Han Shang Yan’s step mom just wants to spend a little more time with him.

Then she complains how she’s raised Han Shang Yan for 9 years and how each year was not easy.

So Han Shang Yan tells her that if she wants something, he will get it for her once he gets his paycheck.

The step mom scoffs and says never mind because the necklace was bought to accompany her for marriage.

But she is curious what the receiver looks like. To this day, she still doesn’t know the appearance of the girl in her son’s heart.

Han Shang Yan suddenly gets up and leaves the room.

The step mom is just pretending to be upset, but she’s just really curious about Tong Nian. Hahaha.

A little while later, the step mom heads back to her room to sleep and finds a drawing slipped under her door.

Han Shang Yan swings by to ask her if she received the drawing and she comments how Han Shang Yan has good taste.

Because through the drawing, the step mom can see that the girl he’s interested in is full of smiles and has a good heart.

Then Han Shang Yan swaggers off.

Tong Nian Gets a Visitor

Later on, Han Shang Yan receives a photo slipped under his door that contains a younger version of him and his step mom.

On the back is a note.

Stating that no matter how many times he fails, he has his mother’s back.

Her protection and her never-ending support.

Because she will always love him.

Han Shang Yan is full of smiles as he sets off for the day.

Han Shang Yan’s step is awesome! She may not be related to him but she fully supports him. What a great mother!

Back over at Tong Nian’s college campus, Tong Nian gets a call from campus security, informing her that someone named Xiao Ai is here to visit.

Tong Nian then heads out to pick her up.

Xiao Ai follows Tong Nian and Yaya back to the dorms.

It seems like she ran away from home.

In the dorm room, Tong Nian uses her expressions to tell Yaya to buy something to eat because Xiao Ai might want to discuss something with Tong Nian privately.

So Yaya leaves the room.

Now alone with each other, Tong Nian asks why Xiao Ai didn’t message her before coming.

Xiao Ai responds that if she did, Tong Nian might not let her come.

Such a smart kid!

Xiao Ai wants to ask for a favor, telling Tong Nian to ask Han Shang Yan to reassign her mother back to Norway. Because her mother has been disturbing her dad’s life.

Tong Nian is concerned to hear the words “disturbing her dad’s life”.

So Tong Nian explains that Su Cheng has already re-married so she wouldn’t be asking to reunite with Solo.

Xiao Ai counters by saying because her mother wants to take her back, her mother is disturbing her dad’s life.

Xiao Ai Stays Over

Tong Nian then admits that Han Shang Yan probably can’t interfere.

But Xiao Ai thinks that Tong Nian can’t convince Han Shang Yan to do anything and is actually whipped.

A while later, the two of them get into an argument because Xiao Ai thinks Han Shang Yan has a terrible personality compared to her dad.

Xiao Ai even suggests Tong Nian consider dating Solo.

The two continue to argue about Solo and Han Shang Yan but Tong Nian is not a match for Xiao Ai.

Later on in the day, Yaya thinks it’s best if Xiao Ai stays with them to cool off before reuniting with her dad.

Since it’s obvious that she left home because of Solo.

But Tong Nian informs Solo so that he’s aware and can rest easy.

Xiao Ai treats it like a sleepover but doesn’t give up trying to convince Tong Nian to consider her dad.

Xiao Ai is definitely a daddy’s girl even though she’s currently frustrated at him.

That night, the argument becomes 3 versus 1 as Xiao Ai pulls Yaya and Tong Nian’s other roommate to her side.


But Tong Nian diverts the attention to Yaya with mentions of Mi Shao Fei, knowing that Yaya has a secret crush on him.

Ou Qiang’s Concerns

That night at SP headquarters, Ou Qiang finds Mi Shao Fei and chats with him.

Sharing his concern about a rumor mentioning how someone from the main team will be swapped with the captain from team 2.

But Mi Shao Fei reassures him that if headquarters had to swap, they will swap him first.

Because he feels like his skills aren’t as great as they were back then.

Yet, he so desperately wants to win tomorrow. Begging Ou Qiang to help him out.


Ou Qiang tells him no problem. They WILL win.

At SP’s match the following day, Tong Nian, Yaya and Xiao Ai meet up with Appledog to get tickets.

Yaya is super excited to meet another member of the original Team Solo.

While Xiao Ai wants Tong Nian to see the best aspects of Solo in action.

Wonder why Xiao is so adamant about shipping Tong Nian and her dad together.

Tong Nian and Yaya humor her by saying Wang Hao is the best.

Meanwhile, Han Shang Yan is rushing to the tournament match from the airport.

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I loved the mother son bonding moment between Han Shang Yan and his step mom. She’s very supportive in her own way and I think Han Shang Yan resembles her a lot.

After meeting Tong Nian, I think Han Shang Yan is now more aware that he is loved by friends and family despite how difficult his childhood was. I just hope he can clarify things with Tong Nian soon.

I also thought it was funny how Nan Wei and his step mother thought Han Shang Yan was dumped by his girlfriend. Both probably love teasing him just like how Han Shang Yan loves teasing others.

We still haven’t discovered the real reason why Team Solo broke up and it looks like that issue is put on the back burner until we resolve everything else that is going on. Poor Mi Shao Fei! He regrets quitting back then and doubts he can be the same. But at the same time, he can’t blame anyone.

Sigh. I hope he sees the light.

What did you think of this episode? Thoughts on this Go Go Squid Episode 22 recap?

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