Go Go Squid Episode 23 Recap

Are we ever going to find out what caused Team Solo to disband? But for now, it seems like the focus is on Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan’s budding relationship. Check it out in Go Go Squid Episode 23 recap!

Go Go Squid Episode 23 Recap Highlights:

  • Mi Shao Fei makes a surprise announcement at the end of a match
  • Solo feels like he’s failed Mi Shao Fei
  • Yaya and Tong Nian accompany Han Shang Yan and Mi Shao Fei to sort out their troubles

Mi Shao Fei has been bottling up a lot of frustration lately, will he finally explode? Or will he make a decision that changes his life?

Find out in this Go Go Squid Episode 23 recap!

Mi Shao Fei’s Last Competition

Yaya, Tong Nian and Xiao Ai find their VIP seats in row three, close to the competition area.

Meanwhile, Mi Shao Fei is chilling out in the competition lounge, preparing himself mentally for the match.

Moments later, Appledog shows up and gives some words of encouragement.

Then reassures Mi Shao Fei, telling him to treat this as a fancy performance instead of a match. Knowing that his performance today will determine whether or not he could continue competing.

Mi Shao Fei counters that he doesn’t need the reassurance.

Team SP walks out onto the stage and perform their team cheer while the announcer introduces the two teams.

It’s Team SP vs Team Tao Tao.

The match begins.

Team SP is off to a great start, finding the opponent’s loopholes and hacking through.


Mi Shao Fei is leading the attack through the loopholes and the announcer is commenting how brilliant his performance is.

Then at the final threshold to win the match, Mi Shao Fei pulls through.

Team SP wins.

In the audience, Appledog and Solo are excited to see Mi Shao Fei win as well as Han Shang Yan who just made it in time.

After the outcome of the match, Team SP and Team Tao Tao shake hands.

Then the announcer asks the team captain of SP to share a few words.

But the captain passes it off to Mi Shao Fei instead.

He thanks the audience for coming and showing their support. Then goes off to say that today is his last competition.


The audience is shocked. Not to mention, Appledog, Solo and Han Shang Yan.

Mi Shao Fei explains that it’s been a tough 10 years, struggling with his current skills.

Today, he’s announcing his retirement.

Coping With Mi Shao Fei’s Retirement

Yaya is tearing up in the audience while Tong Nian is worried about how Han Shang Yan will react.

Appledog and Solo are shocked and didn’t see this coming.

A while later, at the back stage, Solo is rushing to meet up with Mi Shao Fei. He wants to ask him why he decided to retire.

But then, Han Shang Yan shows up, confronting Solo. He asks him who was it that asked Mi Shao Fei to retire.

Emotions run high and Appledog tries to pacify the situation.

But she’s pushed to one side as Han Shang Yan furiously yells at Solo.

“What did you promise me back then!?” – Han Shang Yan

Asking him what Solo promised him back then.

Han Shang Yan questions Solo three times and with each asking Han Shang Yan’s voice rises.

So Solo answers.

Solo promised Han Shang Yan when Team Solo disbanded that he would never personally lead a team.

And to this today, he has never broken that promise.

In Sanya, Solo promised Han Shang Yan that he would take care of Ou Qiang and Mi Shao Fei.

But unfortunately, he failed to keep that promise. Because Mi Shao Fei is now retiring.

So he accepts his punishment

Han Shang Yan can beat him if he wishes.

But Mi Shao Fei shows up before Han Shang Yan can do so.

Without asking for Mi Shao Fei’s opinion, Han Shang Yan tugs him and tells him to come to K&K.

Yet Mi Shao Fei refuses.

Telling him that he has no place in competitions anymore so what else can he do?

Then he tells the group to stop fighting as he needs to call his family.

Mi Shao Fei heads back to the team lounge to say goodbye to his team.

Mi Shao Fei’s Farewells

Ou Qiang yells at Mi Shao Fei for suddenly deciding his retirement.

Because by announcing it to the public, there’s no turning back.

So Ou Qiang asks him if he’s okay with ending things like this.

And Mi Shao Fei admits he isn’t because he still has the notion of winning championships. But he’s not good enough anymore.

He feels like he can’t keep up with the youngsters nowadays. So it’s best if he retires.

Ou Qiang’s eyes redden at the realization of Mi Shao Fei’s frustrations and struggles.


Mi Shao Fei tells Ou Qiang that since he’s the last one standing, he must preserve. Because he represents Team Solo now.

Only him.

Oh man, I couldn’t help tearing up here. Team Solo was the very first team to make such a HUGE impact on this industry and yet barely any of them compete anymore.

Team SP gives Mi Shao Fei a group hug as a gesture of farewell.

Han Shang Yan/Solo’s Guilt

Ou Qiang catches Han Shang Yan on his way out of the building and explains that Mi Shao Fei kept his plans to retire to himself.

So Han Shang Yan shouldn’t hold grudges against Appledog and Solo.

Then Tong Nian shows up and comments that Han Shang Yan probably feels heartbroken so if he wants to head off somewhere she will accompany him.

Off to the side, Ou Qiang tells Tong Nian to stay by Han Shang Yan’s side for a few days because Mi Shao Fei’s retirement is devastating for him.

Tong Nian nods that she will.

Meanwhile, Xiao Ai is frantically looking for her father backstage. She has a feeling that her dad is probably feeling guilty about what happened.

Solo is hiding underneath the bleacher seats, frustrated that things turned out this way.

When Xiao Ai finds him, Solo is emotionally distraught. She sits next to him and tries to comfort him.

But Solo is completely silent and then starts hitting himself. He feels like he hasn’t done anything right.

Xiao Ai tells him not to be so heartbroken because everyone will be okay.

With all of the flashbacks I’ve seen of the original Team Solo, I really feel the harsh reality that Mi Shao Fei feels. Team Solo had big dreams and were so close to succeeding but then something happened. Afterwards, little cracks appeared and now they are no longer the same. (⋟﹏⋞)

Mi Shao Fei is leaving the building to face the fans but Yaya stops him to see if he’s okay doing so.

Because some fans are from the past and may be frustrated hearing Mi Shao Fei retire.

But Mi Shao Fei admits he will be okay.

Demo’s Situation

Back at K&K headquarters, Han Shang Yan heads to his room while giving orders to the team to take care of their guest (Tong Nian).

Grunt thinks the situation is odd because when did their Sister-in-law become a “guest”?

So Tong Nian explains that Mi Shao Fei suddenly announced his retirement and Han Shang Yan is in a bad mood.

And to make matters worse, Demo rushes in and asks to see Han Shang Yan urgently.

Because his mother is here to remove him from the team.

Ling Shan comments how the timing is just great.

Su Cheng takes the lead and tries to pacify Demo’s mother in the meantime.

But Demo’s mother is adamant about pulling Demo out from the team.

Tong Nian ends up overhearing the conversation on her way out thinking that this is only going to add more pressure on Han Shang Yan.

Over at SP headquarters, Solo receives the separation package documents for Mi Shao Fei.

After glancing at the details, he tells his assistant to increase the severance amount by deducting from his next month’s salary. But she cannot let anyone find out.

Solo is still trying his best to take care of his buddies. At least Mi Shao Fei wouldn’t have to worry about money for a little while.

Solo then heads into his office where Mi Shao Fei is waiting for him.

Then he passes the documents over for him to sign.

Sharing how guilty he feels for allowing Ou Qiang and Mi Shao Fei to shoulder the heavy burden of winning the national championships.

Mi Shao Fei tells him not to blame himself because it was his own fault that his skills weren’t good enough.

After a farewell hug, Mi Shao Fei leaves SP headquarters and sees Yaya waiting for him.

Han Shang Yan & Mi Shao Fei

She gives Mi Shao Fei a hug and comforts him saying everything will be okay.

And Mi Shao Fei is grateful to have her support.

The two of them head over to K&K headquarters. When Yaya meets up with Tong Nian, she’s worried that Mi Shao Fei and Han Shang Yan will get into a fight.

So she tells Tong Nian to bring the news over to Han Shang Yan, letting him know that Mi Shao Fei is here.

When Mi Shao Fei and Han Shang Yan meet, Yaya and Tong Nian shuffle closer to their respective partners.

Worried that the two men will really fight.

It really feels like we have two couples here even if Yaya disagrees.

The group decides to head out for drinks.

But before doing so, they end up at a park that has a running track.

Han Shang Yan comments that they should sweat a bit before grabbing drinks.

So Han Shang Yan and Mi Shao Fei take off in a sprint.

A while later, the two return from a different direction and joke around for a bit.

With Yaya and Tong Nian observing their brotherly banters.

Then Mi Shao Fei drags Yaya off for a light job with the latter calling out to Tong Nian to save her.

But Tong Nian leaves her to stay near Han Shang Yan.

The group heads over to a nearby restaurant to grab a meal and a few drinks.

When Mi Shao Fei is about to pour Tong Nian a glass, Han Shang Yan helps her refuse and pours her a glass of juice instead.

Remembering the time when she was drunk and how she acted.

Mi Shao Fei and Han Shang Yan clink their bowls filled with liquor.

Mi Shao Fei and Yaya

This small gesture is quite common in historical times when brothers shared drinks. There weren’t that many cups made back then so people would use bowls for drinking. I’m really touched by the brotherly friendship between Mi Shao Fei and Han Shang Yan.

Mi Shao Fei ends up drinking too much and heads outside to cool his head.

The two of them chat for a bit.

Yaya can tell that within Team Solo, Mi Shao Fei is the closest to Han Shang Yan.

Even Mi Shao Fei admits it so back then, when Han Shang Yan quit, he felt obligated to quit with him. Because he didn’t want Han Shang Yan to quit alone.

But he shouts that he regrets his decision.

If he didn’t quit back then, maybe his performance now will be outstanding. But he can’t change the past.


Mi Shao Fei tears up a bit and Yaya tries to comfort him.

Telling him to not dwell on the past but focus on the future. Like maybe tomorrow they can have crispy duck.

Meanwhile, Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan are still inside the restaurant.

She asks him if he had something to say to her.

But he points out that he hasn’t been reliable lately. Telling her he “lost” his local cellphone and then took off to Norway without letting her know.

Tong Nian tells him she doesn’t mind because she knows he has to go on trips for work.

Then Han Shang Yan disagrees telling her he went to Norway for marriage discussions.

Which shocks Tong Nian. Asking if she did anything wrong.


Han Shang Yan goes on to explain that he feels like the two of them aren’t really compatible.

So he tells her to see other people but she refuses.

Then she leaves.

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Poor Mi Shao Fei! But maybe this is for the best. Because if he doesn’t have the self-confidence to keep competing, it’s best that he leaves on a good note. And what better way to leave then winning a competition?

But Han Shang Yan! I really really want to smack you! How can you be this bad at communicating?

Why don’t you tell Tong Nian that her mother asked you to stay away from her? And at the same time, why are you making decisions for her without considering her output?

I hope this misunderstanding gets resolved soon before I start flipping tables.

But Yaya and Mi Shao Fei have definitely grown closer. This ship is sailing ~

What frustrated you about this episode? Any thoughts on this Go Go Squid Episode 23 recap?

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1 year ago

It really angered me this episode.How tong nian can be so naive towards and hanshangyan without a back bone or self rescept in the later episodes when han shangyan get back together with her without apologizing for his behavior or explaining for his lies and bad behavior towards her.He tossed her like yesterday newspaper.It doesn’t seem realistic.If it were me I would give him a piece of my mind and leave him forever.

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