Go Go Squid Episode 24 Recap

Jeez. How much more angst are we going to see between Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian? Is it going to end? Let’s find out in Go Go Squid Episode 24 recap!

Go Go Squid Episode 24 Recap Highlights:

  • Tong Nian is heartbroken to hear that Han Shang Yan went to Norway for marriage discussions
  • Demo’s mother comes to K&K headquarters, demanding to remove her son from the team
  • Various friends try to help amend Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan’s broken relationship

Someone please smack some sense into Han Shang Yan and advise him to just be honest with Tong Nian! Sigh, rant over. Let’s jump into the Go Go Squid Episode 24 recap!

Tong Nian is Heartbroken

Tong Nian rushes out of the restaurant, after hearing that Han Shang Yan went to Norway for marriage discussions.

Sniffling and heartbroken.

But she crosses paths with Yaya and Mi Shao Fei who are stumbling back to the restaurant.

Yaya wonders why Tong Nian left the restaurant.

And then notices that Tong Nian doesn’t look right, glancing at her expression.

Mi Shao Fei also chimes in, telling Tong Nian that if Han Shang Yan lashed out at her it’s probably because of him.

Since today’s situation is one of those days.

Poor Yaya has to take care of two people.

One is bursting out in tears while the other is retching his guts out from having too much to drink.

Seeing that she has to care for two people, Tong Nian tells Yaya that she should take care of Mi Shao Fei while she heads back to school.

But Yaya thinks Tong Nian needs her help more.

So after giving Mi Shao Fei a box of tissues, Yaya chases after Tong Nian, telling her to slow down and asking what happened.

When Yaya catches up to Tong Nian, Tong Nian reveals to her that Han Shang Yan went to Norway for marriage discussions.

Is this like a test of some sort to Tong Nian? How does she not know that Han Shang Yan loves to lie? Sigh.

Yaya comforts Tong Nian, telling her that it’s probably nothing. Han Shang Yan is drunk and spouting nonsense.

Meanwhile, Mi Shao Fei is in the men’s bathroom and puking.

So much for telling Yaya that you never puke, Mi Shao Fei. Tsk tsk.

Han Shang Yan is right outside and asking him if he needs help but Mi Shao Fei steps out a little while later.

Mi Shao Fei’s Advice

Admitting that after puking, he feels so much better now.

After washing up, Mi Shao Fei grabs a seat next to Han Shang Yan and asks him what’s wrong.

Because he could clearly see that Tong Nian was upset earlier. So he lectures Han Shang Yan for bullying Tong Nian.

Even advising him that if Han Shang Yan is in a bad mood, he shouldn’t take it out on Tong Nian.

Han Shang Yan is so fortunate to have friends that are good at relationships. Grunt, Mi Shao Fei. Sigh.

But Han Shang Yan tells him that the situation is not like that.

So Mi Shao Fei nags him to tell him what’s wrong.

Mi Shao Fei, the relationship guru.

With a sigh, Han Shang Yan relents and tells Mi Shao Fei that Tong Nian’s parents don’t like him.

Revealing that his family and Tong Nian’s family are pretty close so they are aware of everything he did in his childhood. Including all of the bad stuff.

So he thinks it’s not worth it for Tong Nian to have disagreements with her family just to be with him.

But then Mi Shao Fei tells him that he DOES deserve it. Even commenting that Han Shang Yan deserves the best comrades and the best wife.

All of Han Shang Yan’s good friends have a feeling that Tong Nian will eventually become his wife?

Han Shang Yan tells him not to call Tong Nian his wife, because they’re not at that stage yet.

Awkward Ride Home

When Tong Nian and Yaya walk past Han Shang Yan’s car, Tong Nian suddenly stops.

She tells Yaya that she’s worried about Han Shang Yan being too drunk to drive so they should wait for him and Mi Shao Fei.

Mi Shao Fei and Han Shang Yan show up a little later.

Before getting in the car, Mi Shao Fei tells Han Shang Yan to have a proper discussion with Tong Nian.


Instead of having a proper talk, Han Shang Yan tells Tong Nian that even if he’s drunk and can’t drive properly, it has nothing to do with her.

The driver who Han Shang Yan called shows up to drive the car home. Yaya convinces Tong Nian to ride with them and leaves Tong Nian to sit in the back with Han Shang Yan.

Muttering that she’s the only one with a clear mind.

During most of the ride, Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan are giving each other the silent treatment.

Until Mi Shao Fei’s head suddenly leans on Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan abruptly shoves him off.

Someone’s not honest here.

Tong Nian and Yaya get dropped off first.

Before leaving, Han Shang Yan tells Tong Nian not to be so heartbroken over him. Because it’s not worth it.

And even listing out his bad qualities.

That night, Tong Nian finds things to keep her busy to distract her from her feelings.


Demo’s Mother Wants to Him to Leave K&K

Back at K&K headquarters, Han Shang Yan plans on resting in his room but Grunt and Ling Shan call out to him.

Telling him that there’s a dire situation.

Demo’s mother has been coming to headquarters every day, demanding to see Han Shang Yan.

Because she plans on having Demo leave the team.

And Demo’s been waiting in his room all day because he wants his BigBro to help him out.

So Han Shang Yan heads into his room and sees Demo crying with an elder lady trying to comfort him.

Han Shang Yan tells him that there’s nothing to cry over.

But Demo reveals that he’s under a lot of stress. Because his ranking isn’t that high and he’s worried about dragging the team down.

And then his parents divorced.

On top of that, his mother doesn’t support him being in this industry.

Poor Demo! (⋟﹏⋞)

So Han Shang Yan asks if Demo can’t handle it anymore but Demo shakes his head.

He may be stressed but he can still endure.

So Han Shang Yan tells him that until he falls down to his knees, he must endure. Patting Demo’s shoulders in a supporting gesture.

The next morning, Demo’s mother is sitting in the lounge area, waiting for Han Shang Yan to show up.

Grunt and Ling Shan greet her, trying to explain that this field is not just playing around.

But she refuses to believe it.

So she continues to wait for Han Shang Yan.

Convincing Demo’s Mother

Han Shang Yan is not feeling well but he knows that Demo’s mother is persistent.

A while later, Han Shang Yan shows up in formal attire to meet Demo’s mother.

He invites her to a meal so they could have a discussion.

Demo’s mother is adamant about taking her son with her.

While sitting at the dining table, Demo’s mother lets Han Shang Yan lead the conversation.

Explaining that he’s been in this industry for at least 10 years since he was a former competitor in this internet security industry.

But Demo’s mother doesn’t understand these terms.

Yet Han Shang Yan continues saying that he can understand where she’s coming from because he’s seen these concerns before.

He goes further to explain that since he leads the branch in China, he’s in charge of scouting and contracting the best players, including Demo.

And that this professional can bring China international glory.

But Demo’s mother counters that she is concerned about Demo’s future and since she is his mother, she knows Demo doesn’t have that ability.

To which Han Shang Yan disagrees. Because he thinks Demo does.

Han Shang Yan truly thinks this team, including Demo has the ability to win the world championship for China.

Demo’s mother now starts to hesitate so Han Shang Yan uses a different explanation.

That’s easier for her to digest.

The earning potential of Demo at age 30 up to age 50 with a regular job.

Han Shang Yan will calculate those numbers and put it in the contact so Demo’s mother can be reassured of his future financial prospects.

Because he will match that earning potential.

But Demo interrupts and tells Han Shang Yan that he doesn’t want special treatment.

So Han Shang Yan counters that he must work hard for it.

Han Shang Yan is Sick

Han Shang Yan heads back to K&K headquarters after successfully taking care of Demo’s matter.

One and Ling Shan comment how suave Han Shang Yan looks into a suit.

And wonder if they should buy one for themselves as well.

But then they hear a loud clang after Han Shang Yan heads into his room and sees him barely upright on the floor.

Concerned, they ask if they should call a doctor. But Han Shang Yan tells them not to worry and get back to training.

Hmm, the last time Han Shang Yan was this sick was also after a conflict with Tong Nian. Could it be?

The next morning, Han Shang Yan isn’t that much better. And Demo gives me some special medication to use.

While also thanking him for the help last night.

Demo leaves him to rest and Su Cheng pops in for a moment to pass off some things before taking off to Norway.

She wonders if Han Shang Yan will be able to handle things while she’s gone but he reassures her that K&K won’t collapse in a day or two.

After she leaves, Han Shang Yan makes a call to Lan Mei’s husband.

Separation Money?

Lan Mei decides to tag along with her husband even though she wasn’t invited.

Because she wants to get to the bottom of this.

However, her husband is worried that she will blow things out of proportions.

But how could she not be? Lan Mei comments that Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan have known each other for 3 months.

And in those 3 months, they’ve broken up TWICE.

Lan Mei’s husband tries to pacify her while they head off to meet with Han Shang Yan.

Once they meet and sit down, Han Shang Yan asks if they want any drinks.

And Lan Mei’s husband extends the courtesy to his wife, who answers that she’ll take anything bitter.

So they order and Han Shang Yan gets to the point.

He asked them to come here because he wants them to help make Tong Nian happy.

And he offers an envelope with money.

Lan Mei scoffs while commenting that if this was separation money, the amount is way too little.

So Han Shang Yan explains that he will give more once he gets his paycheck.

However, Lan Mei still refuses explaining that Tong Nian doesn’t need this money because she’s pretty well off anyways.

And wonders if this is how Han Shang Yan normally separates from his girlfriends, by giving them separation money.

But Han Shang Yan admits that he’s never had any past girlfriends because Tong Nian was his first.

So Lan Mei questions if he feels guilty about breaking up and wants to get back together.

And is disappointed at Han Shang Yan’s answer.

Lan Mei: What is his deal? I can’t tell if this is a ploy…

Han Shang Yan leaves after finishing his coffee.

And Lan Mei is confused by his behavior.

Tong Nian Returns the Money

Lan Mei tells Tong Nian about her encounter with Han Shang Yan and asks if the breakup this time was initiated by Tong Nian.

But Tong Nian refuses to answer.

Then Lan Mei reveals the breakup fee she got from Han Shang Yan to Tong Nian.

And Tong Nian rushes out the door with it, planning to return it back to Han Shang Yan.

She finds him at the airport after getting the news from Ling Shan that K&K is flying out to compete today.

Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian leave together to speak privately.

Ling Shan and Demo feels like there’s something wrong with the two of them.

After Han Shang Yan clarifies that the money was given to Tong Nian as a separation fee, Tong Nian bravely speaks up and voices her thoughts.

Finally! I felt like the whole time she was being muted and just going along with the flow even though she doesn’t want to break up.

Even though their time was short together, she felt happy. And even though Han Shang Yan thinks they are incompatible, she didn’t mind.

Tong Nian thinks he’s a great guy and wants to continue supporting his team because she thinks they have a noble goal. And she wants to see them win the world championship.

And she doesn’t need his money.

Han Shang Yan accepts the money back and heads back to where the K&K team is waiting for him.

It’s early but Han Shang Yan tells the team to leave anyways and leads them away.

But pauses to ask Ling Shan to call a cab for Tong Nian.

Ugh, this is painful to watch. We know Han Shang Yan has his reasons but he needs to communicate!

Preventing Another Possible Suitor

While waiting outside, Tong Nian glances back, hoping she can see Han Shang Yan.


But she doesn’t see him.

And Han Shang Yan stares after Tong Nian’s back with longing.

Before taking off for his flight.

Beijing, CTF Competition Arena

The organizer (same guy who organized the singing competition) who’s an old acquaintance of Han Shang Yan’s wonders why he’s not with his team.

Han Shang Yan refuses to answer.

So the organizer changes the topic and asks for a favor. He wants Han Shang Yan and his girlfriend, Tong Nian to help out with a video streaming.

But Han Shang Yan refuses and warns the organizer not to ask Tong Nian separately.

For the following reasons: it will eat up a lot of time that may affect her studies and because they’re no longer dating.

The organizer then teases if it’s okay for him to start pursuing her.

Han Shang Yan: WHO did you say you were going to pursue!?

Intimidated, the organizer admits that it was a joke.

Then Ling Shan shows up to remind Han Shang Yan that the matches are about to start.

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Why is Han Shang Yan so stubborn!? Mi Shao Fei is trying to help him out and he refuses to reveal the truth to Tong Nian.

So what if she gets into an argument with her parents over a relationship with Han Shang Yan? It’s not for him to decide if it’s worth it. SHE should decide that.

Sigh. It’s been two episodes since this “misunderstanding” has started. Let’s hope it doesn’t drag on for too long.

What did you think of this episode? Thoughts on this Go Go Squid Episode 24 recap?

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