Go Go Squid Episode 25 Recap

Who’s getting irritated with all these misunderstands due to the lack of communication between our two leads? I know I am! Let’s see if their friends circle with help them out in this Go Go Squid Episode 25 recap!

Go Go Squid Episode 25 Recap Highlights:

  • Yaya helps Mi Shao Fei find an apartment so he doesn’t have to return home
  • Han Shang Yan struggles with his feelings as he wanders around the places he spent time with Tong Nian
  • Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan meet up again at Mi Shao Fei’s house warming party

Sometimes you need an outsiders point of view to help see the light and let’s hope these friends can smack some sense in our two leads. Check out this Go Go Squid Episode 25 recap!

Mi Shao Fei Has No Plans for the Future

Mi Shao Fei is heading back to his hotel after a grocery run and before he can enter the door, Yaya calls out to him.

He stops and greets her.

Yaya explains that she’s here to check if he’s still alive since she hasn’t heard any news about him lately.

Then she checks out what he bought, commenting how he shouldn’t eat instant noodles all the time.

Because it lacks nutrients.

Yaya, if you’re so concerned, be his girlfriend and cook for him! This upcoming couple is so cute.

She then finds a bottle of alcohol in his grocery bag and pulls it out.

The name is called Bi Xin so Yaya wonders which “Xin” (heart) it means.

So Yaya and Mi Shao Fei discuss back and forth if the underlying message is one’s heart or another’s heart.

Mi Shao Fei explains that it’s the latter.

And Yaya follows up by saying that if she were to drink it, it would mean she’s drinking up his heart.

So Mi Shao Fei smiles fondly at her.

These two are so cute! Mi Shao Fei is definitely smitten with Yaya.

He distracts himself by heading back into the hotel and Yaya follows.

Asking him when he plans on leaving.

Then when Mi Shao Fei reveals the date, he tells her that he plans on watching the current CTF match.

But Yaya drags him off to find someplace to watch the match.

And they end up at some small cafe that has portable televisions. Tong Nian joins them as well.

They all cheer when they see SP win the match. Mi Shao Fei comments that the team is much stronger now after he left.

But Yaya tells him not to degrade himself like that.

Convincing Mi Shao Fei Not to Leave Shanghai

He thinks that it’s the truth so Yaya leaves it like that but she doesn’t give up trying to convince him to stay.

While also hinting to Tong Nian to give her a hand.

So Tong Nian tells Mi Shao Fei that most of the original Team Solo is still in the CTF circle even though they don’t compete anymore.

So he could do the same.

Mi Shao Fei admits that he will think about it. Yaya tells him to take action inside and suggests picking an apartment.

Because if he needs time to think about it might as well grab an apartment so that when he’s done thinking. He won’t have to worry about living arrangements either.

Tong Nian gives Yaya a thumbs up for convincing Mi Shao Fei to look at apartments.

So Yaya accompanies Mi Shao Fei at each potential apartment.

Evaluating them and sharing her thoughts with him.


After looking at several places, they end up at the last one for the day.

Which looks pretty nice but Mi Shao Fei still has doubts.

Because he hasn’t thought about the future.

So Yaya tries to help him out by telling him to lie down on a couch and visualizing what would it be like living here.

Even pulling out one-time use facial masks to relax to do so.

After imagining it, Mi Shao Fei sits up from the couch and leans over to Yaya, tempted to give her a kiss.

But the latter wakes up before he gets the chance to do so.

Mi Shao Fei tells Yaya that he will take this place.

And in return of her help and Tong Nian’s, he will treat them to an extravagant meal.

Mi Shao Fei the Cupid

But instead of that, Yaya admits that she’s worried about Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan’s cold treatment towards her.

So Mi Shao Fei tells Yaya that he will take care of this.

Back at college, Yaya returns to her dorm room with clothes in her arms.

She happened to also pick up clothes for Tong Nian and her other roommate.

After passing out the clothes, Yaya asks Tong Nian about the K&K shirt, Han Shang Yan lent to her.

If she plans on returning it, might as well take a picture of it for a souvenir.

So Yaya takes a picture of it with Tong Nian’s cell phone and uploads it to her social media page.

With a comment that says she will get rid of it.

In another area, Han Shang Yan browses his phone and sees the comment Yaya left under the guise of Tong Nian.

He seems disturbed.

Feeling remorse, Han Shang Yan?

Han Shang Yan stops somewhere nearby and puts a candy in his mouth.

Then lingers inside the mall but not really going anywhere at first.

Just riding the escalator up and down.

Reminiscing the times he spent with Tong Nian.

More Separation Gifts?

Wu Bai notices that Han Shang Yan is in a weird mood and finds him lounging on a couch.

Then sees a gift bag with some games.

Wondering if Han Shang Yan has money again. But Han Shang Yan tells him that this is just another separation gift for Tong Nian.

And Wu Bai chokes up a bit.

I bet he’s internally dying because his bro would rather spend money on a separation gift for Tong Nian then pay him back.

Wu Bai comments how generous Han Shang Yan is.

But Han Shang Yan surprises him by asking him if he has money to spare.

In the form of cash.

Wu Bai leaves him high and dry even though Han Shang Yan pulled out the brotherhood card.

Mi Shao Fei’s Housewarming Party

Han Shang Yan gets a surprised visitor when Mi Shao Fei shows up to visit him.

Mi Shao Fei tells Han Shang Yan that he recently rented an apartment and invites him over to visit.

Admitting that Yaya helped him get one so quickly.

While Han Shang Yan secretly smirks and then quickly changes his expression when Mi Shao Fei adds that Tong Nian also helped.

At Mi Shao Fei’s apartment, Mi Shao Fei reassures Yaya that Han Shang Yan will definitely come.

But he also wants to convince Tong Nian to not give up on Han Shang Yan. So he tells her to not trust whatever comes out of Han Shang Yan’s mouth.

Because everyone in Team Solo knows that Han Shang Yan is great at lying.

Yet Tong Nian doesn’t seem to get it because she comments that she knows Han Shang Yan doesn’t like her.

Mi Shao Fei counters and tells her that he knows Han Shang Yan likes her.

Explaining that Han Shang Yan doesn’t have a lot of women in his life so he’s not that great at expressing emotions.

But he’s absolutely positive that Han Shang Yan likes her.

Tong Nian is still not convinced though.

Sigh. More work to be done.

Mi Shao Fei then gets a text and asks Tong Nian to do him a favor. He tells her to help him open the door downstairs to let people in because it’s broken.

When she takes off, Yaya wonders who just arrived.

But Mi Shao Fei tells her that it’s someone who was bound to come.

Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan Meet Again

Tong Nian struggles with the door so Han Shang Yan ends up pulling it open from his end.

And the two of them share a short conversation before Ou Qiang cuts in.

Addressing Tong Nian as Sister-in-law.

While Han Shang Yan lectures him for doing so.

These two really need to talk!!!!

Tong Nian tells them the room number and Han Shang Yan heads up first.

With Ou Qiang trailing behind, wondering why he’s so moody.

Upstairs, Han Shang Yan gives Mi Shao Fei a red envelope as his house-warming gift.

And Ou Qiang follows up with his red envelope too.

Red envelopes are good luck blessings with money inside.

Then comments how Han Shang Yan bullied Tong Nian downstairs.

So Mi Shao Fei warns him that if he continues to bully his guest, he will throw him out the window.

Looks like everyone is getting involved now. When will these two sort it out?

Tong Nian continues to wait outside for a bit and Solo shows up with his daughter, Xiao Ai.

Knowing that Solo and Han Shang Yan still have disagreements with each other, Tong Nian pleads with Solo to not argue with Han Shang Yan for today.

And Solo agrees.

Unexpected Shopping Trip

Once Solo gets upstairs, he also presents a red envelope to Mi Shao Fei, using the same expression that Han Shang Yan did earlier.

Then everyone gathers around the small dining table with Tong Nian sitting pretty close to Han Shang Yan with Xiao Ai hanging at the edge of her chair.

She throws a curveball and asks Tong Nian if she ever considered her proposal last time.

About potentially dating her dad.

Because he’s a LOT better than her current option.

Tong Nian refuses to answer and plans to escape, telling everyone that she’s going to grocery shopping.

So Mi Shao Fei plans to have Tong Nian go to Han Shang Yan. Making a long list of items that would be too much for Tong Nian to buy and carry herself.

During the shopping run, Han Shang Yan leaves her a moment to bring back a bunch of snacks.

That were her favorites from the last time they shopped together.

Han Shang Yan comments that he can’t help having a great memory.

Ugh, Han Shang Yan, why don’t you just admit you like her and clear up this misunderstanding!

Bringing back all of the items, Mi Shao Fei convinces Han Shang Yan to stay a bit longer to help them carry the items up.

By saying he must have injured his wrist awhile back ago.

After emptying out the car, Tong Nian tries to convince Han Shang Yan to stay over for dinner.

But Han Shang Yan tells her that it might be difficult, implying he has a lot of work to do.

And then he surprises her by giving her the bag of games he bought last time.

So before she heads upstairs, she tells him to come if he can because everyone will be waiting for him.

Tong Nian Has Been Quietly Supporting K&K

Han Shang Yan doesn’t leave immediately and sits in his car frustrated with his current feelings.

Not noticing that Yaya came over to speak with him. She asks for his phone and shows him the website Tong Nian has been building for him and K&K.

Because their old website is outdated and looks like it was made by middle schoolers.


Yaya also pleads with Han Shang Yan not to torment Tong Nian anymore if he has feelings for her.

And leaves him to think about it.

While Han Shang Yan is browsing through the website Tong Nian made for him, he finds his retirement speech video and plays it.

Remembering the time when Tong Nian recited it as well. Touched and conflicted with his promise with Tong Nian’s mother, Han Shang Yan contemplates some more.

Later that night, everyone else aside from Han Shang Yan is sharing a meal at Mi Shao Fei’s place.

With Ou Qiang leading the speeches for two out of the three toasts and in the middle of it, complains why he doesn’t have such a devoted fan like Yaya.

So Yaya chimes in that she’s also Ou Qiang’s fan too, not quite as devoted to him as Mi Shao Fei.

But a fan nonetheless.


Mi Shao Fei takes over for the last toast and brings up Han Shang Yan, telling everyone that he’s easily understood but he knows Han Shang Yan has a big heart.

Then Solo speaks up as well to explain to Tong Nian that Han Shang Yan is a workaholic and to not mind when he doesn’t have time to spend with her most days.

Tong Nian tells everyone she doesn’t mind and she doesn’t have the right to mind.

Taking off for the hospital, shortly after.

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These misunderstandings have been dragging for 2-3 episodes? And it’s not even a big one! But all due to a lack of communication between our two leads.

But at least they have friends who can help them out. Mi Shao Fei and Yaya are super cute.

Solo is also pretty intuitive too and can sense that there’s something wrong going on with Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian.

What did you think of this episode? Any thoughts on this Go Go Squid Episode 25 recap?

Leave a comment below!

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Thelma Nachinga
Thelma Nachinga
2 years ago

Han shang yan is cute though he is usually grumpy.. It’s rare wen he smiles n Tong nian is his reason for smiling

Thelma Nachinga
Thelma Nachinga
2 years ago
Reply to  Coco

Soft as the inner part of a coconut 🥥

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