Go Go Squid Episode 26 Recap

Mi Shao Fei’s interference with the last episode helped Tong Nian see that Han Shang Yan still cares for her. Will we see Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian get back together in this Go Go Squid Episode 26 recap?

Let’s find out!

Go Go Squid Episode 26 Recap Highlights:

  • Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian’s relationship improves a little
  • Xiao Ai sneaks over to Tong Nian’s dorm room again
  • Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan try to help Solo out with Xiao Ai

We only have 14 episodes left, so will we tie up loose ends? Let’s find out in the Go Go Squid Episode 26 recap!

Zheng Hui’s Misunderstanding

Tong Nian rushes into a hospital and meets up with Zheng Hui.

Seeing her arrive, he composes himself and wipes away his tears.

Not wanting to look weak in front of her.

Then Tong Nian asks if the surgery went okay and Zheng Hui tells her it went well.

The time for the surgery was shorter than expected too.

Zheng Hui tells Tong Nian that she didn’t need to come but Tong Nian disagrees because it’s such an important day. His expression lights up with joy when he hears her admit that.

He’s getting the wrong idea though.

The two of them head over to a rest area to chat.

Meanwhile, Han Shang Yan rushes to the hospital and asks where people who just had surgery are located.

Did his friends prank him to see what his reaction would be?

Zheng Hui and Tong Nian chat for a bit before he asks her to dinner, thinking she’s hungry.

And is disappointed to hear that she already ate. But Tong Nian offers to go with him anyways.

In the background, Han Shang Yan arrives to the scene.

He sees them conversing but he can’t help but scrunch his eyebrows. It looks like he’s irritated from seeing Zheng Hui and Tong Nian together.

Meanwhile, Zheng Hui is struggling to tell Tong Nian something.

Before he can get it out, Han Shang Yan cuts in.

And Tong Nian is pleasantly surprised to see him here.

Zheng Hui mistakes Han Shang Yan as Tong Nian’s brother from last time. So Tong Nian tries to clarify that he’s not her brother but an elder that is familiar with her family.

So Zheng Hui corrects himself and addresses Han Shang Yan as Tong Nian’s Uncle.

Han Shang is Jealous?

Han Shang Yan rolls his eyes in response while Tong Nian tries to contain her laughter.

He plans on tagging along with them to the restaurant, telling Tong Nian he “happened” to be in the arena and overheard them.

Hinting to Zheng Hui that there’s no time like the present. But Zheng Hui mistakenly believes Han Shang Yan is giving his approval to Zheng Hui.

As an “Uncle” to take Tong Nian out to eat.

At the restaurant, Han Shang Yan steals Zheng Hui’s seat when the latter planned on sitting next to Tong Nian.

Omigosh, so childish! Han Shang Yan is being jealous. XD

Then when a server comes over to give the three of them menus, Zheng Hui tells Tong Nian that this meal is on him.

He orders a strawberry tart for Tong Nian and then Han Shang Yan orders several entrees.

Surprising Zheng Hui and Tong Nian.

After the food arrives, Tong Nian plans on salvaging the awkward situation so she tries to convince Han Shang Yan to leave.

But when that doesn’t work, she successfully convinces Zheng Hui to leave and return to the hospital.

Then she explains to Han Shang Yan that Zheng Hui is pitiful because it’s just been him and his mom.

Han Shang Yan however, doesn’t see it that way and explains his situation to her. Asking her if he’s more pitiful.

Tong Nian, you’re being tricked so easily!

Tong Nian is so touched and she completely agrees with Han Shang Yan. And the latter feels a bit bad taking advantage of her.

Because she comforts him and tells him that he will always have K&K behind him and her for support.

Oh Han Shang Yan, you devil! You just love teasing Tong Nian huh?

A Dance At Night

After the house warming party, Yaya helps Mi Shao Fei clean up with apartment.

While cleaning, he asks her to address him differently because calling him “idol” all the time seems awkward.

Considering how familiar they are with each other now.

Yaya shyly agrees.

After leaving the restaurant, Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan take a night stroll and chat for a bit.

Han Shang Yan curiously asks about the comment Tong Nian made on her social media account about the K&K shirt (Grab yours here!)

So Tong Nian clarifies that she never had any intention to throw away his shirt.

Because she values it very much.

Touched, Han Shang Yan then admits that lately his mood hasn’t been the greatest.

So Tong Nian boldly asks if it’s because of her. And Han Shang Yan nods in affirmation.

Does this mean they cleared up the misunderstanding?

Just nearby, someone dressed up in an alien costume starts playing some music.

And Han Shang Yan tugs Tong Nian along for a dance.

Back at Mi Shao Fei’s apartment, Yaya is done cleaning up and is about to take off for the night.

She calls out to Mi Shao Fei with an endearing term (Shao Mi Ge) and Mi Shao Fei is ecstatic.

Two Girls in Love


Yaya and Tong Nian return to their dorm but the two of them are completely out of it.

Smiling and giggling to themselves.

They try to compose themselves but it’s obvious that they had a pleasant time this night.

Tong Nian stares at Yaya and interrogates her, wondering why she’s smiling so much.

Before Yaya answers, she questions Tong Nian instead. Wondering if she has made some progress lately.

When Tong Nian refuses to answer, Yaya speculates if she’s this happy because Zheng Hui confessed to her and then Tong Nian realized that Zheng Hui is actually the one for her.

Tong Nian then argues that it wasn’t Zheng Hui.

So Yaya teases her about Han Shang Yan.

Grandpa Han is Confused About Han Shang Yan’s Behavior

Han Shang Yan returns to his home to pick up his cat and his grandpa appears.

Lecturing him for raising a cat and wonders if he can really take care of another being.

Han Shang Yan is unfazed though and holds the cat in his arms close to his grandpa, asking the latter if he wants to hold it.

But Grandpa Han refuses. Then he notices that Han Shang Yan is in a good mood.

Asking him if his team won a competition recently.

Han Shang Yan recalls his dance at night with Tong Nian with a smile, but tells his grandpa that yes, his team did win recently.

So Grandpa Han comments that it’s great his team is showing results.

Then Han Shang Yan surprises him again by asking if he is bored of watching the same DVD shows.

Because he can buy new ones for him.

Grandpa Han: Who are you and what have you done to my grandson!?

How cute! Han Shang Yan is so happy that he has made some amends with Tong Nian.

Han Shang Yan even gives Grandpa Han a new cell phone to use, noticing that the last one has issues.

This behavior is odd for Han Shang Yan so Grandpa Han wonders what is wrong with him.

The power of L-O-V-E grandpa! Your grandson is in love. (๑>ᴗ<๑)

Solo’s Discussion With Su Cheng

At SP headquarters, Solo tells Su Cheng to give him more time to decide whether or not to let Xiao Ai go out of the country with her.

Because he hasn’t shared it with Xiao Ai yet.

However he does agree that it’s best if daughters are with their mothers because some things are just easier to discuss between the two of them.


In order to comfort Solo, Su Cheng tells him that Xiao Ai will always be his daughter.

And she knows how hard he’s worked to get this far so she hopes that he can always be happy.

Because in the past she wasn’t able to help him at all, instead, she caused something terrible to happen to him.

Is the terrible thing the separation of Team Solo? Are we going to find what happened? Finally?

The two of them smile at each other, seeing that the past is forgiven and should stay in the past.

Xiao Ai Refuses to Leave With Su Cheng

At Solo’s place, Xiao Ai puts on some medication on her back while the door is closed.

Solo knocks but she doesn’t hear him because her earbuds aren’t in.

Worried, he knocks harder but then Xiao Ai opens the door. She wonders if there’s something her dad wants to discuss with her.

The two of them chat for a bit and Xiao Ai wonders why she has this skin condition. So Solo tells her it’s probably inherited from her mother.

Then Xiao Ai retorts that she never gets anything good from her mother. But Solo lectures her for thinking that way.

Ouch. Xiao Ai is right but at the same time, Su Cheng is trying to repent. In Chinese culture, you need to respect your parents no matter what. Because they are the ones to give you life. Sigh.

Solo asks her if it’s okay to discuss something with her. Xiao Ai tells him anything can be discussed unless it has to do with her moving out with her mom.

So he tries to convince her that leaving with her mother is better for her.

But she’s not convinced. Telling him her viewpoint of how her mother abandoned them right after she gave birth to her.

Xiao Ai doesn’t want to acknowledge her mother and leaves the living room, fleeing to her room.


She locks her door and ignores Solo.

Then secretly leaves from the back door with some luggage while Solo calls his mom to come over.

Solo Reveals the Truth to Xiao Ai

Yaya and Tong Nian head back to their dorm room and find Xiao Ai waiting for them right outside.

When they ask her why she’s here, Xiao Ai tells them that she left home again.

And the group enters the dorm room.

A little while later, Solo shows up, wanting to discuss with Xiao Ai but she refuses to come out of the dorms.

So Tong Nian asks the dorm lady if she can bring the two guys (her “family members”) briefly.

That works and Tong Nian leads Solo into her room to chat with Xiao Ai.

Before letting them in though, she asks them for a few minutes and rushes in to clean up.

The girls scramble to make their room presentable. Removing the snacks and the undergarments that are hanging off of their beds.

Xiao Ai is amused seeing them rushing.

When Solo and Han Shang Yan finally enter the room, everyone leaves except for Solo and Xiao Ai.

Because Solo plans on clearing up all of the misunderstandings Xiao Ai currently has.

As Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan watch from outside, they realize the conversation isn’t going that well when they hear Xiao Ai shout very loudly.

When they enter the room, Xiao Ai is in anguish. Yelling at her dad for not being aware of her existence until her mother carried her to him.

Complaining that if Solo never wanted her in the first place, why did he bother raising her?

Solo tries to comfort Xiao Ai after she lashes out more hurtful words, telling her that he never regrets raising her.

Because she was the one who helped him realize what is actually precious.

Watching her grow up was one of the biggest joys in his life.

Han Shang Yan Helps Out

Aww. Solo, you’re such a great dad.

But Xiao Ai refuses his attempts to hug her, sniffling off to the side. Tong Nian tells Solo that it’s probably best to let her stay here until she calms down.

When Han Shang Yan and Solo leave, Tong Nian hugs Xiao Ai and comforts her.

Meanwhile, Han Shang Yan is outside hearing Solo talk about his concerns and worries.

He can’t bear to let Xiao Ai leave with her mother but he knows it’s best for her.

As busy as he is, it’s hard for him to take care of her. And honestly, sometimes he has trouble understanding her thoughts.

Solo leaves with a heavy sigh and Han Shang Yan gazes afar, debating on something.

Back at Tong Nian’s dorm, Xiao Ai is hanging out in her bed and refusing to do anything.

After getting a message from Han Shang Yan to take Xiao Ai out, Tong Nian convinces Xiao Ai that they should go eat.

Outside, Han Shang Yan tells Xiao Ai to take out her backup hearing device and go somewhere with him to hear the full story.

About her parent’s past.

Xiao Ai is surprised to hear that Han Shang Yan believes she has a backup hearing device and agrees to put it on.

Telling Tong Nian that it’s hidden in her backpack.

So Tong Nian leaves the two of them to go get it.

While Xiao Ai waits with Han Shang Yan quietly.

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I was tearing up when I heard Solo’s speech towards Xiao Ai. He’s not the greatest dad but he really cares for Xiao Ai.

Sure, he found out later about Xiao Ai’s existence but he did the best he could raising her up.

And to go from barely scraping by to a manager while taking care of a child single-handedly takes a lot of effort!

How many dads can do that?

Can’t wait for the next episode! What happened between Su Cheng and Solo?

Thoughts on this episode? Or on this Go Go Squid Episode 26 recap?

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