Go Go Squid Episode 27 Recap

Poor Xiao Ai, she probably feels like her birth was an accident and no one loves her. Let’s see if the discussion in this Go Go Squid Episode 27 recap will break the chains around her heart!

Go Go Squid Episode 27 Recap Highlights:

  • Su Cheng and Xiao Ai have a chat
  • Solo is worried sick about his relationship with Xiao Ai
  • Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian are MVPs

I’m curious about the past of Su Cheng and Solo and how it relates to Team Solo so hopefully, this episode will clear these issues up.

After all, the series is almost ending, and we have so many unanswered questions!

Without further adieu, let’s jump right into the Go Go Squid Episode 27 recap!

Han Shang Yan Answers Xiao Ai’s Questions

Han Shang Yan leads Tong Nian and Xiao Ai to nearby park.

Then Tong Nian sees the look in Han Shang Yan’s eyes so she leaves them alone to chat but reminds him not to be so fierce with her.

Han Shang Yan is known to be blunt with words, haha.

Feeling wronged, Han Shang Yan counters Tong Nian by saying if his years of running his team were wasted.

So Tong Nian relents and waves goodbye to Xiao Ai as she leaves the two of them alone.

Han Shang Yan takes a seat on a nearby bench while Xiao Ai sits up on a ledge.

She starts off by asking how her parents met.

It turns out Su Cheng was a former competitor and she met Solo awhile back ago.

Xiao Ai feels a little better knowing that her mother and father knew each other first before Appledog came into the picture.

But she still wonders how they broke up.

And Han Shang Yan is unsure of the details.

Thinking the reason could be anything.

So Xiao Ai wonders if her mother wanted to give birth to her anyways and her father didn’t want her?

The two of them pause their conversation as they think about the possibilities.


Solo’s Team is playing against Su Cheng and Solo smiles while watching Su Cheng type away on the computer.

Su Cheng confronts Solo about giving her a handicap because she could tell during the match that he was taking it easy on her.

Solo tells her he felt bad winning against her team so many times so he wanted to giver her a chance.

But Su Cheng tells him that this gesture hurts her pride more.

Because she likes Solo so much and wants to show him her skills.

Su Cheng Brings Xiao Ai into Solo’s Life

Flashback – 10 years Prior to Current Day

Su Cheng shows up with her child and asks Han Shang Yan to see Solo. It’s been two years since Han Shang Yan last saw her.

And currently, Solo is in a relationship with Appledog.

When Solo returns, he’s furious to hear that Su Cheng gave birth to his child and told her last minute.

Because he had the right to know.

Su Cheng tears up in front of Solo and explains that she has no means to raise her child so she begs Solo to take care of the child.

Since his team is doing so well now in the competitions, it shouldn’t be difficult for him to raise the child.

And she’s willing to participate in any testing to prove that this is his child.

So she begs Solo to take her child in because she can barely raise herself with the money she’s earning.

Solo doesn’t question the child’s father but is instead hurt that Su Cheng doesn’t understand why he’s frustrated.

He wanted to know why she couldn’t tell him she was pregnant early on.

So Su Cheng explains that she found out at the three months mark.

And by that time, it was too late. And since they’ve already broken up, it was difficult to tell him.

Appledog then bursts into the scene and asks Solo about the child.

Solo admits that the child is his but he never betrayed Appledog because his relationship with Su Cheng ended two years ago.

Before he knew Appledog.

Yet, Appledog still felt betrayed as she lashes out at him before rushing out of the house.

Flashback ends

Solo’s Decision

Xiao Ai understands that back then, Solo chose her over his team and it’s because of this Han Shang Yan hates him.

Han Shang Yan recalls in the past when he offered to shoulder the burden of raising Xiao Ai for Solo.

As well as pretending to admit that Xiao Ai was his child instead of Solo’s. Because Appledog was so important to the team and they couldn’t risk ruining the relationship between Appledog and Solo.

Since they were so close to winning the nationals. All their work was going to pay off and this child put a wrench in their plans.

But Solo couldn’t decide to be ruthless and couldn’t leave the child alone.

As the memory fades, Xiao Ai comments that her father was a great dad.

But Han Shang Yan counters that he wasn’t a great team leader. Because he put his personal needs over the team’s future.

And even though Solo has been working his tail off to pull Mi Shao Fei and Ou Qiang back into the industry, it’s not the same. Because those prime competitive years are forever gone.

A professional hacker’s skills max out during those prime years.

So Xiao Ai asks Han Shang Yan if he was in her position, could he be so ruthless?

As a young weak child, Xiao Ai was helpless and needed her father more than the team.

Mother and Daughter Chat

Su Cheng shows up and Xiao Ai asks her if they could have a chat.

It looks like Xiao Ai has calmed down from her earlier outburst to hear the truth.

Han Shang Yan heads over to where Tong Nian is waiting and notices that she isn’t even aware of his presence.

So he leans in closer until she gasps in surprise. Commenting that this is the first time her attention wasn’t on him.

Ohoho so Han Shang Yan, you’re basically admitting that you like it when Tong Nian showers you with attention hmm?

Tong Nian explains that she’s concerned about how the discussion will go between Su Cheng and Xiao Ai.

Su Cheng and Xiao Ai make some small talk before Xiao Ai brings out the question she’s been struggling with.

She wants to know why she was born if her mother didn’t love her father or her.

But Su Cheng explains that she did love her father. She previously loved Solo so much that she wanted to give birth to her.

Because it would remind her of the times she spent with Solo.

And of course, Xiao Ai doesn’t like being treated as a momento because she’s a living, breathing human being.

Su Cheng apologizes, explaining that she was too naive back then. She thought she could raise Xiao Ai but her profession didn’t go so well.

So she gave her up to Solo to raise not realizing that this caused Team Solo to disband.

It took 27 episodes!!! But we finally know the reason why Team Solo disbanded.

As for the reason why Su Cheng broke up with Solo, it’s because she barely had any time to spend with him.

Because Solo was so focused on winning competitions and didn’t realize that Su Cheng wanted his company.

Starting Anew

So it was better for the two of them to split up.

After sharing their heartfelt discussions, Han Shang Yan drives the group home and drops off Xiao Ai first.

It’s raining heavily but Su Cheng carries the umbrella while holding Xiao Ai close to her so she doesn’t get wet.

At the entrance to Solo’s house, Xiao Ai surprises Su Cheng by giving her a hug. And Su Cheng is moved to tears.

It looks like the two of them can move forward.

When Xiao Ai returns to her home, Solo expresses his concern when he sees her hair wet from the rain.

And grabs a blow dryer to help her quickly dry it.

The two of them make amends while Xiao Ai asks her father to make her a meal as an apology.

A while later, Xiao Ai brews a packet of cold medicine and encourages her dad to take it before he starts cooking.

Looks like Xiao Ai has matured a bit.

Then Solo finds out that Han Shang Yan drove Xiao Ai home so he rushes outside to invite Han Shang Yan in.

But the latter refuses, using work as an excuse.

It looks like these two still can’t make up yet.

Su Cheng meets up with Appledog in a cafe a while later.

She believes she owes Appledog a long overdue apology.

But Appledog tells her that she’s already gotten over the past. What angered her wasn’t the fact that Su Cheng brought over Xiao Ai, but how Solo kept her in the dark.

Solo didn’t tell her about his decision to raise Xiao Ai until last minute. Nor did he tell her about his decision to retire from the team.

So Appledog felt that she had to break up with him.

Seeking Advice

But Appledog couldn’t stay angry for long. Seeing how Solo raised Xiao Ai even though he never had children.

And how diligent he was.

The past should stay in the past so Su Cheng brings up why she asked for this meeting.

She wants her advice because she plans on bringing Xiao Ai to Norway to get Xiao Ai’s ears treated.

And she’s worried about Solo.

So Appledog advises her to ask Xiao Ai’s opinion. Xiao Ai is 12 years old and is old enough to start thinking for herself.

Xiao Ai was raised by Solo for 10 years while Su Cheng raised her for 2.

Without guessing, it’s obvious that Xiao Ai’s bond with Solo is closer.

Later in the day, Han Shang Yan stops by his house with Tong Nian still in his car.

He has something to grab real quick but Tong Nian ends up entering the house with him.

Then greeting Grandpa Han as well who hasn’t seen her for awhile.

Grandpa Han takes this chance to encourage the two to spend more time together.

Grandpa Han is still playing cupid. Haha

The two of them head upstairs and end up cleaning up some cat food that has spilled over.

And Tong Nian finds out that Han Shang Yan still has the cat she gave him.

So she takes this opportunity to get some clarity on some other issues. Like why he lied to her back then about giving the cat away.

Han Shang Yan tells her that he was in a bad mood that day and if there are other things he’s not telling her, it’s for her own good.

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Can you really blame Solo for his decision back then? When he prioritized Xiao Ai’s wellbeing over his team?

I don’t think I can and I think that’s what Han Shang Yan struggles with as well. Because he knows that Solo is a great person.

He can’t blame him yet can’t forgive him.

So he’s stuck. But at least he’s communicating more with Solo now and eventually they will clear everything up hopefully?

At the same time, Tong Nian is a great friend and the relationship is still pretty good.

So maybe Han Shang Yan will miss their intimacy?

I think once they get over these misunderstandings, they can patch up and have more fluffy moments!

What did you think about this episode? Do you blame Solo for his decision back then?

Let me know your thoughts on this Go Go Squid Episode 27 recap!

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