Go Go Squid Episode 28 Recap

I’m happy for Solo and Xiao Ai because they cleared up the misunderstandings between them! What’s next? Let’s find out in Go Go Squid Episode 28 recap!

Go Go Squid Episode 28 Recap Highlights:

  • Grandpa Han is heading back to Norway soon so he wants to visit his old hometown
  • Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian hang out together in the old town
  • Grandpa Han regrets not trying to understand Han Shang Yan earlier

And it looks like Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian are doing fine as friends. But will Han Shang Yan take the next step to let Tong Nian know that he wants to be more than friends?

Let’s see in Go Go Squid Episode 28 recap!

Grandpa Han’s Concern

Upstairs in Han Shang Yan’s room, Tong Nian watches from the sidelines as Han Shang Yan packs his clothes in his suitcase.

Commenting that his room is relatively neat and tidy.

Tong Nian learns that Han Shang Yan is a nice boss when she hears him comment that he doesn’t ask the cleaning ladies at K&K headquarters to clean his house.

He also doesn’t like people calling him boss so they call him “Lao Da” (aka BigBro).

Tong Nian turns around when she notices him packing his underwear.

Han Shang Yan sees her turn around but doesn’t comment.

They continue their small talk while Han Shang Yan finishes packing up.

Back downstairs, Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan hang out with Grandpa Han in living room couch.

Tong Nian attempts to peel an apple for Grandpa Han but struggles so Han Shang Yan takes over.

But when it’s peeled, Grandpa Han worries that Han Shang Yan didn’t wash his hands before peeling the apple.

So he doesn’t eat it.

Tong Nian takes a bit first and comments how sweet it is. And this convinces Grandpa Han to take a bite.

Grandpa Han is soooo biased.

After munching on some apples, Grandpa Han tells Tong Nian that he’s returning to Norway in a few days.

And he expresses his concern about not being able to see Tong Nian when he misses her.

So Han Shang Yan cuts in to tell him that he will bring her to Norway to visit him.

As long as Tong Nian is free because she’s still in school.

But then Tong Nian mentions that she’s free most of the time.

With a big smile on her face.

And Grandpa Han is ecstatic to hear that.

Han Shang Yan’s Naming Sense

After leaving the house, Han Shang Yan plans on driving Tong Nian back to school as they get back into the car.

While doing so, Tong Nian asks about the cat she gave him and when she can see it again.

But Han Shang Yan tells her that “Little Squid” (the cat) needs to be disciplined before he can let her see it.

Tong Nian chuckles at his naming sense and tells him to change the name before the cat gets used to it.

Han Shang Yan refuses because he thinks it makes perfect sense.

Since it’s a spin off of Tong Nian’s internet name.

Aww. How cute!

Yaya’s Advice

Back at the school dorms, Tong Nian has a big goofy smile on her face while working on an assignment.

And Yaya notices it after coming over to call her out on it.

Seeing her leaning on her shoulder, Tong Nian asks if people can get back together after breaking up twice.

Yaya tells her that those two times weren’t really breaking up because in her mind, Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan started off really weird.

From a fake relationship to a weird breakup to somehow getting back together again. And then breaking up over a cat? Yup, super weird.

And besides, Yaya thinks that out of ALL the guys Tong Nian is surrounded with, Han Shang Yan is the best.

Then Tong Nian shares another concern, mentioning that her mother doesn’t like Han Shang Yan so she doesn’t want to bring up that they’re still in contact with each other.

So Yaya tells Tong Nian that she should find opportunities for Han Shang Yan and her mother to interact more often.

Because Han Shang Yan usually keeps his good points hidden.

When in fact, he’s actually a nice guy.

Yaya tells her not to worry.

Later in the day, Tong Nian stops by her house and sees that Zheng Hui came over.

He’s telling Tong Nian’s mother his backstory and how it’s been just him and his mom for awhile.

Since his father passed away early on. Tong Nian comes into the picture and greets everyone before grabbing a seat next to her mom.

Her mother tells Tong Nian that Zheng Hui has been super helpful. Prepping the string beans and whatnot.

But Tong Nian pouts and tells her mom that even if she offered to do it, her mom wouldn’t let her.

Convincing her Mother to Plan A Road Trip

Then Tong Nian’s aunt chimes in, commenting that Tong Nian may be blessed to never do housework.

And Tong Nian murmurs that someone will help her do it anyways.

She’s probably thinking of Han Shang Yan.

But Zheng Hui looks up with joy, misunderstanding Tong Nian’s words.

So he takes the initiative to ask if Tong Nian’s mother needs help carrying the bowl of string beans to the kitchen.

But she refuses (since he’s a guest) and tells him to chat with Tong Nian’s aunt while she goes into the kitchen with Tong Nian.

Tong Nian tells her mother that Grandpa Han is returning to Norway soon.

Then plays the pity card. Telling her mother how pitiful Grandpa Han is.

Because he’s getting on in his age and yet is unable to visit the town he grew up in.

And when he returns to Norway, who knows when he will get to fly back.

After enough convincing, Tong Nian’s mother sympathizes because Tong Nian’s grandfather and Grandpa Han grew up in the same town.

So she tells Tong Nian that they need to discuss this with Grandpa Han before making the arrangements.

Tong Nian pumps her arms up in joy because it’s a success.

Road Trip to an Old Town

Tong Nian chuckles to herself while her mom is on the phone with Grandpa Han and it sounds like the plan is in play.

Because she overhears her mom telling Grandpa Han that she will plan the trip this weekend.

Her father notices her odd behavior and wonders what’s so funny.

So Tong Nian tells him that the current commercial is funny.

But it’s just a duck waddling in some water.

On the day of the trip, Han Shang Yan pulls his car close to Tong Nian’s parents car for a brief stop.

So he can greet them. And Grandpa Han takes this chance to tell Han Shang Yan to invite Tong Nian to their car.

But it doesn’t go as planned because Han Shang Yan asked if anyone would like to come over to his car since theirs is crowded.

And Tong Nian’s mother asked Dou Nan to volunteer.

Yep, she still doesn’t like Han Shang Yan.

Tong Nian’s father is impressed though and comments that he never noticed how caring he is before.

The mother is unresponsive to that comment.

On the way to Su Zhou (Grandpa Han’s childhood town), the group makes a pit stop.

To rest and grab some drinks.

Tong Nian takes off to buy some drinks and snacks for everyone while everyone else disburses to do what they want.

Grandpa Han, escorted by Tong Nian’s mother, takes a small walk and talks about his future arrangements.

Like when he passes away, everything will be taken care of by Han Shang Yan.

While also lamenting how Han Shang Yan’s childhood was so pitiful.

It looks like Grandpa Han is not going to give up trying to win Tong Nian’s mother over.

Greeting the Elders in Su Zhou

After coming back with the snacks, Tong Nian offers Han Shang Yan a popsicle but Han Shang Yan offers it back to her after opening it.

Yet Dou Nan snatches it away.

Wanting to give them some time alone, Grandpa Han tells Dou Nan to escort him back to the washroom so he can wash his hands.

So Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan go for a walk since the weather is great.

Concerned about the sunlight, Han Shang Yan offers to give her some shade by raising his arm above her head the whole time.

So sweet! Han Shang Yan can actually be a doting boyfriend.

When the group arrives in Su Zhou, they greet another old lady and enter her home to chat.

It turns out she’s quite close to Tong Nian’s family and Han Shang Yan’s grandpa.

And everyone introduces their children/grandchildren to the lady.

When it came to Han Shang Yan, the elder lady notices that he’s much older than the others.

Then hearing that he’s 30 years old, wonders if he’s married yet and if he has kids.

Asian grandparents and their obsession with having grandkids!

And is disappointed to hear that he isn’t.

Commenting that on her side of the family, the twenty-something year olds area already married and have kids.

So this lady lectures Han Shang Yan that he should hurry up with it because his grandpa is anxious.

Then wonders if Han Shang Yan has been divorced.

Both Tong Nian and her cousin sister snicker in response.

Han Shang Yan bails afterwards, telling the elders that he’s going to see if anyone needs help prepping the food.

And Tong Nian follows him as well. So does Dou Nan.

Exploring the Old Town

Dou Nan’s sister tries but fails when her mother tells her to stay and chat with the elders.

Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan check in with the girl making food in the kitchen.

But since she doesn’t need the help, the two escape to explore the town.

Tong Nian tells Han Shang Yan that if her mother didn’t tell her, she wouldn’t have known how close their families are.

And Han Shang Yan wonders why she brings that up. Asking her if she thinks they are fated.

Then Han Shang Yan quotes a Chinese proverb.

“If you are fated, even if you are separated by a thousand li (about 500 km), you will still meet.”

Han Shang Yan then asks Tong Nian if she knows the following verse. Since she doesn’t, he finishes it off.

“But if you are not fated to meet face to face, it’s a waste.”

I’m pretty sure Han Shang Yan made up the last verse. (๑>ᴗ<๑)

As they continue to stroll around, they come across some elders playing Chinese chess.

And they offer Han Shang Yan a chance to play. If he wins, he can grab anything from an elder’s store (drinks, snacks, etc).

Chinese chess!

Tong Nian comments that she is surprised to see him play this.

And Han Shang Yan boasts that he’s knows a little bit of qin, chi, shu, hua (aka the four literary arts).

Qin = Chinese piano, Chi = Chinese Chess, Shu = Chinese literature, Hua = Drawing. In ancient times, men and women were expected to learn the four literary arts so they would be more desirable for marriage.

If you watch historical Chinese drama, it’s mentioned several times. I’m surprised they mentioned it here in this drama!

Han Shang Yan is Surprisingly Romantic

Han Shang Yan ends up winning several times and each time he grabs a bottle of orange juice as his reward.

The two of them find a place to observe the scenery and Tong Nian shares the pictures she previously took.

While Han Shang Yan was busy playing chess.

Then she hears the sound of a guitar playing and turns her head over to look.

Commenting that anyone who can play is a guitar is handsome.

Han Shang Yan glances at her as if he suddenly has an idea and nods to himself.

Later, the two of them share a boat ride while Han Shang Yan sings and plays the guitar for her.

Singing the “Milk Bread” song which happens to be the drama’s ending theme song.

Check it out here!

Han Shang Yan starts off his singing with these lyrics:

“Falling in love with you is just like when milk falls in love with bread.”

“A pairing so natural that cannot be separated after meeting face to face.”

“This combination is not too much nor too little, the sweetness is just right.”

“Your smile is the main ingredient for happiness.”

“Sweet and sour, bitter and spicy, are all the tastes of love.”

“Is it possible?”

“Can you be my place of support eternally?”

Tong Nian gives him a round of applause.

Han Shang Yan explains that he learned to play guitar from someone who was a substitute from Team Solo.

But he lost contact over the years.

Tong Nian asks for another song so Han Shang Yan doesn’t dwell on it.

When the two of them sing the ending verse “I love you”, the two of them gaze at each other.

Love is in the air ~

Grandson & Grandfather Talk

Tong Nian heads back first so the elders don’t misunderstand.

Meanwhile, Han Shang Yan stops by a booth and is interested in a cat plush toy that reminds him of something.

He returns to the where the elders are sharing a meal and apologizes for being late.

Telling everyone that he was listening to some guitar playing and lost track of time.

After a long day, Han Shang Yan and his grandpa return home. The grandpa is escorted by Han Shang Yan into his room to rest.

But Grandpa Han wants to chat for a bit.

He tells Han Shang Yan to take care of himself after he leaves because it’s just him here.

While Grandpa Han has a caretaker in Norway.

And if Han Shang Yan ever needs money, he can always ask.

Looks like Grandpa Han wants to make it up to Han Shang Yan and is really trying to see eye to eye with him.

As Han Shang Yan makes his way out of the room, Grandpa Han tells him to drink more vitamin C and to drink more water.

And Han Shang Yan tells him that he knows.

A Gift for Tong Nian

At night, Tong Nian gets a text from Han Shang Yan that he left something in her bag.

That she should return back to him.

She pulls out the box that has a note written on it.

“Does it look like our Little Squid?”

And is surprised to see a cat plushie toy.

She comments that it doesn’t look like the cat she give Han Shang Yan at all.

And the two of them have fun checking out their own cats.

Grandpa Han is Reluctant to Leave

In the morning, the day of his departure, Grandpa Han is reluctant to leave.

Telling Han Shang Yan that he will miss the people here.

Then asking his grandson if he can get married within a year.

Because he’s lived for a long time, he can tell that Tong Nian is the best girl for him.

Han Shang Yan tells him that he knows.

On the way to the airport, they make a brief stop because Grandpa Han needs to use the restroom.

And then Han Shang Yan gets concerned when his grandpa doesn’t come out for awhile.

Grandpa Han tells him his heart rate increased because he’s worried about heading back to Norway and not being able to see his grandsons again.

Because when you get to his age, you never know when is the last time you get to see someone.

Han Shang Yan then tries to reassure him by saying it’s likely he will live to a hundred.

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Soooo cute! Han Shang Yan was pretty romantic in this episode even though he told Tong Nian early on that he doesn’t know how to be romantic.

I think if Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan started off as friends first, they would probably understand each other better.

So their relationship wouldn’t have that many ups and downs, but hey you need conflict right?

Grandpa Han’s words really hit home with me because my grandparents are also getting older.

And they always worry about when they can see me. So I really feel for Grandpa Han.

He knows that at his age, travel is difficult but he still wants to come see his grandsons.

Thoughts on this episode or this Go Go Squid Episode 28 recap?

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What did the orange juice bottle say on it when she took the picture?

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