Go Go Squid Episode 29 Recap

With only 11 more episodes to go, will everything get resolved? Let’s find out what happens next in this Go Go Squid Episode 29 recap!

Go Go Squid Episode 29 Recap Highlights:

  • Su Cheng heads off to Norway
  • An unexpected meeting between Mi Shao Fei and Su Cheng
  • Team K&K gets a new team member

Grandpa Han’s departure to Norway is bittersweet because he reveals his concerns to Han Shang Yan.

About not being able to see him or Tong Nian again.

However, Han Shang Yan tries to pacify him like the good grandson he is.

Let’s see what’s next in this Go Go Squid Episode 29 recap!

Su Cheng’s Departure

Han Shang Yan escorts Grandpa Han out of the men’s bathroom while commenting that he will live to a hundred years or so.

But Grandpa Han chuckles instead.

Telling him that being able to live to one hundred years old is not the most important thing.

Because to him, the most important thing is their (Han Shang Yan and Wu Bai) wellbeing.

Grandpa Han opens his heart and tells Han Shang Yan that he knows how hard he’s worked to get this far.

Going further to tell Han Shang Yan that he’s done some research and knows that there’s a lot of fans supporting him.

Because to those fans, Han Shang Yan and his team are heroes.

Aww. This is such a touching moment between grandson and grandfather! Even though Han Shang Yan states several times that he doesn’t care if he’s understood, he probably wanted his grandfather’s approval all along.

But Grandpa Han knows that being a hero is tiring and lonely.

So he tells him to take care of himself because no matter what happens, he will always support Han Shang Yan.

And Han Shang Yan will always be his grandson.


The two of them head back to the car and on their way to the airport.

Meanwhile at K&K headquarters, Su Cheng takes one final look around before heading out the door.

On her way out, she sees everyone from team K&K lined up in two lanes to escort her out.

Honoring her for everything she’s done for them.

Su Cheng tries to hold back her tears as she says goodbye to each one of them.

Starting with Grunt.

Telling him to stop arguing with Han Shang Yan.

Then telling Ling Shan to keep an eye on him.

Su Cheng Visits Mi Shao Fei

As she moves down the line to say her goodbyes, the tears finally fall.

The group hums a song as well. (It’s the same one that Han Shang Yan and Mi Shao Fei were singing while reminiscing about the past in Episode 10.)


Su Cheng thanks everyone for their care this past year and acknowledges their hard work.

Then gives the group a grand bow as she takes off.

Han Shang Yan shows up to escort her out.

Su Cheng ends up taking one of the original K&K team logos with her as a souvenir and brings it with her as she makes a pitstop.

Mi Shao Fei is shocked by the surprise visit from Su Cheng.

While the latter jokes that she’s here to grab some water.

The two sit on some couches while Mi Shao Fei wonders if this is about Solo or Han Shang Yan.

But it’s neither.

Su Cheng explains that they never really had a chance to talk to each other.

Because the last time was several years ago.

When Mi Shao Fei asked Su Cheng to convince Solo not to disband the team.

Oh wow. And I’m guessing no one knew about this. Mi Shao Fei really did his best back then.


But the past should stay in the past as Su Cheng gets to the main point why she’s here.

She wants Mi Shao Fei to replace her as the leader of K&K.

Mi Shao Fei is surprised and utterly confused.

So Su Cheng explains.

K&K was founded by Han Shang Yan and Nan Wei.

While the Shanghai branch was built through the efforts of Han Shang Yan and Su Cheng.

So this team, this branch is like her children.

And she wants the best for her team.

Mi Shao Fei’s Indecision

Despite Mi Shao Fei’s protests, Su Cheng explains that his background is highly suitable.

So she asks him to consider it while she takes off to the airport.

Leaving him with these words: “Those who have dreams are forever young.”

While debating about it, Mi Shao Fei gets a call from his dad.

Who lectures him about coming back to do “proper” work.

But his grandmother takes over the phone, telling Mi Shao Fei that his dad is saying words that he doesn’t mean.

And is actually worrying about him getting a job.

He ends up making the call short because he has a lot to think about.

Whether to go back home and work at the store or try being a team leader.

Flashes of Mi Shao Fei’s struggles show up.

About the time he pleaded with Han Shang Yan not to leave Team Solo.

Then when he announced his retirement with Team SP.

And when he told Yaya that he regretted quitting when he was at the peak of his skills.

Yet, Mi Shao Fei still wants to win the championships.

When Team Solo disbanded, Mi Shao Fei was the first casualty. He had nothing else T_T

Mi Shao Fei’s Decision

At K&K headquarters, Han Shang Yan and Ling Shan discuss the upcoming match.

Against Team Buff.

Ling Shan reveals that the team is under some pressure.

But Han Shang Yan tells him that if he was able to beat them back in the day, so can they.

Meanwhile, Yaya and Tong Nian are in a cafe hanging out.

Discussing the upcoming matches.

It turns about Buff beat Han Shang Yan once before and this one win has inflated his ego.

Tong Nian can’t help but comment that if Han Shang Yan never retired, he would still be the best.

Back at K&K, Han Shang Yan is busy taking care of matters that Su Cheng used to take care of.

Then he gets called out to the front desk for a surprise visitor.

Mi Shao Fei shows up.

The two of them head out for hot pot.

Mi Shao Fei tells Han Shang Yan that the reason he likes eating around a table is because he likes the warmth you feel when eating around a table.

After reminiscing for a bit, Mi Shao Fei cuts to the chase and tells Han Shang Yan that he wants to be K&K’s team leader.

Later in the day, Han Shang Yan takes Mi Shao Fei on a tour of K&K’s premises.

After the tour, the two of them celebrate with drinks late into the night.

Tong Nian Gets a Surprise

The next morning, Tong Nian comes over to K&K and enters Han Shang Yan’s room.

She sees the drink bottles on the floor and someone on the couch.

Thinking that person is Han Shang Yan, she calls out to him. But Han Shang Yan is actually in the bathroom brushing his teeth.

Tong Nian continues to speak to the person on the couch, telling him that she’s been trying to contact him.

But no response, making her worry.

Han Shang Yan sneaks behind Tong Nian while she speaks to the person on the couch.

She continues to speak comforting words. Telling “Han Shang Yan” on the couch not to worry about the upcoming match with Buff.

The person on the couch shivers and Tong Nian worries that he is crying.

Then Han Shang Yan speaks up and asks the person on the couch “how much longer are you going to pretend?”

And Mi Shao Fei shows his face.

Tong Nian shrieks in response.

Mi Shao Fei bails and leaves the two to chat.

Han Shang Yan attempts to pacify a pouting Tong Nian.

After teasing her for a bit, the two of them joke with each other before Han Shang Yan cleans up his mess.

While Tong Nian just watches.

Commenting that men who do household work are hot.

Oooh-la-la. Tong Nian is being surprisingly assertive.

Team K&K Needs Some Time

Grunt just walks into the K&K building and sees Mi Shao Fei signing some paperwork.

He suspects that Mi Shao Fei will be joining the team as a professional player.

But he shakes the thoughts off as he walks into the main training area and sees everyone moping the floor.

Everyone blames Demo for getting them into this situation and attempts to manhandle him.

But Ling Shan cuts in and tells everyone that there’s a meeting coming up.

Grunt thinks it’s suspicious and tells Ling Shan that he saw Mi Shao Fei signing some paperwork earlier.

Han Shang Yan shows up later with Mi Shao Fei and asks everyone to gather around.

Then introducing Mi Shao Fei as the new team leader.

Everyone in team K&K seems to disagree and doesn’t recognize Mi Shao Fei as the leader.

Choosing to ignore him while finishing up their cleaning.

When Wu Bai shows up, Han Shang Yan secretly calls out to him from the side.

Then when they are alone, Han Shang Yan tells Wu Bai to help Mi Shao Fei break the ice with the team.

Because the team doesn’t acknowledge Mi Shao Fei yet.

Wu Bai walks off while raising up an “OK” hand signal.

When Mi Shao Fei asks everyone to attend a meeting, he is ignored until Wu Bai speaks up.

Tong Nian worries that Mi Shao Fei might not be able to handle it but Han Shang Yan believes he can.

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I cried a little when I saw the touching grandfather-grandson moment. Grandpa Han acknowledges Han Shang Yan and the hard work he’s put in!

What an awesome grandpa! Sure, he didn’t understand at the beginning but he took steps to try to understand Han Shang Yan. Maybe it was Tong Nian’s influence but he did it nonetheless.

At the same time, I think Han Shang Yan has changed. He’s beginning to realize that he’s not alone. He does have people who care about him.

He’s no longer that ice-block from the beginning. (If you compare this Go Go Squid Episode 29 recap with the former recaps).

Meanwhile, getting Mi Shao Fei to join K&K might be a great decision. He was formerly a player so he knows everyone in the field. K&K just needs some time to accept him. Because they think Han Shang Yan used his connections to bring Mi Shao Fei in without considering the needs of Team K&K.

Will K&K win the world championships or SP? I guess we will find out.

And it looks like most of the misunderstandings have been resolved except for Han Shang Yan and Solo.

These two are still at odds with each other.

What did you think of this Go Go Squid Episode 29 recap? Leave a comment below!

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