Go Go Squid Episode 3 Recap

We’re back for another great episode, Go Go Squid episode 3!

How will Tong Nian continue to pursue the love that hit her at first sight?

Go Go Squid Episode 3 Recap Highlights:

  • Tong Nian plays the online, Storm of Chambers with Han Shang Yan using the pro account borrowed from her cousin’s friend
  • We get to explore a little more about Tong Nian’s hobbies and background
  • Another chance encounter between our main leads and some misunderstandings

Let’s find out!

Late Night Gaming Fun

Wu Bai comments how it’s great to see Han Shang Yan gaming again.

Maybe he feels like Han Shang Yan has kept his heart closed for the longest time?

But he can’t help notice that it’s strange how Shang Yan actually wants to help a new player (aka Tong Nian).

And it’s not just Wu Bai but EVERYONE else on Team K&K also notices how Han Shang Yan has been a little odd lately. LOL they’re not used to seeing the kind side of him I guess.

Wu Bai takes off for the night.

While Shang Yan stays up late to play Storm of Chambers with Tong Nian and some other more experienced players.

Shang Yan messages the team and tells everyone that he will take the newbie under his wing.

And Tong Nian can’t help but squeal to herself with joy at how caring he is.

They end up playing pretty late into the night and the next morning, Tong Nian is discussing about it with Dou Nan.

Over breakfast because Dou Nan frequently comes over?

Dou Nan was pretty on point. He guessed that Shang Yan would put her out of harm’s way because she is a new player.

She laments how she forgot to tell Han Shang Yan (aka ID: Grunt) about how she won’t be able to play for the next few days.

Since she will be in Guangzhou attending an on-site signing event.

Her parents don’t understand her online hobbies.

And Tong Nian doesn’t want to bother with explaining.

Flashbacks of ML’s Past

Han Shang Yan pulls his car into a parking lot and stops by a food stand.

They are selling Shaobing (it’s baked, layered flatbread that comes with different toppings).

Shang Yan asks for two shaobings and the seller quotes the price as 8 dollars.

Looks super tasty!

He comments how the price has gone up since last time he’s been here.

The boss who’s selling them said that he hasn’t raised the price in 2 years.

But Shang Yan says that it’s been awhile for him. 10 years in fact.

And the shaobing brings back memories in a flashback.

We see a younger version of All sitting on the railings of a stairway with his mouth full.

Commenting how shaobings are delicious and cheap.

A dollar thirty for one shaobing.

He’s not alone though.

The whole gang is all there: Solo, Appledog, Gun, All, Xiaomi (aka Team Solo).

Hearing All say it’s delicious, Solo asks Appledog to buy 50 shaobings so they can eat it everyday.

Xiaomi shows an exasperated expression.

As if they can eat these everyday and not get bored.

But Solo mentions that as long as they follow him, they will always have their tummies full.

They will never go hungry as long as he’s here.

It seemed like the team was struggling because Han Shang Yan mentioned he could borrow some money to fund the team.

But Solo said he didn’t need it.

He then asked what was Shang Yan’s dream.

“I want to win the championship.”

Han Shang Yan

And in return Solo said that his dream was to expose more people to CTF so that this field can have a wider reach.

Solo then revised Shang Yan’s dream to win the Worldwide championship because it’s better to have bigger dreams.

Individual Preparations

The flashback ends and Shang Yan returns to headquarters.

He bought shaobings for the team as breakfast.

Shang Yan bangs on each door to wake them up.

And we see glimpses of what it takes to be in hacking competitions.

The team practices with fervor as Shang Yan watches over them.

Meanwhile, Tong Nian is getting ready to leave for her flight to Guangzhou.

She wonders why Grunt doesn’t log on because she wants to say good-bye for now.

Since he doesn’t log on, she leaves him a message that she will be in Guangzhou for 2 days.

She also comments how she won’t be such a newb the next time she plays online. Because she’s been studying =D

Team K&K is gearing up for the upcoming competition against Team SP.

Ling Shan (aka 97) introduces the founding of Team SP with the introduction of the original Team Solo.

Everyone except Han Shang Yan is now in SP because he left to create Team K&K.

Shen Zhe says their BigBro is all alone by himself.

How pitiful.

Su Cheng, a mature older lady who manages the various affairs of the team, admonishes them for gossiping.

Su Cheng, leader of Team K&K. Manages the team for Han Shang Yan.

She wants the team to focus on the next competition.

Because the previous result does not mean the future result will be the same.

Everyone is excited to win the next competition.

The competition is underway and leads to the following results:

Team K&K is in the semi-finals. They need to beat their current opponents to get into the finals.

A Chance Encounter

Tong Nian lands in Guangzhou airport.

She tries to navigate her way around the airport but notices a huge crowd of people.

Focusing on a team of individuals all dressed in black.

She wonders which basketball team has this many fans.

Tong Nian notices Han Shang Yan among the team.

She’s stunned for a moment before chasing after them.

She loses them but then is able to find their touring bus.

Ling Shan notices her and wonders if she’s fan of someone on the team.

Wu Bai notices her as well.

Before Tong Nian can even greet Han Shang Yan, the bus takes off.

Poor Tong Nian. She fell in love hard and it’s tough for her to get his attention.

Demo gives her a wave while the bus is moving.

Meanwhile, Tong Nian’s friend, Lan Mei is trying to contact her.

With no response.

Tong Nian’s Popularity

Tong Nian is late to her signing event.

And we see she has a TON of fans.

She signs posters for her fans and takes selfies with them.

When the event is over, Tong Nian asks her friend, Lan Mei if there are any competitions in the nearby areas today.

Like basketball or any other team-based competitions.

Lan Mei is super confused, wondering why her best friend is acting so strange.

She doesn’t know about basketball competitions but does bring up CTF hacking competitions.

Because her husband is a huge fan and they flew together today for him to watch that competition and her to attend the signing event.

Tong Nian finds out the team wearing all black for the CTF hacking competition is called K&K.

She heads over to the hacking competition.

CTF Hacking Competition

Inside of a resting room at the competition location, Shen Zhe is lying down on a couch clutching his stomach in pain.

He has a very bad stomach ache and Su Cheng wonders if he is fit to compete.

Han Shang Yan tells him not to risk it if it’s that bad. But Shen Zhe says he can endure.

Tong Nian rushes to the competition site and can’t enter because all of the tickets have been sold out.

She happens to catch Ai Qing’s (aka Appledog) notice.

Ai Qing thinks Tong Nian one of K&K’s fans.

So she brings her in with her because Tong Nian wants to enter.

Even if the competition has already ended.

Tong Nian enters the competition area and finds a random seat that happens to be close to Han Shang Yan.

After the match is over, Han Shang Yan notices Tong Nian.

Wu Bai notices as well.

Han Shang Yan tries to make small talk with Tong Nian.

Asking her why she isn’t here with the guy she runs the internet cafe with (aka her “boyfriend”).

And if she remembers him.

Tong Nian freezes up on the spot.

She wakes up from her stupor just in time to grab onto his clothes before he leaves.

Saying that she remembers him.

Meanwhile, a few members of K&K are wondering what’s going on.

“The Devil” and a “school-girl”, Ling Shan and Zhou Yi are speculating what could be their relationship.

They actually have guts to call their BigBro the devil? If he finds out, he’ll probably give them even harsher training.

Shang Yan walks off and Tong Nian is frustrated with herself.

Wondering if her brain has issues whenever she sees him.

It’s called L-O-V-E girl.


She lingers around a little more to find out more about this field.

Shen Zhe is back in the resting room since he still has that stomach ache.

But Shang Yan doesn’t want to take any chances so asks for a doctor.

Meanwhile, Tong Nian is leaving the competition and overhears that Grunt is not feeling well.

Security blocks her when she tries to re-enter.

So she finds a way to head to the back of the building and Ling Shan notices her standing outside.

He assumes that Tong Nian is looking for their BigBro and that their BigBro is also looking for them.

He thinks Tong Nian and his BigBro are “together.”

So when the rest of the team asks Ling Shan about Tong Nian.

He tells them that she is “Da Sao” (aka BigBro’s wifey).

Oh man and the misunderstandings begin.

K&K team members are super excited because their BigBro is never together with a girl.

Tong Nian comes in and sees that the one lying sick on the couch is NOT the person she had in mind.

Grunt or Shen Zhe is confused as well.

And just on time, Han Shang Yan shows up.

Ling Shan comments how his BigBro should have given his girlfriend a pass so it would be more convenient to support the team.

And Han Shang Yan is like “what are you calling her”???

He thinks she’s a devoted fan of Grunt (due to the sign she got from someone else) and is here to see Grunt.

Tong Nian doesn’t want to admit that she tracked Shang Yan all the day here.

So the misunderstandings continue while Shang Yan comes up with an elaborate story for why she is here.

Small World

The two of them chat for a bit while K&K team members try to eavesdrop.

Tong Nian gets to learn a little more about Shang Yan’s world.

K&K team members eavesdrop on them and ends up interrupting them.

Han Shang Yan ends up discussing with Su Cheng about Tong Nian.

He thinks she is one of Grunt’s previous girlfriends or current girlfriend.

But Su Cheng doesn’t know anything about Grunt’s relationships because it’s so complicated.

Shang Yan mentions how Tong Nian is mistaken to be HIS girlfriend/wifey by Ling Shan and the rest of the team.

Su Cheng wonders who the mysterious girl is because she is amused.

But the majority of the conversation is Han Shang Yan in mother hen mode.

He wants his team to rest properly and eat properly so they are fit to compete.

Su Cheng can’t help but comment how Han Shang Yan looks fierce but is a big softy inside.

They have to go see the competition director but they need to gather the team for mealtime.

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I love how Ling Shan had NO doubt whatsoever on Tong Nian’s title. Because he noticed that his BigBro (Han Shang Yan) does not seem to mind her presence. Oh he is definitely shipping these two!

Everyone else on team K&K seemed to pick it up quickly as well. Are they THAT eager for their Boss to have a girlfriend?

Tong Nian was utterly shocked to see Grunt is not Han Shang Yan. LOL but at least that is cleared up but good luck convincing Han Shang Yan that you’re not here to see Grunt.

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