Go Go Squid Episode 30 Recap

Wow, I can’t believe this is the Go Go Squid Episode 30 recap!

If you’ve followed along this far, I hope you love the characters as much as I do!

I think Mi Shao Fei will be a great team leader and will help lead K&K to the world championship!

Go Go Squid Episode 30 Recap Highlights:

  • Mi Shao Fei shares his tips on how to win against Team Buff
  • Han Shang Yan opens up another social media account and the internet almost explodes
  • Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan are back together again

So, will Team K&K accept Mi Shao Fei as their leader? Let’s find out in Go Go Squid Episode 30 recap!

Mi Shao Fei Tells K&K How to Win

Each one of the K&K team members are reluctant to attend the discussion about Team Buff.

The team’s next opponent.

But Mi Shao Fei presses on anyways.

Even though Grunt, Ling Shan and One are ignoring him.

While Wu Bai and Demo are actively listening.


While Mi Shao Fei continues to talk, Ling Shan gets up and distributes some drinks to the group.

It’s rude and disrespectful to Mi Shao Fei but Mi Shao Fei ignores it as he continues to talk about Team Buff.

The leaders, the teammates and their respective positions and functions.

Mi Shao Fei addresses Grunt face to face even though Grunt is trying to ignore him and points out the main weakness of Team Buff.

Team Buff desperately wants to win because the players are at 30 years old or almost there.

So this may be one of their last matches.

If Team K&K makes them think they can win easily, Team Buff will get reckless and careless.

Mi Shao Fei lets the team think on that while Wu Bai addresses the group.

Stating that having Mi Shao Fei on their team is a boon because Mi Shao Fei is so familiar with the various teams in this industry.

How they work and their weaknesses.

Meanwhile, Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian are observing their discussion through the cameras.

Both of them think Mi Shao Fei shouldn’t have any trouble with the team going forward.

Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan’s Relationship Is?

Han Shang Yan then focuses on Tong Nian and asks why she’s here.

Refusing to be honest, she picks up the cat she gave Han Shang Yan and cuddles it.

Telling him that she was here to check up on Little Squid.

Han Shang Yan smirks but he can guess that she’s not being honest.

Tong Nian wants to see the upcoming K&K matches and asks for some tickets, but Han Shang Yan teases her.

Saying there are no more tickets because the matches are so popular.

But then he follows up by telling her she’s going to go with him in person so there’s no need for tickets.

However, Yaya will need to ask Mi Shao Fei for tickets.

I see these two are also trying to play cupid.

Tong Nian is super happy to hear that she can spend more time with him.

And takes this opportunity to ask him if they are now boyfriend and girlfriend.

Han Shang Yan is like “of course” so Tong Nian admonishes him. Lecturing him how their relationship has been ups and downs.

He then surprises her with a kiss.

And she kisses him back.

When Han Shang Yan tries to kiss her again, Tong Nian puts up the cat as a shield and asks him to kiss the cat.

Oh my gawd. More fluffy and sweet moments incoming! About time! I’ve had enough of the angst and misunderstandings.

Improving Team K&K’s Strength

A while later, Han Shang Yan escorts Tong Nian out and on the way out, Tong Nian sees Mi Shao Fei.

She stops him for a second and tells that she will support him.

Mi Shao Fei appreciates the gestures and responds that he won’t drag Han Shang Yan down.

Aww Mi Shao Fei. Have some more confidence in yourself! You’ll be great for K&K.

After escorting Tong Nian, Han Shang Yan returns to see Mi Shao Fei hard at work.

Who’s thinking of ways to improve the performance of the team.

Mi Shao Fei shares the team’s stats and compares them against Team Buff, while commenting that One’s performance has been stagnant.

While Demo has been improving.

However, Han Shang Yan doesn’t want to think about this until they finish their match with Team Buff.

Uh-oh. Will the team members be shifted around a bit?

Team SP’s Concerns

Back at SP headquarters, a representative from corporate headquarters is here to share upper management’s concerns.

Because K&K is now stronger with a new team leader who understands the industry and the various opponents.

Mi Shao Fei has spent enough time here to know the team’s weaknesses and strengths.

So the representative cautions Solo that his career may be at stake if he loses against Team K&K.

Jeez, pressure much? Solo has given his all for this industry and now they are threatening to lay him off if he can’t beat his old buddy?

However, Appledog is super excite to face off against Mi Shao Fei because she believes that SP is in a better position to win the national championships.

Milk and Bread

Tong Nian is hanging out in her dorm and uploads a new cover song called Milk and Bread.

Commenting that both she and Han Shang Yan like this song.

She also shares it on her social media account and her fans comment on it like crazy.

One fan mentions that falling in love is just like milk and bread. Because once they touch, they never separate.

Another fan makes speculations as to if Tong Nian’s internet alias has found “Mr. Right” because one of the lyrics of this song is: “a natural pairing”.

Over at K&K, Ling Shan takes a brief break to check up on his social media and notices that Tong Nian’s account is getting a lot of hits and interactions.

Everyone else is curious too and comes over to check it out, instead of practicing.

Han Shang Yan heads over and asks Grunt to explain what’s going on.

But Grunt passes the baton over to Ling Shan.

Who explains that they noticed a new song on Tong Nian’s social media account.

When Han Shang Yan comes over to his computer to take a look, he browses through the various comments.

And a few catch his eye.

One comments that Tong Nian’s internet alias is “his” while another comments how Tong Nian’s significant other must have saved the world in his prior lifetime to get the chance to be with Tong Nian.

Someone is going to be drinking vinegar (aka be jealous).

After reading these comments, Han Shang Yan asks Ling Shan to help him set up an account on Weibo (Chinese’s version of Twitter).

And everyone is shocked because he never cared for social media.

A New Weibo Account is Born

Tong Nian gets a notification that Han Shang Yan opened a new Weibo account and shares the news with her dorm mates.

Yaya wonders why Han Shang Yan would suddenly open a Weibo account.

Is it for recruiting members to his team?

And when they check out his tweet feed, there’s a link to his K&K team website.

But the feedback from the internet is enormous.

All of Gun’s (Han Shang Yan’s account name) fans welcome him.

And the number of followers grow quickly.

96k followers! After opening the account O.o

As Yaya comments how Han Shang Yan’s followers may grow even more in the upcoming days, Tong Nian notices that her account comments are more than usual.

And on closer inspection, it’s because she’s the only one being followed by Gun.

How romantic!

Han Shang Yan also left a comment on the song Tong Nian uploaded.

Asking her if she’s the bread or the milk in the relationship.

And Yaya gushes how romantic this gesture is.

Tong Nian responds to his comment before jumping on a call with him.

The two chat for a bit before ending the call with bursts of joy in their hearts.

Omigawd! Han Shang Yan is smiling! K&K team members would think the world is ending.

Tong Nian’s Relatives Come Over

Tong Nian plans on watching K&K’s match but some of her relatives come over to visit.

When Dou Nan helps her think up some excuses, Tong Nian rejects all of them. Even mimicking her mother’s likely response to some of them.

I burst out laughing at this part because I can sooooo relate! My mother nags the same way and I can mimic the tone and words she would likely say!

At the competition arena, Team Buff’s leader is in front of the press and shares his sentiments about the match.

He’s confident his team can win because he was won against Han Shang Yan before.

Meanwhile, team K&K is in the resting arena getting ready to head out for the match.

Han Shang Yan gives Mi Shao Fei his official K&K badge and comments that once he wears this, he’s officially a part of them.


Team Buff vs Team K&K

The two teams head to the stage, face each other one by one and shake hands before going to their respective places.

While the commenter shares some insights about the two teams.

Over in another section, in the same town, Team SP is also in a match.

And of course, Tong Nian and her cousin, Dou Nan are more interested in watching K&K’s match.

The two of them share headphones and watch in the living room, while the relatives chat with Tong Nian’s mother.

She explains the match rules and how it works to Dou Nan while her mother observes from the back and gives her a glaring look.

Because Tong Nian is ignoring her relatives.

The match is still underway between K&K and Buff with K&k in the lead.


The final match point was a showdown between Buff’s leader and Wu Bai.

Within minutes, Wu Bai pulled through.

It’s Team K&K’s win.

And Team SP won their match as well.

With the outcome already set, Team Buff and Team K&K shake hands before leaving the stage.

Buff leaves with a heavy heart because it’s the end for his team.

And he’s reluctant to leave. Lingering in his team room for a little while later.

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Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan are now back together! So I guess the rest of the show will focus on the K&K’s journey towards the championships.

The industry is definitely brutal to older people (age 30 and up) because they just don’t have the same stamina as the younger generation.

Just like in sports. It’s sad but true. So I really feel for Buff.

On another note though, Tong Nian has learned a lot about this industry ever since she’s known Han Shang Yan.

What did you think of this Go Go Squid Episode 30 recap? Leave a comment below!

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