Go Go Squid Episode 31 Recap

Wooo! K&K won against Team Buff and Mi Shao Fei got his recognition from the team! Let’s see what happens next in this Go Go Squid Episode 31 recap!

Go Go Squid Episode 31 Recap Highlights:

  • Team K&K celebrates their win against Team Buff
  • Some fluffy moments between Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian
  • Han Shang Yan thinks Team K&K should add another competitor to their team

I’m going to be so sad when this series ends T_T but for now let’s enjoy this Go Go Squid Episode 31 recap!

Han Shang Yan’s Melancholy

Han Shang Yan and Mi Shao Fei see Buff before he is on his way out.

Who comments that he lost fair and square.

However Han Shang Yan inadvertently fans the flames by telling Buff that it’s such a great feeling to hear those words from him.

So Buff abruptly takes off his competition badge and it looks as if he’s going to punch Han Shang Yan in the chest.

But instead shoves the badge to Han Shang Yan.

“You forced me to take off this badge so take it! You MUST win the championships!” – Buff

Han Shang Yan feels his sentiments as he accepts the badge.

Then Team Buff leaves.

In competitions, there are always winners and losers, it’s so bittersweet. Sigh.

Later that night, at K&K headquarters, Mi Shao Fei tells Han Shang Yan that he plans on taking the team out for celebrations.

But Han Shang Yan wants to be left alone.

He recalls the past when he told Team Solo that his dream has always been one thing.

To win the world championships.

Team K&K’s Celebration

Mi Shao Fei is on his way out to gather the team for a celebration and is surprised to see the lights change.

And some singing.

Everyone from K&K come out to welcome Mi Shao Fei.

Mi Shao Fei is incredibly touched at their gesture.

While thinking that at the beginning he wasn’t accepted but now he is.

I’m so glad Mi Shao Fei got recognized by the team!

Everyone celebrates with drinks as Mi Shao Fei shouts out that they should give it their all for the next match.

The next morning, Han Shang Yan wakes up from his couch.

He checks his phone and gets a message from Tong Nian to open his laptop.

It looks like Tong Nian hacked his laptop to pass some messages.

Amused, Han Shang Yan reads the greeting messages and is about to close it but he sees additional messages.

Looks like Tong Nian is actively communicating to him through this chat.

She asks him to spare some time for her even though he’s super busy and another window shows her latest music album.

As Han Shang Yan sits at his desk reading the messages. He notices that the song names make up a message.

I will always be by your side on this journey. Protecting you.

Then Tong Nian asks him to let her in because she is right outside K&K headquarters.

How cute! Sure it’s creepy that she hacked into his laptop but what she used it for is adorable!

Tong Nian & Han Shang Yan Hang Out

Han Shang Yan closes his laptop quickly and rushes to let Tong Nian in.

When he sees her in front of the entrance, he wonders how long she’s been here.

But instead comments, that it’s unethical for her to be hacking into his laptop.

Unfazed, Tong Nian retorts that she’s a professional and wouldn’t look at his private files.

As they both enter the building, Han Shang Yan teases her that even if he were to hide something, it wouldn’t be on that laptop anyways.

Muttering just loud enough for Tong Nian to hear that those files would be pictures of girls, confessions, etc.

Then seeing Tong Nian pout, he admits that he was just joking.

And Tong Nian lights up again.

They hang out in the main living area and Han Shang Yan plays some darts in front of Tong Nian.

Who comments that his skills are only so-so compared to his hacking skills.

So Tong Nian gives it a try, while showering him with advice.

But her throw didn’t even hit the target.

Tong Nian’s Inner thoughts: Omigosh! Did I just miss?

Han Shang Yan snickers in response.

Then when Han Shang Yan grabs something to drink, Tong Nian attempts again and on her third try, she hits the target.

She notices that Han Shang Yan is drinking hot water even though it’s pretty warm in the building and comments on it.

Hearing Han Shang Yan tell her his stomach is uncomfortable, she wonders if he’s sick.

But Han Shang Yan admits that he’s nervous.

Probably about the upcoming competitions.

So Tong Nian surprises him by giving him a kiss.


I’m guessing that we’re back to the fluffy moments between our two leads!

After breaking apart from the kiss, Tong Nian wants to show him a surprise.

Han Shang Yan’s Thoughts

Han Shang Yan guesses it’s the website she’s been working on.

And Tong Nian pouts that he ruined her element of surprise.

So Han Shang Yan comforts her and tells her that he really appreciates the work she’s done.

And is about to give her a kiss but Mi Shao Fei walks in and interrupts the moment.

But quickly bails knowing that he’s intruding.

Tong Nian tells him to get back to work since he’s so busy.

But Han Shang Yan plans on continuing where they left off later.

Entering the conference room where Mi Shao Fei is waiting, Han Shang Yan hesitates about something.

Mi Shao Fei pulls it out of him though.

They discuss having Buff join the team.

Because the current team’s strength is not enough.

But if Buff joins, someone in the original team will need to be replaced.

And Han Shang Yan knows this must be done to get to the world championship stage.

So Mi Shao Fei will get some information for Han Shang Yan to meet up with Buff.

Tong Nian Will Be the Breadwinner?

Han Shang Yan heads back to his room to jump on a call with K&K’s Norwegian branch.

Nan Wei reminds him of his limited funds because they won’t keep funding the Shanghai branch if performance continues to dip.

Then seeing Tong Nian coming in, Han Shang Yan asks Tong Nian if she would still be with him if he’s poor.

And Tong Nian agrees without hesitation.

Not knowing that the phone call is still on.

Nan Wei feels so awkward and hangs up.

Tong Nian even goes further and tells Han Shang Yan that if he ever runs into money issues in the future, she will feed him.

She doesn’t mind being the breadwinner.

So cute! I’m going to get diabetes from all this fluffiness!

But Han Shang Yan counters that it would hurt his pride if he lets her do that.

Leaving no room for discussion, he then leads her out of the room, planning to take her home.

The Policeman’s Advice

After dropping Tong Nian off to her house, Han Shang Yan lingers in his car outside the gates a little longer.

The policeman swings by and thinks Han Shang Yan got into another fight with his girlfriend again.

So he gives him more advice.

But seeing him in such high spirits suggests otherwise.

So he tells him to keep at it while he continues his night patrol.

Four Month Anniversary

The next morning, Tong Nian messages Han Shang Yan. Telling him that it’s been four months since they’ve been together.

Does this include the times when they’ve broken up too? Hmm.

It turns out Han Shang Yan is right outside so Tong Nian quietly sneaks out.

And glomps onto Han Shang Yan when she sees him.

The atmosphere is so sweet that a passerby takes a picture of them.

After entering the car, Han Shang Yan asks Tong Nian what she wants for their anniversary present.

She tells him that she wants to be together forever.

And Han Shang Yan interprets that as getting married and asks her if that’s what she meant.

How did his mind make THAT leap?

Tong Nian sits up in surprise while Han Shang Yan voices out the plans for getting married.

He rambles on mentioning how he hasn’t thought of how to get her parent’s approval, etc.

Because he reveals that he knows her mother is biased against him.

To the point where she might run after him with a vegetable knife.

Such an old analogy. Hahahaha.

So because marriage is more complicated, Han Shang Yan asks her for another present.

But before Tong Nian can clarify the misunderstanding, Han Shang Yan pulls her down to his lap.

Because he hears the gate opening.

And tells her he sees her dad coming out.

Then he pulls his sweatshirt over Tong Nian’s head to cover her.

The plan is for Han Shang Yan to distract her dad while Tong Nian sneaks back to her house.

Han Shang Yan’s Plan

Han Shang Yan gets out of his car and pretends to be on the phone while Tong Nian’s father notices him.

Tong Nian’s father wonders why he’s in the area and Han Shang Yan tells him that he happened to be in the arena.

And wants to reminisce about the times he escorted Tong Nian home.

So Tong Nian’s father is touched even commenting how rare it is for kids these days to show such devotion.

Misunderstanding again! But in a good way!

But since he’s Tong Nian’s father, he needs to consider his daughter’s viewpoint.

Especially since she cried so much after their breakup.

Tong Nian sneaks out of the car with Han Shang Yan’s distraction.

Han Shang Yan is saved by a real phone call and says good-bye to Tong Nian’s father.

Meanwhile, Tong Nian sneaks back up the stairs to her room but her mother wonders why she’s up so early.

They head over to the living room together and Tong Nian tells her mom that from this day forward, she will get up early and become a better person.

The mom thinks her behavior is so strange.

When Tong Nian’s father comes back from taking the dog, Summer, out for a walk.

He sees Tong Nian passed out on the couch and wonders what happened.

The mother tells him that Tong Nian woke up early and planned to go with him for Summer’s walk.

But he tells her that it was good she didn’t.

Because Han Shang Yan was there this morning.

The Thoughts of Tong Nian’s Father

The mother and father head to the kitchen for a private discussion.

As the two of them discuss Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan’s relationship, the father believes Han Shang Yan can’t forget about Tong Nian.

While the mother thinks the break up is all Han Shang Yan’s fault.

The parents are spot on though!

The father asks his wife if there’s a possibility of Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan getting back together.

Based on his gut feelings of that trip to the rural side.

Because it felt like Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan got closer together.

But Tong Nian’s mother is having none of it and she urges him to buy breakfast.

Telling him Zheng Hui is a good alternative.

But Tong Nian’s father thinks Zheng Hui can’t make good conversation.

Later on, Tong Nian is seen eating breakfast with goofy smiles on her face.

While she thinks about her interactions with Han Shang Yan that morning.

Her dad thinks she’s dwelling on something so he approaches her about it.

But Tong Nian pretends to be upset about something.

This is hilarious!

Meanwhile, Buff is on his way out of his hotel, saying goodbyes to his team.

As Buff leaves, Han Shang Yan’s car pulls up to the hotel.

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So much fluffiness! It’s back to the levels of intimacy around the beginning of the show when Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian started dating.

Even Mi Shao Fei is now cautious about intruding in on them. I’m sure he doesn’t want to experience the public displays of affection. Maybe this will encourage him to pursue Yaya?

Having Buff on the team will boost the team’s strength but will the other members accept it?

Tong Nian’s parents are so intuitive, it’s kinda scary. But they haven’t found out that Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan are back together yet.

What are your thoughts on this Go Go Squid Episode 31 recap? Leave a comment below!

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