Go Go Squid Episode 32 Recap

Did you enjoy the fluffy moments in the last episode? I felt like I was getting a massive sugar rush! Let’s see what else is in store for us in Go Go Squid Episode 32 episode recap!

Go Go Squid Episode 32 Recap Highlights:

  • Han Shang Yan catches Buff before he leaves and discusses with him about joining K&K
  • K&K wonders about the progress of Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian’s relationship
  • Tong Nian gets drunk again

I love how Tong Nian’s father seems to be okay with Han Shang Yan. Will Buff join Team K&K? Let’s find out in this Go Go Squid Episode 32 recap!

Han Shang Yan & Buff

Han Shang Yan stops his car in front of the hotel and heads to the receptionist, asking about Buff using his room number.

But to his surprise, Buff has already checked out.

After confirming Buff’s train time, Han Shang Yan takes off to the train station to look for him.

He tries to call Buff’s cell without much success so he resorts to yelling out his real name out loud.

After several tries, Buff calls out to Han Shang Yan from upstairs.

It turns out Buff was upstairs snacking on some KFC and he happened to hear Han Shang Yan calling out his name.

And it never occurred to Han Shang Yan to consider that Buff may be upstairs in the food court area.

The two of them chat for a bit with Han Shang Yan asking Buff why he’s going back home.

Buff has family: a wife and a kid so he needs to start earning money to feed his family.

Then Han Shang Yan gets to the point. He’s here to sign Buff onto his team.

They then discuss the details verbally.

But ultimately Buff agrees to join because he doesn’t want to let go this chance.

Since it may be his last chance to keep competing.

But he still hesitates to shake with Han Shang Yan on it.

Buff shares his concerns about the team accepting him but Han Shang Yan will take care of it.

With this settled, Han Shang Yan returns Buff’s original competition badge and tells him to chase his own dream of winning the championships by himself.

“I think people live for the sake of their dreams” – Buff

It’s just too bad about Buff’s train ticket, looks like he’s not going home any time soon.


At the college dorms, Tong Nian tells Yaya that Han Shang Yan asked her about marriage.

While Han Shang Yan brings up marriage during a chat with Mi Shao Fei.

Both Yaya and Mi Shao Fei are shocked at how sudden it seems.

There are two perspectives here.

From Tong Nian’s standpoint, she’s okay with it since most women usually get married.

Mi Shao Fei, however, wonders if the two of them are rushing it.

And comments that the two of them are still young. So they don’t need to rush into marriage.

Tong Nian tells Yaya that she doesn’t want to break up with Han Shang Yan so it will be eventually lead to marriage. So she has no problems with it.

But Yaya wonders if Tong Nian has thought about the implications of marriage and asks her a couple of questions.

And the interrogation begins!

Yaya: His head is full of thoughts about CTF, won’t you get angry?

Tong Nian: Shakes her head.

Yaya: He’s older than you by 10 years! You don’t want to consider other options?

Tong Nian: Shakes head.

Yaya: He’s infamous for his terrible personality and behavior. Aren’t you afraid of getting yelled at?

Tong Nian: Shakes head.

It appears Tong Nian isn’t shaken by this at all and gets up to point out Han Shang Yan’s good points.

She’s doomed.

While the two roommates thinks Tong Nian’s fallen too deep.

Ling Shan Spreads the News

Ling Shan overhears Han Shang Yan talking about marriage and asks him if he’s getting married.

Instead of responding, Han Shang Yan gives Ling Shan a choke hold and tells him to keep it a secret.

Before taking off with Mi Shao Fei to settle other matters.

Ling Shan has other plans though and heads up to the lounge area to tell everyone else.

Everyone is super excited to hear the news.

Tong Nian’s Worries

Tong Nian is unable to focus because of the earlier talks of marriage.

So she’s giggling and sighing to herself, making Yaya worry about her.

Tong Nian shares her concerns about getting her parents’ approval because she knows her parents don’t like Han Shang Yan.

Especially her mom.

So Yaya advises her to find opportunities for Han Shang Yan to help her parents around the house.

But there is another issue.

Tong Nian’s parents don’t know that she’s back together with Han Shang Yan.

But instead of dwelling on it too much, Yaya proposes they start heading over to Mi Shao Fei’s place.

To help him clean.

Yaya’s so happy over the thought of seeing Mi Shao Fei again.

Buff’s Misunderstanding

It turns out Buff is staying at Mi Shao Fei’s apartment.

And Yaya offered to clean it.

But Buff mistakenly believes Yaya is Mi Shao Fei’s wife.

While commenting how great she is.

Despite Mi Shao Fei’s and Yaya’s protests though, Buff has a feeling that they’re closer than friends.

Before Buff can say any more, Yaya bails to check on Tong Nian and if she’s back yet with supplies.

Buff can tell Yaya likes Mi Shao Fei.

Downstairs, Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan are hanging out near his car while Tong Nian enjoys some ice cream.

Han Shang Yan starts moving the supplies upstairs while he lets Tong Nian shelter from the sun.

When Yaya comes down, she comments how surprised she is.

Because she has never seen Han Shang Yan like this.

And Tong Nian can’t help gushing how hot he is.

Poor Tong Nian. She’s fallen so hard, there’s no saving her!

That night, the group celebrates.

And Buff shares his sentiments when he gets drunk.

Commenting how Han Shang Yan should have retired AFTER he won the world championships.

Because then, because Buff had beaten Han Shang Yan once. He would be considered a competitor who beat someone who won the world championships.

Escalating his status.

Tong Nian’s Driving Skills

Since Han Shang Yan drank, Tong Nian offers to drive him home.

Because she recently got her driving license.

But Tong Nian’s super nervous which makes Han Shang Yan skeptical of her driving skills.

Oh boy. I would be scared to get into a car with a brand new driver unless I was teaching them.

After starting the car and pulling it out of the driveway, she nearly crashes into oncoming traffic.

So Han Shang Yan pulls out his phone to call someone to drive them home.

But cancels it after seeing how Tong Nian eagerly wants to drive him home.

“I’ll put my life in your hands” – Han Shang Yan

After awhile, the two of them safely arrive at K&K headquarters.

And Tong Nian struggles with parking the car so Grunt shows up to help them out.

Then after the car is parked, Grunt asks them if they plan on getting married.

Looks like the word is out!

And Han Shang Yan gives him the boot, telling him to call Tong Nian a ride.

Misunderstandings Again

The two of them head upstairs to Han Shang Yan’s room and Tong Nian worries about the pressure Han Shang Yan is under.

Thinking it’s probably not the best time to get married.

While also telling him it’s best if the two of them don’t hide anything from each other.

Leading Han Shang Yan to point out that when Zheng Hui stayed over at Tong Nian’s house, she never told him.

And then more misunderstandings begin.

So Han Shang Yan steps out of the room to clear his head.

When he comes back, Tong Nian is asleep on his bed.

He carefully puts a pillow under her head and pulls some covers to keep her warm.

Then sleeps on the floor next to her.

The next morning, Han Shang Yan wakes up early and asks Grunt for ideas to comfort a girl.

So he rushes out to buy stuff.

Meanwhile, Tong Nian wakes up and wonders if Han Shang Yan never came back.

Later, Han Shang Yan comes back with an armful of goodies: strawberries and cakes.

But to his surprise, Tong Nian is sitting on the couch, facing him with a great big smile.

Han Shang Yan apologizes for his behavior last night and thinks Tong Nian is acting strangely.

Explaining that he won’t do it again. And since he doesn’t know what Tong Nian likes to eat, she should give him a note with things she likes to eat.

And he will buy it.

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Is Tong Nian drunk again? I guess we will find out in the next episode?

Yaya and Mi Shao Fei are super cute together!

Since Buff is joining team K&K, that suggests someone from K&K will swap out. Who will it be?

Han Shang Yan will probably deal with it next episode?

I thought it was cute for Han Shang Yan to buy a lot of foods that are strawberry flavored. Cakes, macroons and actual strawberries!

His memory is really too good. It’s just too bad that Tong Nian is allergic to mango though.

What are your thoughts about this episode? Or about this Go Go Squid Episode 32 recap?

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