Go Go Squid Episode 33 Recap

Oh no! Tong Nian gets drunk again! Let’s find out what happens next in this Go Go Squid Episode 33 recap!

In the last episode, we saw Han Shang Yan as he scrambled to buy everything and anything strawberry flavored.

To apologize to his girlfriend. Anyone else think that was super cute?

Go Go Squid Episode 33 Recap Highlights:

  • A drunk Tong Nian causes trouble
  • Han Shang Yan gets some relationship advice from Mi Shao Fei
  • Han Shang Yan asks his step-mother for a favor

Sometimes I think Han Shang Yan is blessed to have relationship gurus around him for advice.

Without further adieu, let’s jump into the Go Go Squid Episode 33 recap!

Tong Nian’s Mess

Tong Nian clings onto Han Shang Yan on the couch while Han Shang Yan explains what he bought for her.

Sharing how Solo used to buy sweets for his previous girlfriends so he thought Tong Nian would appreciate that too.

Then commenting that the cake needs to be eaten ASAP before it gets bad.

However, Tong Nian bites Han Shang Yan’s lips instead, causing Han Shang Yan to sniff Tong Nian.

He realizes Tong Nian is drunk and confronts her about it.

Tong Nian looks like a guilty child.

So she slowly reveals the hidden bottle of alcohol that she drank.

Then we get flashbacks of Tong Nian wandering in Han Shang Yan’s room with nothing to do.

And she ends up grabbing a bottle of alcohol.

Almost downing the whole thing.

But before Han Shang Yan gets a chance to reprimand her, Tong Nian goes on the offensive and interrogates Han Shang Yan.

She reveals her true feelings and her insecurities.

Then showers him with kisses and comments how much she likes him before passing out beside him.


Han Shang Yan looks exhausted from this turn of events.

He later sneaks out of his room and quietly shuts the door while giving a great big sigh.

Then notices he has an audience down below.

All of the K&K members are staring up at him with grinning faces.

Asking him if they need to order him some meal boxes.

When Han Shang Yan refuses, they redirect the question to ask if Tong Nian needs one.

And Han Shang Yan causes some misunderstandings when he mentions that she doesn’t need one since she’s still asleep.

Because they are all ooohs and ahs.

They probably thinking Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian spent the “night” together.

But he changes his mind afterwards.

Where is Tong Nian?

On another side of town, Tong Nian’s parents and Zheng Hui’s family are patiently waiting for someone.

Tong Nian’s father makes small chat to kill some time as he looks at the clock.

It’s getting late and Tong Nian is nowhere to be found.

The father then excuses himself and heads to the kitchen where his wife has been attempting to call Tong Nian.

With no luck.

So she resorts to calling Lan Mei to see if she’s with Tong Nian.

But she’s not there either.

Trouble Brews

Lan Mei gets the feeling that Tong Nian is hanging out with Han Shang Yan so she calls him.

Advising him NOT to let Tong Nian pick up the call from her mother if she’s drunk.

But by the time, he rushes up to his room, Tong Nian has already answered the call.

Han Shang Yan: Oh Sh*t

Telling her mom that she’s with Han Shang Yan.

Dun dun dunnnn

Her mother is thinking about the worst scenario between an unmarried woman and man under the same roof. Welp, Tong Nian needs to fess up now.

But before Tong Nian can explain further, she stumbles back to sleep and Han Shang Yan finishes the call.

Reassuring the mother that he will bring Tong Nian and give them a proper explanation.

Before abruptly ending the call.

Tong Nian’s mother is furious to hear that her daughter is with Han Shang Yan again.

Thinking she’s been tricked and played with.

Tong Nian’s father disagrees though because he thinks Han Shang Yan is careful with his actions.

So nothing would have happened.

Explanation to the Parents

Tong Nian wakes up later in the day and jolts up from bed when she hears that she has 47 missed calls from her mom.

That’s a LOT of missed calls.

She feels a sense of relief when Han Shang Yan tells her that he didn’t pick up.

But then screams in shock when he recounts what she told her mom.

Admitting that she feels she’s on death row.

Later in the day, Tong Nian gets ready to go home while Han Shang Yan dresses himself in formal attire.

It’s time to explain to the parents.

Han Shang Yan to present his case to disgruntled parents.

Han Shang Yan explains that there may be some misunderstandings so he’s here to clarify.

He continues on with saying that 2 years ago when he was starting up his company, he fell in love with Tong Nian at first glance.

Off to the side, Tong Nian is surprised to here him spin off the tale. Because it was HER that fell in love with him at first sight.

Han Shang Yan continues.

He didn’t think they would meet again until this year when Tong Nian happened to have an event near one of his competition sites.

So they met again.

Han Shang Yan then mentions how Tong Nian initially didn’t accept him because of their age difference.

So he focused on building up his company and career.

Because to him, you need to first build up your career before building a family.

But he couldn’t help himself to pursuing her.

How sweet! Han Shang Yan’s explanation will push all the blame onto himself.

The father is convinced but the mother still wants an explanation as to why Tong Nian ended up sleeping in his bed.

Tong Nian is Confused

So she pulls Tong Nian upstairs to lecture her.

It’s about a girl’s reputation. Back in the day, a girl would be no longer pure if she spent the night with an unmarried man.

But it seems like the disaster is averted and Han Shang Yan has permission to be with Tong Nian.

For the time being.

In the safety of Tong Nian’s room, Han Shang Yan explains that this was the best method.

But irregardless of how he explained it, his feelings for Tong Nian are true.

And he is hers.

Han Shang Yan Asks for a Favor

After heading back to K&K headquarters, Han Shang Yan calls his step mom and asks for a favor.

He wants her to come meet some family elders.


His step mother is ecstatic to hear that Han Shang Yan has won over his girlfriend back.

Because she could potentially hold grandchildren.

She quickly calculates that if Han Shang Yan gets married this year, a child could be born next year.

Isn’t that too fast! Jeez, asian people and their obsession with grandchildren.

Han Shang Yan’s step mother will look into flights ASAP and come over to take care of this as soon as she can.

He then ends the call.

With that settled, Han Shang Yan picks up the boxes of sweets he bought for Tong Nian and gives them to Mi Shao Fei.

Because he can’t finish them all.

Mi Shao Fei’s Advice

Mi Shao Fei isn’t surprised to hear that Han Shang Yan convinced Tong Nian’s parents.

But laments how Tong Nian missed out because Han Shang Yan is bad with romantic gestures.

He shares tips and advice.

And Han Shang Yan makes mental notes.

Man. If Mi Shao Fei actively pursues Yaya, will he take his own advice?

A Romantic Date on Campus

Han Shang Yan asks if Tong Nian has plans the next day and plans to spend time with her on campus.

Tong Nian is administering an exam but other than that she’s mostly free.

During the exam, Han Shang Yan shows up from a nearby window and presents some flowers.

How romantic!

Tong Nian smiles with joy as she notices him from the window.

Han Shang Yan then waits for her to finish up.

Because she still has to turn in the exams to the professor.

He enters the exam room with her because Tong Nian thinks it’s okay and sits patiently with her.

Yaya rushes into the room later and is shocked to see Han Shang Yan.

But before she can comment, the professor shows up.

And stares at their newest visitor.

Tong Nian thinks she’s doomed.

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Han Shang Yan shows that his age is actually a boon when he can handle the various troubles that land at his feet.

I thought he handled it quite well despite Tong Nian’s concerns.

So the two of them can continue dating while Han Shang Yan paves the way for marriage.

Mi Shao Fei reveals awesome tips and advice about being romantic in a relationship. I wonder how he comes up with these ideas?

Has he dated before? Or is he just a romantic guy by nature?

Leave your thoughts about this Go Go Squid Episode 33 recap below!

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