Go Go Squid Episode 34 Recap

In this Go Go Squid Episode 34 recap, Han Shang Yan shows off his romantic side.

Mi Shao Fei taught him so well!

Go Go Squid Episode 34 Recap Highlights:

  • Han Shang Yan spends some time with Tong Nian at her college campus
  • Han Shang Yan’s step mother shows up to support her son
  • Family elders meet and greet

The show is back to the fluffy moments between our two leads. It’s super cute and warms me up inside.

Can you handle the sweetness? Let’s jump into the Go Go Squid Episode 34 recap!

Han Shang Yan’s Acquaintence

The college professor notices that the classroom has an additional student.

So he calls him (Han Shang Yan) out.

Trying to intimidate him.

While Tong Nian looks stressed.

Han Shang Yan admits that he’s here to visit his girlfriend.

So the professor pries a little further, asking what the plans are afterwards.

Then hearing that Han Shang Yan hasn’t been to a movie in ages, the rest of classmates gossip amongst themselves.

Pitying Tong Nian who just started dating and wonder if this relationship is doomed.

While also commenting that besides studying, Tong Nian knows nothing else.

So the professor continues to interrogate Han Shang Yan, making it seem like he’s concerned about his student’s wellbeing.

But then the professor reveals that he’s acquainted with Han Shang Yan.

So the jokes over.

The professor continues, explaining that Han Shang Yan could be considered his younger brother in the same profession.

Then the students leave to allow the professor to catch up with his old acquaintance.

But Han Shang Yan reschedules because he’s here for Tong Nian.


College Campus Date

Han Shang Yan observes Tong Nian’s writing of Chinese characters and comments that it’s not bad.

Prompting Tong Nian to ask Han Shang Yan to write a few characters himself.

So he writes the name “Tong Nian” and then writes “Han Shang Yan” on the other side of the chalkboard.

It turns out the two of them were forced to learn Chinese characters when they were younger.

I’m pretty bad at writing Chinese myself.

Tong Nian wonders what he’s up to when Han Shang Yan finishes it up and draws a heart in the middle.

How cute!

As the two of them head out, Zheng Hui calls out to Tong Nian.

He has something to tell Tong Nian.

But Han Shang Yan pulls him off to the side to speak with him.

Zheng Hui understands that he and Tong Nian are together but he refuses to give up.

Unless Tong Nian tells him in person that she likes Han Shang Yan and not him.

When Zheng Hui finally speaks up, it’s too late. She’s taken.

Then he leaves, leaving Han Shang Yan to think about that.

Afterwards, Tong Nian gives Han Shang Yan a tour of the campus.

Before revealing one of the things she’s always wanted to do if she had a boyfriend on campus.

Having him wait in the lunch line for her.

Tong Nian: This is the FIRST time I had a boyfriend help me wait in the lunch line.

While they enjoy their lunch, Han Shang Yan tells Tong Nian that the world championship is being hosted in Norway.

And he’s going to take her there.

Tong Nian firmly believes that Han Shang Yan will lead his team to the championship.

K&K’s Crucial Upcoming Match

Everyone in Team K&K is buckling down to prep for the upcoming tournament because the world championship is at stake.

Tong Nian observes the training and comments that despite outsiders doubts, this profession requires dedication.

Han Shang Yan gets busy as well but Tong Nian supports him.

Making sure he eats on time as well.


Both Yaya and Tong Nian are nervous as well because they know just how important this match is for K&K.

Han Shang Yan’s Step Mother Comes to Shanghai

Han Shang Yan’s step mother gets a better sense of what Han Shang Yan has been doing when she sees the various trophies on display at K&K.

Feeling proud that her son made a big impact on this industry.

They chat for a bit and the step mother gives advice to Han Shang Yan on what it means to love someone.

“When you love someone, you place them above yourself and give them everything you can.” – Han Shang Yan’s Step Mom

Tong Nian gets a call from Han Shang Yan and finds out last minute that their families are going to meet in person.

And thinks she may be able to attend.

But Han Shang Yan reassures her that he can handle it.

Meeting of the Family Elders

At some restaurant

Han Shang Yan’s step mother greets Tong Nian’s parents and they exchange gifts.

While Tong Nian struggles to get to meet up in time as she’s stuck in traffic.

She tells her taxi driver to speed up when he can.

Explaining that today, her boyfriend will meet her parents who dislike him.

The taxi driver comments that if her boyfriend can’t handle the in-laws, then he shouldn’t date her.

Describing how he was in a similar situation once.

Meanwhile, back at the restaurant, Han Shang Yan’s step mother recounts how Han Shang Yan came to Shanghai at 19.

All by himself.

Even she didn’t know what he was doing at the time. But when she came in person, she got a better idea.

After awhile, they get to the main point: marriage.

But Tong Nian’s parents think it’s too rushed since Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan don’t know each other that well.

Then Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian’s mother have a separate discussion on the pretense of getting some food prepared for Tong Nian.

She thinks Han Shang Yan is rushing because Tong Nian may be pregnant but Han Shang Yan reassures her that it’s not the case.

And tries to showcase his sincerity.

He explains that he’s falling in love with Tong Nian more and more each day.

And wishes they could continue this forever.

So he wants to get their permission to formally date her.

Tong Nian’s mother wants Han Shang Yan to promise to treat her well.

A while later, the group leaves the restaurant in high spirits and Han Shang Yan informs Tong Nian’s parents about the upcoming match.

Letting know that Tong Nian is going with him as well.

Han Shang Yan thanks his step mother for coming.

Mission success!

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Honestly, Zheng Hui scares me. It’s usually the quiet ones that are the scariest. Will he back off? Or cause trouble?

On another note, I think Han Shang Yan is accepted by Tong Nian’s parents.

So that’s a win!

Han Shang Yan has people around him that support him. He just didn’t know but after getting to know Tong Nian, he’s starting to realize that he is loved.

And not alone.

What are your thoughts about this episode? Or about this Go Go Squid Episode 34 recap?

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