Go Go Squid Episode 35 Recap

Things are coming to an end! What disclosure will we see in this Go Go Squid Episode 35 recap?

Go Go Squid Episode 35 Recap Highlights:

  • Han Shang Yan’s step mom takes him to visit an old friend
  • Tong Nian gets to meet Han Shang Yan’s step mom before she returns to Norway
  • Old friends finally get the chance to reconcile

Just a forewarning, this episode was very emotion. So prepare some tissues!

Let’s jump right into this Go Go Squid Episode 35 recap!

A Familiar Home

Tong Nian rushes home but no one is home.

And she wonders how the meeting went so she calls someone but no luck.

Meanwhile, Han Shang Yan pulls up in front of Solo’s home with reluctance.

Commenting that if he knew they were coming here, he wouldn’t have drove.

Han Shang Yan’s stubborn but his step mom gets him out of the car nonetheless.

She rings the door bell and the Solo’s mom answers the door.

She’s been taking care of Team Solo for years.

Solo’s mom is in the middle, holding Xiao Ai to greet Han Shang Yan’s step mom.

Solo’s mom (aka Wang Hao Mama) makes small talk with Han Shang Yan’s step mom.

They talk about Solo’s success and Han Shang Yan’s as well. Commenting how the two of them shared similar goals and were as close as brothers.

Solo doesn’t plan on remarrying which is a shame but Han Shang Yan finally has a girlfriend whom he plans on marrying.

Xiao Ai cuts into the conversation in shock.

And Han Shang Yan’s step mom corrects the way she addresses Tong Nian.

Because if Han Shang Yan is Xiao Ai’s Uncle then Tong Nian could be considered her Aunt.

Xiao Ai then heads upstairs to work on homework.

While the rest of them continue to chat, Han Shang Yan looks around the house and old memories resurface.

About the times they shared meals together.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Tong Nian’s parents finally return and Tong Nian is eager to find out what happened during the dinner.

But the parents play it casual, shrugging off like nothing major happened.

Making Tong Nian even more worried.

She wonders what could have possibly happened.

Meanwhile, Solo’s mom shows Han Shang Yan and his step mom around the house.

Starting with one of Solo’s old rooms.

Commenting that Han Shang Yan may recognize this room. The wall is decorated with awards and trophies that Team Solo won.

The room is full of memories and Han Shang Yan takes a walk around.

There’s even an upstairs portion with a window to the rooftop.

As Han Shang Yan stands up on the rooftop feeling all emotional, he gets a call from Solo.

Han Shang Yan ponders a minute or two but answers the call.

Solo and Han Shang Yan make small talk and reminisce about old times.

With Solo telling him that he couldn’t let go of this house because their dreams started here.

Despite the massive surge in housing prices.

Solo tries to arrange for them to meet but Han Shang Yan is reluctant to agree. Something is still holding him back.

So Solo tells him he will wait, he doesn’t believe he cannot wait for him.

Han Shang Yan, you know Solo is making amends. What’s stopping you from forgiving him?

When Han Shang Yan returns to K&K, he sees that Ling Shan is still up.

Ling Shan reveals that he’s under a lot of pressure.

Because the next stage is where Han Shang Yan helped Team Solo win a spot to the world championships.

Besides, if it weren’t for Han Shang Yan, Ling Shan would have never entered this industry.

Journey Together

Han Shang Yan leaves Ling Shan to rest while he packs for his trip. And he ends up pulling out the photos he was previously given.

As well as the sticky note from Tong Nian that reminds him: “Let the past stay in the past. In the future, you still have them, you have me.”

The next morning, Han Shang Yan picks up Tong Nian for their trip.

She’s worried about her attire because she’s going to meet Han Shang Yan’s step mom.

And he reassures her that it’s fine.

The rush is due to Han Shang Yan’s step mom heading back home to see her husband.

Because he misses her.

Tong Nian thinks it’s super romantic and comments to Han Shang Yan that marriages should be like that.

So Han Shang Yan tells her that he will always inform her when he’s traveling for competitions. And if she wants to come, he will bring her.

Han Shang Yan: Even if I don’t call you every day, know that I will always be thinking of you.

Oh my goodness! Since when did Han Shang Yan become so romantic? What happened to the ice block?

Han Shang Yan gives Tong Nian a kiss before they take off to the airport.

And Tong Nian is basking in the feelings of joy.

Meeting the Step Mom

Tong Nian finally gets to meet Han Shang Yan’s step mom in the airport lounge.

When they clasp hands, the step mom notices Tong Nian wearing a piece of jewelry that she is familiar with.

Recalling how Han Shang Yan mentioned she already gave Tong Nian a gift.

Look at that big grin. “I finally get to meet my future daughter-in-law!”

And gives Han Shang Yan a meaningful glance.

She tells Tong Nian that besides the K&K team, Han Shang Yan now has her in his life.

Going further to explain Han Shang Yan’s personality, the founding of his company etc.

While Tong Nian just listens quietly.

Afterwards, when they each get on their separate flights, Han Shang Yan prepares a bunch of snacks for Tong Nian.

Mi Shao Fei looks on from the side as Tong Nian stuffs herself trying to finish everything.

Ling Shang, sitting behind, chimes in. Saying that at this rate of eating, Tong Nian may gain weight.

While Mi Shao Fei comments that since Han Shang Yan doesn’t know how to take of people, he ends up overfeeding them.

LOL. What a doting hubby.

Back in Beijing

The group lands in Beijing and end up arriving in front of a hotel.

Where Solo is waiting for them.

He asks to borrow Han Shang Yan from Mi Shao Fei and promises to return him.

Restaurant Sign: Established in 1820

Han Shang Yan definitely recognizes this restaurant because Team Solo used to come here quite often.

Solo ends up ordering 6 boxes of beer even though he can’t drink.

The evening passes quickly and Solo is completely drunk.

Tong Nian leaves briefly to pay the bill and they escort Solo back to the hotel.


Ling Shan shows up to help too.

But he and Tong Nian leave to allow Solo and Han Shang Yan to have a private chat.

Solo comments how it’s been awhile since they let loose and drank together.

Then Han Shang Yan replies that he’s always wanted to drink with him again in these last 10 years.

Solo’s touched.

Han Shang Yan continues. Revealing that whenever he was sad or happy that he won a competition, he always had the intention to share it with Solo.

But Solo was a father and he had to take care of his child so he didn’t participate.

He reveals that he didn’t want to drag Han Shang Yan.

Solo tells Han Shang Yan that he was meant to stand on the world stage.

And nothing less.


But Han Shang Yan couldn’t stand for that. So he tells Solo this.

“Wang Hao, let me tell you! No matter how high or far we go, I always hoped that you would be the wind that supports us!”

Han Shang Yan then tears up to reveal that he’s been so lonely.

Sniff. I hope you guys prepared tissues for the waterworks. I think Han Shang Yan has forgiven Solo but never admitted it.

Solo realizes his mistake and gives him a brotherly hug.

Appledog shows up later after Han Shang Yan gives her a call.

She enters the bathroom where Solo and Han Shang Yan are sitting in the tub after their reconciliation.

And takes this opportunity to apologize to Han Shang Yan.

They reminisce about the first time they booked a hotel room here. How the rooms were so large and how the fruit juice was so expensive.

And how they felt like they could buy anything once they won the championships.

See You at the Match

Tong Nian and Ling Shan head into the bathroom to check up on the three of them.

And see they are in a better mood.

Since Han Shang Yan is back to his arrogant self, boldly stating that SP’s winning streak will break.

He leaves with Tong Nian and Ling Shan in tow.

While Appledog and Solo feel like something heavy has finally been lifted off their chests.

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Han Shang Yan’s step mother said it best. Han Shang Yan values relationships very highly so betrayals hurt him the most.

He doesn’t say what he thinks openly because he had a difficult childhood.

But I’m glad to see that he has forgiven Solo and Appledog. It took 35 episodes though!

Tong Nian helped Han Shang Yan grow to accept and move on from the past, despite how painful it is.

I was so emotional and blowing my tissues because I felt like I was there with them in the past. The flashbacks hit me the hardest.

But what bothered me is that Han Shang Yan didn’t apologize to Appledog and Solo.

Because it wasn’t completely their fault. From my view, they were all at fault.

Han Shang Yan’s arrogance and stubborn pride. Appledog and Solo’s relationship. Mixed in with youth naivety.

What did you think of this episode? Or this Go Go Squid Episode 35 recap?

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Yes they make up

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