Go Go Squid Episode 36 Recap

I’m really glad to see Solo, Han Shang Yan and Appledog making amends. Now, it’s time to focus on the championships in this Go Go Squid Episode 36 recap!

Go Go Squid Episode 36 Recap Highlights:

  • It’s Team SP vs Team K&K in the finals
  • Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian are now inseparable
  • Tong Nian is considered part of the Team Solo family

Let’s see what’s in store for this Go Go Squid Episode 36 recap!

Tong Nian Shows Her Support

Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian head to a nearby convenience store.

She buys a towel for Han Shang Yan to dry his hair while he looks for snacks to purchase for his team.

Han Shang Yan sits outside while Tong Nian makes the purchases.

When she comes back to sit with him, he begins by apologizing for letting her see an ugly side of him.

But she doesn’t mind.

Revealing that she knew Han Shang Yan’s been bottling up these feelings for a long time.

So it was nice to see him tell Solo what he really wanted to say.

Then Tong Nian shows the sincerity of her feelings.

She tells him about the debit card that contains all of her savings.

Even if his family members don’t support him, she will.


Touched, Han Shang Yan asks her to tell him whenever she’s ready to get married.

Because he wants to keep having her in his life.

So cute! These two are definitely getting married.

Tong Nian is giddy to hear his sentiments and then Han Shang Yan rests his head on her shoulder.

Han Shang Yan has fully integrated Tong Nian into his life. Despite his warnings at the beginning of the show that he has no time for dating. These two have come so far!

Han Shang Yan’s Motivational Words to his Team

When the two of them return to Han Shang Yan’s hotel room, they are surprised to see the K&K members in his room.

Demo tells them that they were here to listen Han Shang Yan’s discussion and strategy.

For the upcoming match.

Tong Nian leaves them to it as she excuses herself after passing the the drinks.

Just one person is missing though.

Wu Bai.

He told the others that he didn’t want to disturb Han Shang Yan when he’s spending time with Tong Nian.

So he didn’t show up.


Han Shang Yan decides to continue and asks the group how they feel about the upcoming match.

Everyone shares looks back and forth before Demo stands up.

He thinks they should just push forward.

Demo’s so cute!

His team mates push him back down to his seat.

Before Han Shang Yan gives his motivational speech.

Han Shang Yan starts off with congratulating them on coming this far.

Despite the difficulty and pressure.

Because they are now at the finals for the NATIONAL championships.

He wants them to not give up after coming this far because even though he personally has a lot of achievements in this industry, he ultimately gave up.

Before he reached his goal.

So while they are young and at the peak of their skills and ability, they should do their utmost best.

And see how far they can do. So they don’t have regrets.

K&K’s signature cheer!

Support from Team Solo

Tong Nian wants to stick around for the night because she thinks Han Shang Yan won’t sleep tonight.

After all, it’s the night before a major match.

When she is on her way back to Han Shang Yan’s room, she bumps into two guys looking for a room.

It turns out they are from Team Solo and came to support the teams.

They consider themselves as substitutes because they never officially competed but are introduced to K&K before they take off for the night.

Han Shang Yan chats with them for a bit while Tong Nian can’t help but listen from the side.

They wonder if Han Shang Yan’s changed the way he trains his charges but apparently not.

Meanwhile, the K&K team heads over to Mi Shao Fei’s room to briefly discuss the match tomorrow.

And he gives them a run down of Team SP.

When the substitutes of Team Solo take off for the night and wish Han Shang Yan good luck, Han Shang Yan gets back to Tong Nian.

Who’s already fallen asleep.

But she leaves him a message and a surprise on her laptop for him.

The image is made from thousands of individual images. And she tells him that she believes he’s the best so he doesn’t need to worry.

Tong Nian’s awesome! I thought she was super creative and this is another showcase of her skills.

A Human Pillow

Tong Nian’s cell phone alarm kicks off and Han Shang Yan reaches over to turn it over.

And while he does so, Tong Nian jolts awake and pushes him off of her.

The two of them slept in the same bed last night but nothing happened.

But Han Shang Yan doesn’t let go of this opportunity to tease Tong Nian.

Asking her what’s the hurry and telling her that he’s hers.

Because no one else will work.


Han Shang Yan’s Declaration

In the hotel lobby, Mi Shao Fei and the K&K team members wait for Han Shang Yan.

Wondering if he’s running late.

But Han Shang Yan shows up on the dot.

With Tong Nian right behind. Wearing his K&K team shirt.

The team comments that if Tong Nian is wearing his shirt then she’s considered part of the K&K family.

Ling Shan invites her to participate in the K&K signature cheer.

Before they head over to the match arena.

A Blast to the Past

Han Shang Yan and Mi Shao Fei bumps into Appledog on the way to the match arena.

And recall that the hallway they were standing in hasn’t changed.

Because this was where Team Solo just won the nationals before Han Shang Yan announced his retirement.

Back then, Solo was desperately trying to convince Han Shang Yan to not retire.

But Han Shang Yan was so stubborn.

The past is the past and there’s a match to be won.

So Mi Shao Fei, Han Shang Yan and Appledog wish each other good luck.

Appledog looks gorgeous in her red suit!

Solo and Han Shang Yan respectively gives some parting words to each of their teams before they enter the arena.

So nervous and excited! Who will win?

Before the match begins, there’s a special surprise to the audience. The announcer reveals a ranking board the Team Solo’s members show up on top of the list.

Team Solo is forever remembered!

Appledog is so surprised that she had to rein in her emotions on stage.

The announcer mentions that there’s a 5 minute break before the match begins.

SP vs K&K

When the match begins, everyone is on pins and needles.

Appledog and the other announcer continues to make comments throughout the match.

But ultimately, it’s SP’s win.

Han Shang Yan congratulates Solo on the win.

After the match, Team Solo celebrates over a meal.

Everyone teases Han Shang Yan for bringing along a “family member.”

As they eat and chat, the group comments that they’ve always felt that if it weren’t for Solo, this team wouldn’t have been created.

And if it weren’t for Han Shang Yan, they wouldn’t survive with no money.

But it was sad to see the two fight and separate over the years.

Due to immaturity.

The group stops reminiscing about the past because it brings tears to their eyes.

Meanwhile, Mi Shao Fei is on the phone with Yaya while she’s opening a package.

It’s a gift from Mi Shao Fei.

A box full of face masks.

With a note that says whenever he sees these face masks, he thinks of her and he doesn’t know why.

Mi Shao Fei is so romantic! I’m sure his ship will sail smoothly.

He ends his call as the group takes off.

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It’s too bad about K&K losing to SP. I really thought they could win this time.

But they can still keep trying while SP is full of former retirees who think it’s their last chance.

Team Solo is back together! They have accepted and moved on from the past which brings tears of joy.

I’m really glad the group is communicating with each other again.

Meanwhile, Yaya and Mi Shao Fei are so cute! Will they get together before the end of the show?

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