Go Go Squid Episode 37 Recap

It’s so nice to see Team Solo back together! What’s next? The world championships? Let’s find out in this Go Go Squid Episode 37 recap!

Go Go Squid Episode 37 Recap Highlights:

  • Han Shang Yan proposes to Tong Nian in front of the Beijing station
  • Team Solo hang out together and reminisce on fond memories
  • Tong Nian gets advice from Wu Bai

Team Solo Is Back

Everyone heads out of the restaurant because Team Solo has an audience to entertain.

As they head back to the competition arena, fans swarm in of the entrance to welcome them back.

Han Shang Yan thanks each one of the fans he comes across.

Thinking that these people always supported them despite their bumpy roads.

Team Solo presents themselves on stage and the audience is excited to see them all together again.

Han Shang Yan’s former retirement speech echoes in the background.

For the past two years and 3 months, we’ve won.

We’ve lost.

We’ve laughed.

We’ve cried.

We’ve been questioned, gossiped, defamed and blamed.

We’ve never needed to explain ourselves.

There’s no need for us to explain ourselves.

Solo and Han Shang Yan get a chance to voice their thoughts.

It’s such an emotional moment because the audience knows how much an impact Team Solo brought to the CTF industry.

After the speeches, the group heads back to the hallways where Tong Nian meets up with them again.

And jumps onto Han Shang Yan in a fierce hug.

She explains how touched she was and feels like he deserves a hug.

Despite the current audience.

Solo teases the group that they better not tease Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan too much.

In case they scare off Tong Nian. Because it’s so RARE that there’s a girl wiling to be with Han Shang Yan.

Then Solo announces that they should celebrate with a massive party.

But Han Shang Yan has other plans and tells Solo he will catch up with the group later.

Han Shang Yan’s Proposal

Solo wonders if Han Shang Yan has something important to do.

Then Han Shang Yan takes Tong Nian to see Beijing station.

He explains snippets of his past. Telling her how he got here after hours of transit.

But when he arrived, he was full of excitement.

Tong Nian listens as he continues his walk down memory lane.

Han Shang Yan originally wanted to establish a company and then invite his pals back when the time was right.

But everyone other than him went to SP so it didn’t work out.

Tong Nian distracts him by asking him if he knows why the Earth spins.

And telling him that everyone moves forward. That the past helps you grow and develop into the individual you aspire to be.

Besides, his dream of winning the championships is mostly fulfilled anyways.

Touched, Han Shang Yan tells her that he has one other dream that’s not accomplished.

Han Shang Yan takes out his previous national championship ring and asks her to marry him.

Instead of replying, Tong Nian brings up her parents.

Sharing her concerns that they may not agree.

Tong Nian is so nervous that Han Shang Yan believes he scared her.

Then he takes back the ring to her disappointment.

Tong Nian Asks Wu Bai for Advice

On the ride back home, Tong Nian worries that Han Shang Yan may be disappointed.

Han Shang Yan leaves Tong Nian in his room after telling her that he’s going to celebrate with his buddies.

Tong Nian calls Yaya for advice.

And Yaya lectures her about what she did.


Yaya doesn’t know what to tell her because the moment is ruined.

Meanwhile, Han Shang Yan heads over where Solo and the others are.

Seeing his grumpy face, they could tell he did something big and was disappointed.

Mi Shao Fei guesses that it was a marriage proposal and thinks that he’s been rejected.

So Han Shang Yan explains that he didn’t want to push it because Tong Nian was so nervous.

After some fooling around, the group heads out to celebrate.

While Tong Nian wanders around in Han Shang Yan’s room, feeling extremely guilty about what she did today.

She heads over to Wu Bai’s room and invites him out for a chat.

It takes awhile before she gets to her point but she asks it nonetheless.

She wonders if rejecting Han Shang Yan’s proposal would hurt Han Shang Yan badly.

Wu Bai doesn’t think so. He thinks it’s probably better this way so Han Shang Yan can reconsider his relationship with Tong Nian.

Catching Up

Meanwhile, Team Solo grabs a late night snack: cup noodles!

There’s just three cups left so Solo tells everyone that they’ll follow the old rules.

The girl gets her own cup.

The youngest gets a cup.

While the rest share the remaining cup.


Solo asks what the substitute members have been up to for all this time.

And it turns out they’ve been working normal jobs.

While envying how the original team is still able to stay in this industry because those who have dreams are still young at heart.

The next morning, Solo drops off the substitute members at the airport so they can catch their flight.

Until they meet again.

Tong Nian’s Plan

Han Shang Yan heads back to his room where Tong Nian is seen sleeping on the couch.

She wakes up and gets ready to head back out with him.

And in the bathroom, she envisions her closest friends and family giving her some advice.

She needs to treat Han Shang Yan better so he will want to propose to her again.

At the dining area, Tong Nian attempts to get food for Han Shang Yan but the latter wants to get it himself instead.

While the members of K&K wonder if there is trouble in matrimony. They gossip amongst themselves about how Han Shang Yan’s marriage proposal failed.


On the flight back home, Tong Nian asks Han Shang Yan if he’s upset because she rejected his marriage proposal.

He responds that he’s disappointed not upset.

And he wants to encourage her to think for herself and what she wants.

Instead of going along with his wishes all the time.

Tong Nian shares her feelings as well, revealing that she thinks he’s too good for her.

So she wanted to support him from the back.

And Han Shang Yan tells her it’s actually the opposite. He thinks she’s too good for him.

Because he has learned how to love someone from her.

And it’s helped him become a better person.

So he wants her to wait for him. He wants to become the best version of himself.

When Han Shang Yan escorts Tong Nian back to her house, no one is home yet.

So Tong Nian invites him in for dinner before he leaves.

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I also thought we were going to have another set of misunderstandings after the failed marriage proposal!

But Han Shang Yan shows that he has matured.

And so has Tong Nian because the two of them talked it out!


I loved the interactions of Team Solo and how they were catching up with each other. Time may have aged them but their bond hasn’t changed.

What did you think of this episode? Leave a comment below for this Go Go Squid Episode 37 recap!

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