Go Go Squid Episode 38 Recap

It’s bittersweet that K&K lost to SP yet again but K&K moves onto the next match! What else is in store? Find out in this Go Go Squid Episode 38 recap!

Go Go Squid Episode 38 Recap Highlights:

  • Han Shang Yan shares a meal with Tong Nian and her parents before he leaves
  • Tong Nian’s mother shows her support
  • Buff joins K&K for the upcoming tournaments

I’m also glad that Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan talked about the marriage proposal before misunderstandings could occur.

Let’s see what’s next in this Go Go Squid Episode 38 recap!

Han Shang Yan Stays for a Meal

Han Shang Yan decides to escort Tong Nian into her house and accompany her before her parents arrive.

But the two of them are nervous for different reasons.

Han Shang Yan worries that a man and woman home alone may cause issues.

While Tong Nian worries she may be giving the wrong message.

But two of them end up sitting on the couch in the living room anyway.


Tong Nian tells him to treat this place like his own home and get comfortable.

While she makes him a cup of tea.

Han Shang Yan takes this chance to glance at Tong Nian’s childhood photos and sees that she was a very happy child growing up.

When Tong Nian comes back with the cup of tea, she asks Han Shang Yan what his step mother discussed with her parents.

Because she missed it.

But Han Shang Yan feigns ignorance about the meeting.

And thinks hard about it for a moment.

Before painting an elaborate story. About how difficult it was for him to convince her parents to allow her to marry him.

Because Tong Nian is good in every way so the only way he could convince them was to get on his knees and beg her parents to allow her to marry him.

Tong Nian sees the lie though and calls Han Shang Yan out on it.

They get into a mock fight that leads into a intimate hug.

Tong Nian asks Han Shang Yan if he ever regretted retiring. Han Shang Yan tells her that he can’t change the past.

Although Han Shang Yan is not competing anymore, there’s still K&K and a bunch of other young individuals inspired by him.

Willing to fight for the glory of China.

A Family Meal

They break away from their hug the moment Tong Nian’s father calls out to her.

The father is surprised to see Han Shang Yan here and invites him to dinner.

Despite the awkwardness at the beginning, the parents slowly warm up to Han Shang Yan.

With the mother offering to refill Han Shang Yan’s bowl for a second helping.

After dinner, Han Shang Yan offers to wash the dishes and Tong Nian’s father wants him to stop immediately.

As he is a guest.

Even mentioning that the women in this household manage the internal affairs (aka washing, cooking, etc.) while the men manage the external affairs.

But Tong Nian’s mother corrects him. Because in reality, Tong Nian’s father does all the cooking and cleaning.

Tong Nian’s parents leave him to it and head back to the living room.

After washing the dishes, Tong Nian escorts Han Shang Yan out and stops him sporadically.

She has something to say but is unable to speak up. So Han Shang Yan tells her that he wishes she could be more brave and confident in their relationship.

Before leaning in for a kiss.

But they are interrupted by the neighborhood patrol officer.

Who inadvertently reveals that Han Shang Yan has been camping out in front of her house late at night.

To watch over her.

Tong Nian teases Han Shang Yan about it until he decides to silence her with a passionate kiss.

Tong Nian’s Mother Shows Her Support

Later in the evening, Tong Nian’s mother reveals to Tong Nian that she has misunderstood Han Shang Yan.

Now that she knows him better, she thinks he’s good for her.

But the most important thing is that he makes her happy.

Because before Han Shang Yan was only concerned about winning championships.

And now he’s concerned about Tong Nian as well. He has fully incorporated Tong Nian into his world.


She has also observed that Han Shang Yan’s been changing bit by bit for the better.

Then after hearing that Tong Nian rejected the marriage proposal, the mother advises Tong Nian to think about her decisions carefully going forward.

Because as long as she does so, she has her mother’s full support.

Buff Join Team K&K

Back at K&K headquarters, Han Shang Yan asks Buff if he’s ready to meet the team.

Then when Han Shang Yan greets his team, everyone is on pins and needles because they are second place again.

And not first.

But to their surprise, he doesn’t lecture them. Instead he invites them to a meeting.


The confused K&K members wonders if something is wrong with Han Shang Yan.

When all of them enter the meeting room, they see Buff who introduces himself.

Han Shang Yan proposes a new training regime to integrate Buff with the rest of them.

And a new test after training to assign the main team members.

For the upcoming match.

Some members are worried they will be replaced.

Especially Demo and One. When Ling Shan, Grunt, Demo and One head upstairs to meet with Han Shang Yan, they tell him that they will do their best.

Because only with strength they can demonstrate that they deserve to compete.

Grunt advises everyone that if you believe you have the ability, you will succeed.

But it looks like Demo and One still have doubts.

Zheng Hui’s Stubborness

Tong Nian cleans up her room for a bit and notices Zheng Hui waiting outside.

She waves to greet him and tells him she will be right there after drying her clothes.

But Zheng Hui takes the initiative to come inside.

His voice is dreary as he asks her if she has been too busy with her relationship lately.

Zheng Hui gets too emotional and grabs onto Tong Nian tightly.

Admitting that he has liked her for two whole years.

As he continues to ramble, Tong Nian pushes out of his grasp and maintains a safe distance.

Telling him that they could only be friends.

Even if he can beat Han Shang Yan in everything, he’s not the person for her.

Because Tong Nian loves Han Shang Yan.

Zheng Hui pleads with her to give him a chance but she tells him that there will be a better person for him one day.

So he shouldn’t give up.

Defeated, Zheng Hui leaves with a heavy heart.

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Tong Nian’s parents have warmed up to Han Shang Yan finally! Which is great because Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan will eventually get married.

Meanwhile, Buff’s introduction to team K&K triggers some bittersweet moments. Han Shang Yan doesn’t want to replace anyone but he wants to win.

And the team wants to win. So it’s inevitable.

Anyone scared for Tong Nian when Zheng Hui showed up? I thought he was going to do something to her. Thank goodness, he left quietly.

It’s a shame but sometimes love doesn’t work out. I hope the addition of Buff will mean K&K can win over SP!

What are your thoughts about this episode? Or about this Go Go Squid Episode 38 recap?

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