Go Go Squid Episode 39 Recap

Who’s going to be replaced from the original K&K team members? Grunt, Ling Shan, One or Demo? Read along to find out in this Go Go Squid Episode 39 recap!

Go Go Squid Episode 39 Recap Highlights:

  • Team K&K members compete internally to see which 5 will be the competitors
  • Tong Nian shows off a new talent
  • Team SP vs K&K again and the stakes are higher

Competition is Fierce

At K&K headquarters, the atmosphere is tense.

Because everyone is rigorously practicing to qualify to compete.

Only five will make it and with Buff joining K&K, the competition is even fiercer.

Then the most important day comes around.

When results are announced.

Who will stay in the team and who will be kicked off?

Han Shang Yan holds the results in his hands as he addresses the various K&K members.

But before he announces the results, he wants each one of them to play a match against him.

Treating it as their final chance to make the cut.

Grunt goes first.

Then Ling Shan, Buff, One and lastly, Demo.

Afterwards, the final roster is announced.

Ling Shan (97), Buff, DT (Wu Bai), Grunt and Demo

One is disappointed to see he didn’t make it and walks off.

Mi Shao Fei heads over to comfort him.

One is disappointed but he knows that this is best for the team.

Because they all want to win.

Han Shang Yan comes up and tells Zhou Yi (One) that he still has opportunities to compete.

Because he’s still young compared to Buff, who has at most maybe two more years to compete.

Zhou Yi heads back to training with new motivation.

Tong Nian’s New Coffee Machine

Grunt calls out to Tong Nian, asking her if this package is hers.

While holding an enormous box.

Turns out it’s a fancy coffee machine.


Tong Nian leads everyone to find a table to place the machine on while Han Shang Yan glances at the machine.

One of the cleaning ladies reminds him to “reserve the date” (aka the marriage date) before she slips away.

Because she thinks Tong Nian is a great girl.

A little while later, Tong Nian shows off her expresso making skills. While Han Shang Yan watches with amusement.

After making the first cup of expresso, she gives it to Demo instead of Han Shang Yan.

Who comments how amazing it is.

Han Shang Yan walks off in a rare fit of jealousy.

He sits off on the side sulking while the rest of K&K beg Tong Nian to make them a cup of coffee as well.

Mi Shao Fei and Buff observes Han Shang Yan’s reaction with amusement from the side.

After everyone else gets a cup, Tong Nian asks if Han Shang Yan would like one.

And he replies that he does if it’s not too much trouble for her to make another one.


Tong Nian draws a picture of a pig on the expresso she made for Han Shang Yan.

Who calls out her name before taking a sip.

It turns out Tong Nian wanted the picture to represent Han Shang Yan.

The K&K members watch their interactions with joy as they wonder if Tong Nian wanted to confess with the expresso machine.

Commenting how romantic she is.

UnFavorable Match Up for China

Commentators speculate the upcoming match ups for the next world championship.

They believe the worst scenario would be pitting the only two teams representing China against each other.

Aka SP and K&K.

Because the rest of the opponents are from other countries.

But then the match outcome is exactly as feared.

Team SP vs Team K&K.

Which means if one of the team loses, China won’t have the opportunity to win second place.

K&K heads off to training after watching the match ups.

DT tells Ling Shan that they must win.

Meanwhile, Solo is on a plane with Xiao Ai, escorting her to Norway to meet up with her mother.

Xiao Ai knows how busy her father is and complains that he never thinks for himself.

Instead of being offended, Solo knows she means well. Praising her for being so adult-like now.

He tells Xiao Ai that one day she may find a boyfriend and get married.

Because he wants everyone he cares about to find happiness.


Xiao Ai tells him she doesn’t want to grow up nor does she want to go find her mom.

Solo reminisces about the times when Xiao Ai was young and wanted to find her mother. Even refusing to eat until they do so.

How time changes people.

Han Shang Yan & Solo

Han Shang Yan is not in the greatest mood because of the latest match up. But Mi Shao Fei comforts him.

Telling him that it was going to happen eventually.

Meanwhile, Solo is also in a similar predicament but a representative from the main SP headquarters warns him.

That his job may be at risk.

Since he was initially thought to be the best so he was hired.

And if he loses to K&K, he won’t be the best anymore.

Battle of the Fans

Day of the Match

Yaya and Tong Nian are in the women’s bathroom, prepping themselves before heading out to the stands for support.

They encounter SP fans in the bathroom and verbally duke it out.


Seeing the marks of SP on their faces, Tong Nian gets an idea.

The two of them enter the lounge area where the K&K team is resting and show off their support.

Mi Shao Fei bursts out laughing. Seeing the lipstick marks on their faces.

Tong Nian tells Han Shang Yan that this is proof of a true fan.

And that they will be in the audience cheering for them. Instead of the VIP spots.

Han Shang Yan pats her head and agrees since it will make her happy.

While everyone else groans from the public display of affection.

Then Mi Shao Fei riles up everyone to get hyped up for the match.

Even prompting Han Shang Yan to participate in the signature K&K cheer.

To everyone’s surprise.

Team SP vs Team K&K

Sitting in the audience, Tong Nian tells Yaya that she’s always conflicted when these two teams compete against each other.

Because both originated from Team Solo.

And since Ou Qiang (All) is in SP and the only one remaining from Team Solo, everyone hopes he can carry on Team Solo’s dream of winning the world championships.

Match is on.

Meanwhile, Lan Mei’s husband is sprinting to the tournament area.

He’s running late and Lan Mei was waiting for him.

But before they could get to the arena, K&K won the match.

After leaving the premises, Han Shang and his team bumps into an old rival.

He tells his team to not lose against them because it would hurt his pride if they did so.

That evening, Tong Nian checks a fortune telling site about the the upcoming match days.

And worries about the bad luck.

But Yaya tells her not to be so nervous.

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K&K won against SP! About time! I felt sad for Ou Qiang because he’s the last remaining member of team Solo.

But I was happy for Han Shang Yan because he and his team worked so hard to get to this point.

Adding Buff to the team was a great idea and boosted the strength of the team.

Tong Nian is adorable as usual and it looks like Han Shang Yan is fully smitten with her now.

He was super cute when sulking with jealousy at the attention Tong Nian gave to his team instead of him.

What were your thoughts about this episode? Or about this Go Go Squid Episode 39 recap?

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